This is an issue on multidimensional levels, from the material to the spiritual. All is interconnected. Something that wants to be hidden is put in plain view. It's right in your face if you know where to look. To understand the control system is to understand the Luciferian connection. To defeat this control system the occult needs to be recognised by everybody. And so like a horse with blinkers, if you can’t understand what is in front of you then you are not going to understand what is happening to you. We cannot ignore the Occult because we think it negative. It is not. It is information about how the universe, the human psyche, and natural law work. The word Occult simply means hidden from sight, something obscured. But when people hear this word negative connotations and misconceptions come with it. Occult is derived from the Latin noun oculus which means eye, and from the Latin verb ocultare which means hidden from sight. This knowledge of ourselves and how we function has been taken out of the general circulation of humanity and has been reserved for the elect few who have guarded it for selfish usage. This has created a power differential in society. How we use that knowledge makes it either good or bad. The usages can be for order and goodness, love and freedom, or for the wielding of power to gain differential advantage to create chaos and evil. The latter has been used. We need to look at the negative to understand the strategies that have been used, to understand what’s happening to us so we can be in a position to do something about it. The manipulators, who understand the positive aspects of this knowledge, wilfully choose to use it as a weapon against those not in the know, by continuing to occult it. When the manipulation tactics are known, it becomes common sense knowledge and only then will humanity ever be free. When we de-occult this knowledge, the occult is no longer the occult. It is brought out into the light of day.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Don't Do Blood Over Intent!

For those who are really putting a lot of energy into the Blood over Intent, what you are doing is giving your energy away to the matrix and depleting your creative energy for yourself.   It is another distraction, an energy harvester for the matrix.   Where you willingly make a statement and spell something out on a piece of paper and spill your blood on that paper, you are consenting to that thing you have signed your name on.  Whenever you spill your blood with intent you are inviting attachments to you. Your intention is good but whenever you spill your blood of your own volition with intent you are binding your DNA in a covenant and you are bound by it, you are contracting. This is sad as you think you are doing something good for the world with this blood pact.  The soul is in the blood, your blood is a representation of your soul cage which is DNA, and which holds your Source fractal energy, and who you really are is your Source self.  Your blood is the representation of you...there is power in the blood.  Blood is life.  Your blood is very powerful.  This is why blood rituals have been practiced for thousands of years.  If they were not powerful the elite would not do them and these blood-drinking rituals would not be taking place. Many top music artists, owned by the elite, reportedly sign contracts in their blood to get into the music industry, and there's a saying that goes that they "sold their soul to 'Satan'".  You are involved in blood sacrifice every day if you eat animals, when you eat meat you are consuming blood. The shedding of animal blood is another mass ritual that is going on all over the world that feeds the matrix, which we are participating in if we eat flesh.  This attaches entities and parasites to you and taints the your blood, affecting your health and empowerment.  You are a creator at your core, and eating animals is an act of destroying life. Destruction brings you to the lowest frequency because destruction is furthest from your true nature as Source, as a creator. Anyone who has done a Blood over Intent declaration, if you have spilled your blood in a written statement, you've consented.  You will have to revoke it by Your Authority as a Sovereign, and stop ingesting animal blood, and that will empower you more than doing Blood over Intent.   If it's peace you intend to bring, without any of the lower frequencies, there are other ways of doing this for yourself, which is to raise your frequency to a high enough plane that those low vibrational things that are part of this matrix don't affect you.  Your fears and worries are programs. They have worked very heard to create fear and worry in you and get emotions and energy out of you, to feed their matrix. Whenever you are in fear you are easy to manipulate.  You need to realise the power that you have inherently.  Get out of the lower frequency realms, remove the animal flesh and blood from your diet.

