This is an issue on multidimensional levels, from the material to the spiritual. All is interconnected. Something that wants to be hidden is put in plain view. It's right in your face if you know where to look. To understand the control system is to understand the Luciferian connection. To defeat this control system the occult needs to be recognised by everybody. And so like a horse with blinkers, if you can’t understand what is in front of you then you are not going to understand what is happening to you. We cannot ignore the Occult because we think it negative. It is not. It is information about how the universe, the human psyche, and natural law work. The word Occult simply means hidden from sight, something obscured. But when people hear this word negative connotations and misconceptions come with it. Occult is derived from the Latin noun oculus which means eye, and from the Latin verb ocultare which means hidden from sight. This knowledge of ourselves and how we function has been taken out of the general circulation of humanity and has been reserved for the elect few who have guarded it for selfish usage. This has created a power differential in society. How we use that knowledge makes it either good or bad. The usages can be for order and goodness, love and freedom, or for the wielding of power to gain differential advantage to create chaos and evil. The latter has been used. We need to look at the negative to understand the strategies that have been used, to understand what’s happening to us so we can be in a position to do something about it. The manipulators, who understand the positive aspects of this knowledge, wilfully choose to use it as a weapon against those not in the know, by continuing to occult it. When the manipulation tactics are known, it becomes common sense knowledge and only then will humanity ever be free. When we de-occult this knowledge, the occult is no longer the occult. It is brought out into the light of day.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Nano City

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Ray Kurzweil, Dr Michio Kaku and Elon Musk say that the Singularity will be completely in place by 2045. No. It is just around the corner, not in 2045. We're already in the middle of it now, but most people don't recognise it because it's creeping up on us.  Smart cities are already built. China has many fully functional smart cities in place at this very moment. They look very futuristic and sophisticated. They're not building houses but skyscrapers, so they can bunch together as many people as possible in each city. These cities which cost a fortune to build are sitting there vacant!  
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Everything is put in place, even the traffic lights are working, and the electricity is turned on - but no humans, no people living there.  China is not the only country that has built these new cities.   Oman is another one, with support from Iran
Image result for nano city built in oman
In Africa they have done the same 
Image result for brand new angolan lying empty
Brand new Angolan city lying empty  
In many places in the world these new cities are finished or about to be finished and they plan to move people into these new cities in just a few years. Why hundreds of completely new cities are being built around the world   The above countries as pioneers have been promoted in the mainstream media recently.  Smart cities, built on nano-technology, are needed for the Singularity, so they plan to build them all over the world to house the entire population, or what will be left of it. Everything will be run by AI and Singularity means that everything will respond to the human's nano-mind - we all have nano-bots in our bloodstream, they are spread through smart dust from chemtrails, GMO food, vaccinations, flu shots, and the pills doctors prescribe.  But they are not activated until 5G is released, and iPhone 12 seems to be a crucial part of this as well according to an insider in an interview with Steve Quayle,  These bots are meant to become substitutes for our biological make-up.  Humankind probably won't notice much to begin with, at least not anything negative, and life will go on as usual. The big difference will be noticed when people start moving into these smart cities - from there things will progress rapidly - because all the equipment is completely embedded with nano-technology which don't work without the nano-bots inside a human body and depend on our human interaction with all these things - the Internet of Things.  The goal is for the oven to turn on when you give it a thought or command to turn on, and lights will turn on or off with your thoughts.  A person who refuses to be part of this can't live in such a city "the old way". What will be the consequences for those spiritual ones, those of us who don't want to have anything to do with this? The gap between us and those who accept the nano-technological way of living will be so great that we, who don't participate, can't interact with these cyborg new humans (the schism between the awakened and the asleep is already widening) and the new society will  not function without nano-technology and nano-bots. The part of humankind that is pro-technology and welcome physical 'immortality'  - and thus the Singularity -are now very enthusiastic and look forward to 2045, hoping they are alive then.  The new human mind will be a hive-mind stored in The Cloud (the mainframe or Supercomputer). The 'intelligence' these people possess will be WAY higher than ours, but only in a robotic, artificial way.    We who don't want to participate will be 'forced' to live outside of those cities (would want to live outside of them), without support from anybody.  Understandably those of us  are fearful with it being so very near. The younger generation will still be here when this kicks in, and the older generation might be as well. What will happen to us? Are we going to be stuck here with our nanobots and all the rest of it? The answer to that is No!  We first need to be manipulated into participating in the Singularity.  This is why they use sales tactics such as 'immortality', 'no more sickness', 'transplants of damaged body parts', being 'super intelligent' and 'superhuman' to attract people.  Thus they can gather these people together and create The Cloud for the part of human consciousness that agrees to this 'solution'.  We, who won't participate, will not be be trapped in The Cloud, as we see it. It needs to be done by mass agreement.  A common tactic that they use is to tell us what they're going to do, for example, the Singularity, by going out in public and promoting it big time. If people don't speak up against it, they take that as a consent. There are always those who openly oppose it like we do, but we are so few. They need a majority consent, and because so few people protest, and many people actually think it's cool, the elite sees that as a consent and start taking actions to achieve their goals. They spray the air and put nanobots in our food, vaccines, and medicine etc. They call it "silent consent." You and I do not consent to Singularity and do not consent to the use of our life-force in any artificial intelligence type consciousness spiritual or 3D matrix.  Although we have nanobots in our bodies, which we weren't able to avoid, it does not prevent us from leaving our bodies when  we die, unless we trap ourselves in the Supercomputer, which is The Cloud.  This Cloud is a frequency band which vibrates lower than we do, who are more awake.  We humans have a LOT of fear inside that we have accumulated during our lifetime, but also inherited from our ancestors that accumulated in the soul which we have been programmed to hold on to.  Our natural state is to feel fear when appropriate, but when the danger passes, the fear should disappear.  It doesn't accumulate and create anxiety.  Accumulation of anxiety is not our natural state.  When we think about exiting the Grid and facing the unknown when we pass over to the other side at death, we might feel anxiety.  What we need to bear in mind is we are still operating from this programming which is not who we truly are, even when we have all this knowledge that we have.  We have all experienced trauma in our lives (present and past lives) that affects us daily.  However, when we exit the Grid, we also shed this layer of programming - an artificial soul overlay. We will then become our true selves again.  We will lose the baggage of fears (they will just be memories) and also we will lose our amnesia and remember who we are. You will feel great relief and happiness.  It will be just like a time when life was good and you felt on top of the world, unstoppable, joyful and happy, inspired and curious.  Joy is your natural self, the pure soul - you are vibrating above the lower frequencies of fear and anxiety.  This is what you feel when you are out of the Matrix.  Souls are CURIOUS by nature and you will want to explore.  That's YOU. So don't worry too much about what's coming. As a message to the young people reading this (and even those who are older who'll still be around when the Singularity comes) do not fear it.  Even if you die after the Singularity agenda is put in place, you can still leave.  Because humankind will become a hive-mind within a Cloud, a virtual reality, the Grid may not even be there and the between-lives-area (where souls are in between incarnations) will probably be obsolete - it's not needed anymore. They do not want renegades like us (non-participants) roaming the rural areas potentially disrupting their newly-built hive society.  They will be happy if we leave. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

