This is an issue on multidimensional levels, from the material to the spiritual. All is interconnected. Something that wants to be hidden is put in plain view. It's right in your face if you know where to look. To understand the control system is to understand the Luciferian connection. To defeat this control system the occult needs to be recognised by everybody. And so like a horse with blinkers, if you can’t understand what is in front of you then you are not going to understand what is happening to you. We cannot ignore the Occult because we think it negative. It is not. It is information about how the universe, the human psyche, and natural law work. The word Occult simply means hidden from sight, something obscured. But when people hear this word negative connotations and misconceptions come with it. Occult is derived from the Latin noun oculus which means eye, and from the Latin verb ocultare which means hidden from sight. This knowledge of ourselves and how we function has been taken out of the general circulation of humanity and has been reserved for the elect few who have guarded it for selfish usage. This has created a power differential in society. How we use that knowledge makes it either good or bad. The usages can be for order and goodness, love and freedom, or for the wielding of power to gain differential advantage to create chaos and evil. The latter has been used. We need to look at the negative to understand the strategies that have been used, to understand what’s happening to us so we can be in a position to do something about it. The manipulators, who understand the positive aspects of this knowledge, wilfully choose to use it as a weapon against those not in the know, by continuing to occult it. When the manipulation tactics are known, it becomes common sense knowledge and only then will humanity ever be free. When we de-occult this knowledge, the occult is no longer the occult. It is brought out into the light of day.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011


We devolve and evolve. Researcher Michael Cremo talks about devolution.  Our consciousness goes up and down like day and night as we go through ages that are contrasted by the elements of gold, silver, bronze and iron. When in the daylight of the Golden Age we can see everything. We are fully awake and powerful divine beings with all of our 360 senses activated and all of our psychic powers. Our activity is conscious and external. We have been in this state before and this is evidenced by monuments left to us by our ancestors, our higher selves on this earth thousands of years ago like the Great Pyramid the likes of which we could never reproduce even with all of today’s technology. When the night comes we go to sleep and lose consciousness – we go subconscious. All this happens in a 24 thousand year cycle called precession. The three cycles are the precession golden ages of light and dark ages, the 24 hour diurnal and nocturnal cycles and the 12 months of summer and winter. Looking up in the sky the first thirty degrees above the horizon belongs to Aries. The next thirty degrees portion of the sky belongs to Taurus, the next to Gemini. This 90 degree portion in the horizon of the sunset to directly above your head midday, is the first quadrant, and this slice of the pie is ruled by the spring months of March, April and May/Aries Taurus and Gemini. Then Cancer, Leo and Virgo begin and take you to the sunset. These are the 6 signs of light. They sit above the horizon and correspond to the day portion. The signs below the horizon are Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius; Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Hermetic teaching says as above so below, the ancients knew that we have the same format down here in the human body. The spring part of our bodies parallels the first quadrant. Aries (fire) rules the brain at the top of the head beginning at 21st March the equinox. The brain is electric. Taurus (earth) rules the mouth and neck at the bottom of the head where you eat food (solidity, molecules). Gemini (air) is the Twins that rules the pair of arms, and lungs where you breathe oxygen. The summer part of our bodies parallels the second quadrant: Cancer (water) rules the chest and breast, the milk of the mother. Leo (fire) rules the heart. Virgo (earth) rules the belly that digests food (solid molecules). This is all our upper body that corresponds to the signs above the horizon. Below the horizon the signs are Libra (air) that rules the kidneys, which are the two scales; then Scorpio (water) that rules the generative organs (seminal fluid, amniotic fluid); Sagittarius (fire) rules the thighs, Capricorn (earth) rules the knees and the skeletal part of the body (the mountain goat, the climber, solid); Aquarius (air) rules the shins and blood circulation, and Pisces (water) the two fish rules the two feet. This corresponds with the day and the year. Where the sun rises at 6am Aries the sign of the Lamb corresponds to 21st March. Spring-Summer begins at 21st March. These times rejuvenate the earth with life vitality and abundance. The sun goes up to the Tropic of Cancer on the Summer Solstice the longest day of the year, 21st June. When the sun turns an electric light on, the earth awakens and yields flowers and food flowers to sustain living creatures. When the electric sun seems to abandon us to the cold merciless winter months it looks like death has come upon the land. With no food stored in the larder you could potentially perish. Elderly and sick people die. Snow has killed many. The night is the same; the ancients feared the night because that’s when most tragedy befell humans. Dangerous animals would come out of the forest and prey on helpless victims and burglaries happen at night. The ancients knew this precession age of unconsciousness we find ourselves in would come again, and that’s why they left hieroglyphs and messages for us on their monuments in Egypt. They are about holy science, not theism of an interventional God. That’s Judeo-Christian fiction the elites give to what they consider the ignoramus proletarian masses to enslave them. The mystical way is the way of freedom. “Hieroglyph” means holy writing. They are the food in the larder to survive the ravages of hard times, so that one day returning conscious mankind would come back to their senses and receive the lost consciousness from deciphering the ancient theology. Living in harmony with divine laws, not commandments, is all we need. We did not evolve from here. Our origins are from the divine Cause itself and it is our destiny to return there. Plato said that we were experiencing the amnesias. We do know everything. It is just that we are remembering it.