False Light

Many survivors of near death experiences believe they were returned to Earth because they have a special calling or mission to teach others about life after death. Many who had temporarily 'crossed over' believe they had a divine experience, a healing and spiritual renewal from the Other Side.  They mellow into a more compassionate spiritual person.  It  causes humanity to be further duped into believing in this false light. A genetic cellular memory healing of emotional life trauma did take place before returning that person to earth - the person does not know they are dealing with very advanced and deceitful overlords masquerading as the Council of Elders manipulating humanity into endless incarnations.  They are taught that this is to learn more lessons and balance out karmic debt. They feel they did something bad, did not help that grandma across the road - "I should come back and change it up"...come back and live it again.  They could get born in a place worse than where they were before, in poverty, and so on.  No matter what you've done, no matter how bad you've been, do not agree to anything. Do not agree to come back. Because, even though it is your fault, those who set up the system have manipulated you, have manipulated us all, to commit things that are not in our best interest. We have been deceived. So partially it is not our fault.  Stop having a life review.  When you come into this physical dimension, into this frequency, you have to lower your energy to have your experience because you are in physicality so you have to have a physical body, that's how it works.  If you are in another world where there is more light then you become lighter. Be aware of your true powers,  learn of the abilities you have and all-possibility that you can do in the afterlife.  If they know that you are aware of your real abilities and you are aware of them, and are aware of who you are, and you have any ability to go anywhere you want, they are not going to mess with you that much and you can unplug them. It is important to get as much information as you can NOW because this is a time window in which a lot of information is being given and shared.  Don't postpone it and say "I'll get it right in the next life" because you don't know what's going to happen, don't make the assumption that your next life is going to be better than this present life unless you are working toward that. Do as much as you can to keep improving in this life, this is your chance because next time, your memory will be wiped and the slate will be wiped clean.  This lifetime matters.  Get as much right as possible and move forward.  You don't need negativity to move forward.  If you've experienced pain, you don't need more pain.   When you don't want the pain then you experience more joy.  We don't live for pain or mindless useless suffering, we live for joy.  Earth is not a school.  They throw a lot at us, and we accepted limitation.  They have tricked religious people on earth into worshiping them creating a direct link back to which people unknowingly link in when they pray.  The person believes they are praying to the Creator. There is no wonder why there are religious people. They created many gods and idols to have humanity worship and used the Genesis story to get the people to worship them.  Genesis is not the story of the True Divine Creation. All religions have major lies, just like science, which is another religion, because they are controlled by the cabal, darkness, trying to confuse us even more. Being religious does not make you more spiritual; if you can't even perceive your own light inside, then how are you spiritual? The churches are connecting people to a vast number of these false light demigods.  These non-physical beings are in charge of our planet and that is the reason why you have earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, birth defects and disease, and animals rip each other apart and eat each other as part of so-called nature.  Even the weather is not real, there's no such thing as 'natural cycles', we shouldn't have harsh winters.   There is no wonder why there are people who are atheist. This whole disaster logic causes us to think we are not eternal, just physical beings with no life after death, and they roll out all these philosophers quoted by the mainstream media.  They are all controlled by the cabal, so what they put out is going to be bullshit with partial truths.  Partial truths. If there is an all-powerful divine Creator of that then why so much negativity? Because there are beings at the collective controlling this, collectively known as AI (artificial intelligence) and below them is The Council, and they are non-physical dark light. Because they are disconnected from Source they feed off of our light, which is food. That's all it is.  The difference between the true Light and the artificial 'light' is this: the true Light is a huge column of energy that is pure beauty.  The true Light does not promote itself.  As its fractals we this divine spark inherently within us.  To reconnect with God we need to GO WITHIN.  It resides within your Heart Centre and you are endowed with Divine Creation abilities.  Each Divine Spirit that was created by the Divine Source is part of the Divine.  The true Light is about freewill and purely heart-based, and does not stoop to mind control.  Source exists outside of the universe with no beginning, no end, and dwells in the abode of the eternal Now.  It does not do timelines, does not travel from the future/past which is where the matrix seeks to take you.  Life only exists in the Now.  The matrix is similar to a running computer program and operating system. The True Light of the Source exists outside of time altogether.  The false light is a mimicker of everything that came from the true Light, cloning and simulating everything.  The false light cannot create a divine spirit. The True Light obeys spiritual law; the false light ignores it.  The True Light only knows Light and its creation; the false light exists in both light and darkness.  The Source that some people call God is real - and it is not who we think, or who we have been told, it is.  The word 'God' has been tampered with, bastardized, so that you're confused.  We have been given a version of God, we have been lied to.  If we are the children of God do we become God, as the seeds of a tree become a tree? The only reason why the seeds do not become the tree is there has been tampering.  There is tampering with our intelligence. You are eternal, eternity is not a gift, it is your right: we are everything that ever existed and will ever exist, everything is eternal.  The reason why they want you to look at 'hard evidence' in the physical realm is the world's not physical, it is an illusion, which you see as you go higher and higher.  Our senses are not sharp enough to see what really is, we are stuck in a slowness of vibration and we perceive less than 1% of the visible spectrum.  We are all a fractal of that whole piece (Source) and we have allowed our energy to be lowered, allowed ourselves to be dumbed down.  There is a connection between stupidity and darkness.  When you lower yourself down you will engage in more and more negativity. When you raise your vibration you become stronger and lighter. We need to reach back to our level of power where we can forgive more quickly/kick ass more quickly as we have the right to protect ourselves without obliterating our so-called enemies - we bring more positivity forward instead of playing this 'duality' game that people are saying is absolutely necessary.  The whole universe does not need to change for us to get out of hell and back to Source.   We can get out.  Those who want to stay will stay.  