What is 'Artificial Intelligence'?

What we perceive to be the 'real' world is in no way real. The 'real' world is being manipulated by another world that's very different. This other-world force is obsessed with technology. For these other-worldly entities technology is their god. That's how they control us. Has anybody really wondered where this technological explosion has come from?  Smart technologies that are taking over the human mind and rewiring their brain, the end goal with them is to reach the point where the human brain is connected to artificial intelligence so AI becomes the human mind.  This is what Silicon Valley is working towards if we let this go on, and why it has so much world power now, because we did let it go on.  Who created and controls Silicon Valley?  That other world that's controlling this one.  That is where the technological knowledge has come from that's driving it so more and more advanced technology is coming out quicker and quicker. They are happy to tell you in Silicon Valley that it is leading to the connection of artificial intelligence to the internet that will run all things in your everyday life and also connect to your mind. They are selling it to you that it will make you superhuman.  No it won't.  It will make you post-human.  It will make you an artificial intelligence computer in a global version of the internet.  The question is: what is artificial intelligence?  People say AI is taking over this, taking over that, over weapons, and it's a takeover taking over humans.  But what you don't hear from people is: what is it?  There's encoded AI, algorithms.  Then there is the level of artificial intelligence that they call strong AI or learning AI which is learning more and more - from trawling your data, which is allowing this AI to learn.  And then there's another AI that is controlling the other two.  That AI is non-human. It's the force that's been manipulating human society since the high-jack of this matrix occurred and is now manipulating humanity to build its own technological prison. If we allow our brains to be connected to this artificial intelligence, we allow our minds to be high-jacked, we are allowing possession by this other-worldly, non-human force.  The human mind will begin to be assimilated into this non-human consciousness that takes various demonic forms.  No wonder they want you to laugh at this stuff and scoff at it.  The world is not just a little bit strange, it is really nothing like people think it is.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Frequency, Vibration and Magnetism