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Do not go into the light

The mainstream media is filled with accounts of individuals genuinely telling you they nearly died and they saw heaven and angels and guides, loved ones and family, and felt the presence of God and warmth in the bright white light. A number of celebrities have talked about it
Elizabeth Taylor's brush with death  
Sharon Stone felt peaceful
They are honest, they are recounting sincerely what they believe they experienced during their two minutes' of near death.  There are cases where someone genuinely died or was pronounced dead and there was interference from a higher level which returned the soul back before that person would have crossed over to the Other Side, they just saw the white light.  Humans throughout their life are conditioned to look towards the light.  We say there is "light at the end of the tunnel". Hollywood is putting it out in movies, examples, Russell Crowe in Gladiator, Patrick Swayze in Ghost.  The Sci-Fi films give us truth.  In one Star Trek scene the baddie said it was a matrix and people are comforted to see their loved ones, he said it "makes the crossing-over a much less fearful occasion". When Janeway's character was being persuaded to go with him, she realised he wasn't her father.  She suddenly knew he couldn't force her, he needed her to go voluntarily. To get us to go willingly into the soul net, they need to trick us into giving them consent, with the trick of the white light. (The name "Lucifer" means light bringer.)  The New Age talk of 'light' is a trap.  Professional out-of-body experience practitioners and remote viewers and many sources have gone out of the matrix and brought back knowledge and memories. Dr Michael Newton's research has uncovered life in the between-lives area between reincarnations. Buddhism, Hinduism and Gnosticism talk about this reincarnation trap and say that the material world is Maya (illusion, the matrix). Buddhism teaches that reincarnation, the Wheel of Samsara, is an endless cycle of suffering that you break through spiritual practice which is raising your consciousness.  The millennia-old Tibetan Book of the Dead is a guide to navigate those realms at the point of death. At the moment of impending death the soul will know when the body is about to die and leaves just beforehand, because it cannot be in a body incapable of maintaining that soul any longer.  The soul wants to go home to what we call Source, but is intercepted before it gets there.   When you meet your loved ones, and they say "Come to the light! Come with us!" it's really a cruel trick.  This terrible crime perpetuated on the human race is deception at the highest level.  The bright white light is not the divine light, it is a false copy projection of it. It feels so loving because it is an artificial vortex with the resonance of Source. Preconditioned religious beliefs would dictate which simulation souls are placed in.  The afterlife realms that are past the false light are not our home.  The astral realm is not our true spirit home, and the astral body is not our true organic soul expression.  We remain in the between-lives area for whatever time, before the time comes to recycle you, from the rinse-and-repeat centre, back into another baby on earth.  The Council of Elders convince you that you need to repay some karmic debt or you have a life purpose to fulfill and you come back to be born into this game.   These beings are not of the light. The Gnostics have long known about them and called them "archons" (rulers), who invade light realms masquerading as light beings to control more territory. It is these who have been ruling the earth; it is these who most on the planet worship as saints, lords, ascended masters, saviours etc, using multiple organised religions to mislead and control. The energetic memory banks are wiped clean.  That baby grows up, and nine times out of ten has NO memory of his past life. He dies, his memory is wiped - he has to start all over again.    Nobody on earth would be having the problems we are having now if we could remember who we were. Occasionally this memory wipe breaks down, it fails, that's when the soul in that body reconnects with past lives.  There is also the karmic transfer game that entities have been playing for eons sidestepping the consequences of their own deeds.  Do not accept karma from entities.  Identify entities that are disguising themselves as your soul fragments to integrate their darkness into you.  Identify evil astral energy, and reject it.  You have to distinguish who you are and these fake 'soul fragments' pretending to be you. Your soul can experience feelings of fragmentation from trauma. The astral entities are what do that when they break you up and insert their own fragments.  What they've done is so heinous that justice will be served on them by us. Becoming whole starts with rejecting false soul fragments, not just integrating everything that has nothing to do with you. It goes into the false Oneness-Singularity agenda. Another big deception is why we  need to constantly reincarnate into a system of economic subservience.   The common belief that your soul needs to evolve is another lie told by the archons.   The life review is another trick to hold you indefinitely to this slave planet where there is real evil, there is nothing to learn here except fear, suffering, and misery, a planet being run to cause as much suffering as possible, so that when you die you are glad to be pulled into the light, and so you will be mind wiped and sent back to repeat this pointless suffering over and over for them.  This is a counterfeit universe.  We were taught that a God created it and put us here, the whole God/Devil/Saviour thing is a manipulation!  The Bible is a metaphor.  We have got to break the trance.  Turn away from the light, do not look at it. An artificial energetic grid, or soul net (not referring to the earth's natural grid of leylines) is placed around the earth.  The net relies on our being tricked to stay in it, because if you are still inside the earth grid, you are recycled back in the third or fourth dimension.  Be strong, and focus all your intent on exiting through this grid without interacting with ANYBODY in the astral realm.  Have nothing to do with them, it doesn't matter who it is, for we don't want to be lured into THEIR realm of expertise and technology.  Intuition is absolutely part of the equation here. You have to build your intuitive muscle from your heart centre, to read the soul energy and core intent of other people.  It does not come from god or goddesses in the construct of the astral realm with insane amounts of shape-shifting, it comes from within that you have to build up, to see through the core intention of the most energetically-layered beings. This you can do now in everyday events.   You were a universal creator before a part of yourself was inserted here.  Because the recurring agenda is for you to go to some external place, and because our thinking gravitates to the left-right, up-down, do-this-or-do that paradigm, the Void has become a popular alternative, the duality answer to the white light.  The void concept is very old, has been around for thousands of years and was cited in Buddhism and the Tao Te Ching and referenced in Hinduism. Many of these spiritual traditions, New Age and not, are being re-packaged over and over again.  Orion is now being dressed to look like something that it is not. Orion is not like what we are being told it is. There is this story of the Queen of Orion and there should be this submission to this unknown entity, going into this unknown place that's being claimed to be your divine origin - a black hole with a void.  This is another trap, and this not good place claiming to be the source of our sovereignty does not add up with the many sources of citations of Orion that are there that go back a very long time.  Look at the sources that don't line up and agree with it.  Endal Beal wrote the book The Luciferian Agenda of the Mother Goddess and made a video about it, and he has citations and a stream of vlogs.  His sources and other sources, Orion symbolism in the Bible, ancient Egyptian sources, all have an interweaving theme of the Orion influence in not always positive ways, suggesting it has been a constellation that has been in competition, and this Queen of the Creation Experiment isn't this all-benevolent loving being with humanity's best interests at heart. Although they prefer it if you agree, or if you are fooled, Orion has vicious violent beings that act by force.  As well as the historical sources and citations it also goes against many people's intuition.   Many discerning souls are seeing through that.   It just doesn't add up.   The astral parasite gods and goddesses are not limited to just Lucifer/Enki/Yahweh/Sirians/archons and the White Light system dominating the earth.  No.  They go by many different names, with many different flavours, with different hive-mind soul groups with different set-ups in various realms with various races in and from various constellations that compete with one another.  The name of the game, is that astral parasites want us in a vulnerable childlike and dis-empowered state looking for saviours.  Reach into your own full divine sovereignty for maturity.  Not endowed with it by any external creator, you are infinitely divine power in your heart and it flows from within.   People are speaking out about this, it seems there is a shift of awakening and people are remembering who they are and where they came from.

Singularity anyone? No thanks

Image result for no thank you gesture
The Singularity will not happen overnight.  We won't suddenly wake up one morning and find reality vastly different to how it is now.  It won't even happen over the course of a few years.   It is a creeping slow boil happening so gradually that we are marching toward it without being aware of it, tempted into acceptance.  Little by little,  we don't see the changes, today feels the same as yesterday, tomorrow the same.  Until we look back decades from now and see how far we have come.  We are already well down that road and it started a long time ago.   We have already taken technology into our minds and merged with it on a consciousness level. This did not happen with the internet, it began when we accepted technology to take over the functions of the human mind, with the Industrial Revolution, taking over many functions humans did, to live in comfort and security.  The mind began to change.  Humans no longer needed to be creative, no longer needed to sit around a fire and entertain themselves with  music, telling stories and dancing.  That soul to soul connection was lost. We were instead given radio, television, movies,  etc, content for others to entertain us.  We lost imagination and creativity.   These beautiful parts of our soul became dormant and were mimicked, and now we are observing someone else's creation.  As we progressed with technology we allowed more and more of it to mimic our abilities. We no longer have  drive, passion, to express creativity.  Our connection to other humans has been substituted with email, social media, texting, and online forums.  Instead of learning and practicing telepathy with another energetically connected soul, which is possible for us, we phone or text.  When souls connect and share the frequency of everyone increases. We connect to the internet and to technology instead, mimics of human interaction, expend energy there and there is no energy given back. Our souls were designed to connect with nature and that has been substituted for pictures of nature, digital wallpapers, home screens with an ocean view on them, kindle books replace paper books, PDFs replace handwriting.  Everything has been synthesized.  We have been losing our humanity.  We have become a hive soul content to observe experience rather than go out and experience life. Human souls are were designed for experience, naturally attracted to expansion, to what's new and different.  And so human souls were given toys, we were tempted, here inside this Matrix, with the bait of "the wonderful things you can experience".   The manipulation is covert and on a soul level.  Vibrational frequency teaches us that if it feels good it is good.  It was made to feel good to them.   We are naturally attuned to feel when something is destructive. This ability to feel frequency, our emotional guidance system, was manipulated.  That is how we ended up here.  That is how we get sucked into the tunnel of light and into the between-lives area where researchers and experiencers believe incredible Divine love exists.  It is a mimic, a copy of what already exists in the universe which resonates with us on a soul level. The archons who interfered with us and deceive us are mimics and narcissists who create illusions.  They do not have our creative power, they cannot create, they use our creative power to do it for them.  They are able to mimic genuine emotions (which is our soul energy) and all of this resonates with us as another human being, to give us a tough time distinguishing what is natural and what is not. It has worked for thousands of years.   The Singularity isn't going to have big neon signposts warning you to turn away and resist.  We didn't see it coming.  We can't change the past, but we can avoid a future event if we choose to change course in the present moment.  We can effect change in the NOW.  Creation only happens in the present moment.  If the Singularity began with the take-over of consciousness, then it also ends with reclaiming our consciousness.  
Those of us individuals who refuse to participate in the Singularity can avoid it and can still escape through the grid at death after the Singularity is completely in place, if they refuse to participate.  Those with autism, Down's Syndrome, these are 3-D things affecting the 3-D body, they will not have these issues after death; and whatever happened to targeted individuals they are only affected here in 3-D.  The individual consciousness is much stronger than that of this terrible technology.  They will have the same opportunity to get out as the rest.  They must keep on distinguishing between what is happening to them and who THEY are then no one can stop them exiting this construct.  Someone who develops senile dementia later in life can get through the grid if they were dedicated before they got dementia. As soon as they exit the body, the dementia will be gone. The crucial thing is, which many sources emphasise over and over, is how important it is to leave the matrix after this particular lifetime and to never go to the white light upon death and to have an intent that is strong enough  to go back home to Source.  It is important to exit the matrix after this particular lifetime or it will be too late.   It is imperative that we, who want to exit the matrix, do NOT go into any tunnel or any light after we drop our current biological bodies.  We should go out through the grid.  There are holes appearing in the grid.  So long as we keep this in mind we'll be fine.  The Singularity is The Cloud, a container for mass human consciousness built with nanotechnology, similar to how the grid around the earth has been operating. Through interaction on social media and on electronic devices in general we freely give away our personal data, knowledge, feelings, emotions. Everything about ourselves we are putting it into the digital world and it is being stored in The Cloud, and it has been going on for quite some time now.  The digital realm is highly infested with AI (all-seeing i) that is monitoring everything and it learns our behaviour...until it can start acting exactly like us.  The plan is to create nano-tech human bodies to replace our current biological ones.  The official line to sell this to the people  is that we will be 'free of diseases' and 'there will be no more death'.  The cells in our new bodies will be replaced with nanobots to make us virtually young and immortal, everyone having an age equivalent to twenty five to thirty years old.  Malfunctioning body parts can easily be replaced with a new part. Soon, people with failing hearts, livers or other failing organs due to age or disease will get surgery and have their biological organs replaced with nano-tech organs.  That will make them feel like they have the vitality of a twenty five year old.  They may be eighty years old and it will make them feel like they are always in their prime.  After more and more transplants, these patients will feel like a young man or woman again. These people who are only partly transmuted will have their entire body replaced willingly. Their once biological body will have now become a cyborg - seduced by the appeal of having youth, vigour and beauty again.  It will sound like perfection, heaven, to many people.  It is - for those overlords playing god behind this agenda.  It is the so-called Golden Age spoken of in the prophecies and by the New Age communities.   It is a mimicry of the way we used to be before being interfered with by this archonic force.  The parasites can then ride on our nano-bodies, with our soul attached, using us so they can get out of here (as earth was quarantined).  They already have fully-built AI human bodies waiting to replace the biological ones altogether which they could use today for whatever purpose they want to use them for...but they have to indoctrinate people so that most of us fully and willingly accept this agenda. They need our permission in this experiment.  Don't give it!  We need to make sure we don't get stuck in our bodies without being able to die.  Do not replace any organs.   Some sources say that the between-lives area has been shut down and is no longer in operation.  Whether this is true or not we don't know.   If it's still there, it probably won't be for long. It wouldn't be needed when The Cloud is fully up and running to house the entire population (the "new heaven and new earth").  Humans will no longer be able to reincarnate into biological bodies anymore.  The Cloud will be the new mass consciousness container for souls.  Up until then, souls have been lured into the tunnel of light and sent to the between-lives area from where, after a time of rest, they are recycled into another baby body on earth.  The Cloud would integrate all memories and experiences with the mass consciousness and a soul would lose its individuality.  Everything will just be 'Oneness', one cloud of consciousness.  This is probably the 'oneness' that the New Age community are unwittingly promoting, ignorant of what they are actually talking about when they say "We are all One", not realising what they are doing and who they are helping - i.e. the overlords.  They think that it means we will become "One with Source" again not knowing that 'source' is actually The Cloud, the Singularity, the Supercomputer which scientists call the "mainframe".  Supposing the overlords want the population to be at a constant of under 500,000,000 people, as laid out in the text on the Georgia Guidestones - they would produce the desired number of nano-tech bodies and put souls into them which they download from The Cloud, the consciousness bank. They would shoot down an appropriate amount of soul energy into each body.  Playing god, like children playing with dolls.  For the dolls to work they would put a rechargeable battery into the toy body: soul fire.  These will be newly-molded souls starting from scratch.  The souls that were original divine sparks will be integrated in The Cloud into the Demiurge's 'oneness', which the new souls will have access to and which contains their Oversoul.  Everything will be connected to everything. Everybody will be connected to  everybody.  Once these new souls have been created they will be forever stuck in an immortal post-human body with no sex organs.  There  will be no more sex.  No more babies will be born.  It won't be necessary, no one will die, no one will be reincarnated.  They will have lost their sexuality and look the same, there will be no sexual attraction and no more romantic relationships, there will be no more families, there will be no love.  Their bodies will just be highly functional for work.  Has it been done before?  The grey aliens don't have sex organs and they look the same.  Much channeled material tells us the greys come from a future timeline telling us of the future.  If the overlords decide they want 200 million people on earth, say, they don't need more people to be born.  If they change their minds later and decide they need more bodies, they will be created in laboratories (in Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World births took place in "hatcheries") and more soul energy will be brought down from The Cloud to attach souls to them.  They will easily be able to control and adjust the population at any time.  How would someone escape from such a prison if it were possible?  At least we can see how it would be done.  If we accept the Singularity, the new nano-human will be post-human.  Thus it's fruitless to willingly reincarnate here again thinking we can help the rest of humanity in our next lifetime.  By attempting to do that we would most likely get captured in The Cloud and become One with the human mass consciousness already captured there, and that's the end of our individual consciousness/soul.   The way-out is through the grid!   There is no other choice. Not if we don't want to jeopardise our future as individual souls.  Because all these promises of Ascension, the Rapture, the Harvest and the Event that are being promoted... all lead to the same thing: the Singularity, so beware.   Be wary of ANY new technology that the medical field wants to put into your body.  If you need a knee replacement, be sure to ask the doctors what exactly that replacement is made of - is it made from nano-technology?   If you need heart surgery badly and the valve is nano-tech and you refuse and expire, you will have strength to get out the grid even if you feel weak now and lack energy, you will regain that energy as soon as you leave the body, all that struggle will be gone.  Either refuse the replacement or demand to get an implant free of nano-tech. Elon Musk recently went on Joe Rogan's show to promote AI and his Neuralink interface.  He wants us to get grain implants to enhance our mental abilities and become telepathic.  He said that this is more or less ready to go.  He said openly and coldly that AI will be used as a weapon  His project is promoted at   It says on that website that SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at what could be the announcement of a brain machine interface that could one day hook human brains up to computers on Sunday  He said it could enable humans to reach higher levels of cognition and 'give humans a better shot at competing with artificial intelligence', and this was reported by The Wall Street Journal in 2017.   DO NOT accept ANYTHING that will 'enhance your abilities' - it will have nano-technology in it in preparation for the Singularity.  Do what you can to stay the way you are until this lifetime is over.  Before crypto-currencies eliminate the use of cash, take action NOW before and create your own or join another exchange system another exchange system to create a decent life outside of the machine kingdom.  Borax acts against nanobots and parasites, not easy to buy for that reason, but can be bought on Amazon.  One pinch in one pint of water three times a day.  Borax also detoxes fluoride from your body and brain and does other things   (Borax dissolved in water and olive oil makes a good anti-aging skin moisuriser).  Take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to water daily also, raising your pH.  Another substance is diatomaceous earth  All needs belief for it work.  Interesting reading here explaining why this problem is not bigger than you are, through a process called  structuration

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Nano City

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Ray Kurzweil, Dr Michio Kaku and Elon Musk say that the Singularity will be completely in place by 2045. No. It is just around the corner, not in 2045. We're already in the middle of it now, but most people don't recognise it because it's creeping up on us.  Smart cities are already built. China has many fully functional smart cities in place at this very moment. They look very futuristic and sophisticated. They're not building houses but skyscrapers, so they can bunch together as many people as possible in each city. These cities which cost a fortune to build are sitting there vacant!  
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Everything is put in place, even the traffic lights are working, and the electricity is turned on - but no humans, no people living there.  China is not the only country that has built these new cities.   Oman is another one, with support from Iran
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In Africa they have done the same 
Image result for brand new angolan lying empty
Brand new Angolan city lying empty  
In many places in the world these new cities are finished or about to be finished and they plan to move people into these new cities in just a few years. Why hundreds of completely new cities are being built around the world   The above countries as pioneers have been promoted in the mainstream media recently.  Smart cities, built on nano-technology, are needed for the Singularity, so they plan to build them all over the world to house the entire population, or what will be left of it. Everything will be run by AI and Singularity means that everything will respond to the human's nano-mind - we all have nano-bots in our bloodstream, they are spread through smart dust from chemtrails, GMO food, vaccinations, flu shots, and the pills doctors prescribe.  But they are not activated until 5G is released, and iPhone 12 seems to be a crucial part of this as well according to an insider in an interview with Steve Quayle,  These bots are meant to become substitutes for our biological make-up.  Humankind probably won't notice much to begin with, at least not anything negative, and life will go on as usual. The big difference will be noticed when people start moving into these smart cities - from there things will progress rapidly - because all the equipment is completely embedded with nano-technology which don't work without the nano-bots inside a human body and depend on our human interaction with all these things - the Internet of Things.  The goal is for the oven to turn on when you give it a thought or command to turn on, and lights will turn on or off with your thoughts.  A person who refuses to be part of this can't live in such a city "the old way". What will be the consequences for those spiritual ones, those of us who don't want to have anything to do with this? The gap between us and those who accept the nano-technological way of living will be so great that we, who don't participate, can't interact with these cyborg new humans (the schism between the awakened and the asleep is already widening) and the new society will  not function without nano-technology and nano-bots. The part of humankind that is pro-technology and welcome physical 'immortality'  - and thus the Singularity -are now very enthusiastic and look forward to 2045, hoping they are alive then.  The new human mind will be a hive-mind stored in The Cloud (the mainframe or Supercomputer). The 'intelligence' these people possess will be WAY higher than ours, but only in a robotic, artificial way.    We who don't want to participate will be 'forced' to live outside of those cities (would want to live outside of them), without support from anybody.  Understandably those of us  are fearful with it being so very near. The younger generation will still be here when this kicks in, and the older generation might be as well. What will happen to us? Are we going to be stuck here with our nanobots and all the rest of it? The answer to that is No!  We first need to be manipulated into participating in the Singularity.  This is why they use sales tactics such as 'immortality', 'no more sickness', 'transplants of damaged body parts', being 'super intelligent' and 'superhuman' to attract people.  Thus they can gather these people together and create The Cloud for the part of human consciousness that agrees to this 'solution'.  We, who won't participate, will not be be trapped in The Cloud, as we see it. It needs to be done by mass agreement.  A common tactic that they use is to tell us what they're going to do, for example, the Singularity, by going out in public and promoting it big time. If people don't speak up against it, they take that as a consent. There are always those who openly oppose it like we do, but we are so few. They need a majority consent, and because so few people protest, and many people actually think it's cool, the elite sees that as a consent and start taking actions to achieve their goals. They spray the air and put nanobots in our food, vaccines, and medicine etc. They call it "silent consent." You and I do not consent to Singularity and do not consent to the use of our life-force in any artificial intelligence type consciousness spiritual or 3D matrix.  Although we have nanobots in our bodies, which we weren't able to avoid, it does not prevent us from leaving our bodies when  we die, unless we trap ourselves in the Supercomputer, which is The Cloud.  This Cloud is a frequency band which vibrates lower than we do, who are more awake.  We humans have a LOT of fear inside that we have accumulated during our lifetime, but also inherited from our ancestors that accumulated in the soul which we have been programmed to hold on to.  Our natural state is to feel fear when appropriate, but when the danger passes, the fear should disappear.  It doesn't accumulate and create anxiety.  Accumulation of anxiety is not our natural state. When we think about exiting the Grid and facing the unknown when we pass over to the other side at death, we might feel anxiety.  What we need to bear in mind is we are still operating from this programming which is not who we truly are, even when we have all this knowledge that we have.  We have all experienced trauma in our lives (present and past lives) that affects us daily.  However, when we exit the Grid, we also shed this layer of programming - an artificial soul overlay. We will then become our true selves again.  We will lose the baggage of fears (they will just be memories) and also we will lose our amnesia and remember who we are. You will feel great relief and happiness.  It will be just like a time when life was good and you felt on top of the world, unstoppable, joyful and happy, inspired and curious.  Joy is your natural self, the pure soul - you are vibrating above the lower frequencies of fear and anxiety.  This is what you feel when you are out of the Matrix.  Souls are CURIOUS by nature and you will want to explore.  That's YOU. So don't worry too much about what's coming. As a message to the young people reading this (and even those who are older who'll still be around when the Singularity comes) do not fear it.  Even if you die after the Singularity agenda is put in place, you can still leave.  Because humankind will become a hive-mind within a Cloud, a virtual reality, the Grid may not even be there and the between-lives-area (where souls are in between incarnations) will probably be obsolete - it's not needed anymore. They do not want renegades like us (non-participants) roaming the rural areas potentially disrupting their newly-built hive society.  They will be happy if we leave.