Someone somewhere is sitting in their living room tuned to BBC1 on television.  All around them in the room - they are not aware of it, they can't see it - are  the frequencies of BBC2, Central, Channel 4, Satellite television, Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4, all the telecommunications equipment etc. They can't see that they are there and neither can any of those other frequencies see or be aware of all the others.  But if you tune your set to the frequency you want, that's what you get.  Michio Kaku, a string theory physicist, said in 2008 that if you have a radio in your living room, you have all frequencies, BBC, Radio 4, Radio Moscow, etc. but you are only coherent with one frequency, and he said that we now believe that the universe is vibrating.  There are vibrations of different universes right in your living room from past events and things that didn't happen in the past and possibilities of the future that we are not in tune with.  Our universe is tuned to one frequency: our universe.  But modern physics says there are parallel universes in your living room.  This reality is a holographic internet that we are decoding into this reality. We are receiver-transmitters of information like in a Wi-Fi situation.  The walls and all the things have no solidity.  Only the mind decodes it as solid.  Once you open your consciousness and open your heart you start vibrating to a faster frequency that eventually goes beyond the frequency of manipulation that we find ourselves in now.  For example, Radio 1 cannot manipulate Radio 2, it cannot get in that frequency in which it is operating.  This is why society is structured to hold us through mental and emotional and physical manipulation in this frequency range.  When we are stuck in there, then we are affected by their electromagnetics, by their microwaves and food additives, by all this stuff.  Once you go beyond that frequency, all those food additives and all those microwaves and electromagnetic pollution is operating at a frequency range that no longer touches you.  Our power to overcome these things is massive but only if when we become aware that we have that power

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Demon at Denver Airport

Denver International Airport has installed a new feature.  It is a talking gargoyle.  This gargoyle looks life-like, it can blink and move its head, and speaks to people when they approach.  People entering and walking around the airport are amused by it, they are laughing and making jokes with the gargoyle.  It responds to people's questions and can apparently hear someone whispering to another person several feet away - it responded to a woman who whispered to her companion "Oh it's cos of the conspiracy" - as Denver International Airport is known for its dark occult "Illuminati" symbolism.  This gargoyle is comical and with-it, people believe the thing to be just a wisecracking statue.  Some people, however, are convinced this isn't just a statue and believe this to be a real gargoyle...that has been allowed to come up from underground from the base that's underneath Denver International Airport.  Beneath Denver Airport there is an underground  military base.  There is every type of alien activity taking place down there with reptilians, reptoids and aliens. There was a book that was written about the underground base in Mexico called "The Dulce Book" by Branton which also talked about the base underneath Denver International Airport.  Late last year some construction work was being done to the airport. While these works were being undertaken, it is believed that they went underground and got one of these creatures from the base and put him right there on top of that pillar where he is, to greet people when they come to the airport.  The gargoyle was saying "Welcome to Illuminati Headquarters...I mean Denver International Airport".  When someone asked his age he replied that he was 243 years of age.  The "Illuminati" first met in Bavaria in 1776.  Speaking now in 2019 (when this gargoyle appeared in the early part of this year) that makes it 243 years ago.  Gargoyles are real and they are demons, and that's what aliens are.  If this is an actual demon on display, it's no surprise that it's in an airport that is a known Satanic hub dripping with macabre murals and paintings.   You see carved figures of gargoyles on Freemasonry buildings, Catholic architecture, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and academia in Oxford.  Gargoyles, reptoids, demons, clones...before these are revealed to the public, they have to get people comfortable with them, and they are getting them to see this gargoyle in jest so they can reveal it without the public being scared.   We are seeing this unveiling  through films such as The Terminator movies, They Live, The Hunger Games, etc., countless alien movies with dystopian and apocalyptic themes. We are seeing the unveiling of clones on TV through programmes like Game of Clones,  we are seeing pre-preemptive programming that makes trans-humanism, merging with AI, seem cool.  Now we are having the gargoyle in the airport laughing with people and they think he is cool and funny.  If people become used to these things, when these aliens, reptilians and gargoyles start showing who they really are - which is malevolent and evil and hell-bent on getting rid of humans - their guard will be down.  That's why it is being done.   Why did they decide to do it now?   This is the Age of Aquarius.  This is the Age of everything being revealed as far as technology is concerned and what's going on in Satanism.  The Word "apocalypse" is Greek and means "revelation"; it means unveiling, unfolding of things not previously known.  Let's have it in Denver airport cracking jokes with people so they get complacent with the fact that these things exist and the belief that they don't exist.  People are taking pictures of it, taking selfies with it accepting it as one big joke.   The gargoyle starts kidding about conspiracies, and Denver Airport are trying to make the idea of the "lluminati" and conspiracies out to be a laugh so people won't take seriously the idea that the death cult calling themselves the "Illuminati" - and gargoyles - do exist!  At the airport you have the mountain and all-seeing eye and the horse with red eyes.  They are not even hiding it anymore, they putting it all in front of you in plain sight.  They know they no longer have to hide what they are about because so much of the world is brainwashed.  They have chosen to show who they are now, and what they are about where people will think "Oh there's nothing wrong with this, this is fun".  Ten or twenty years ago when people didn't think it was cool to unlock doors with microchips, you would never have seen this happen.  If they had revealed this then, even under the guise of a joke, people would have sensed that this is not right, shocked at "what the conspiracy people are saying is true".   In 1986 there was a NASA employee named Frank Shaw who had a horrifying encounter with a real winged malevolent gargoyle.   He was walking outside towards his car after work when he saw the creature perched on top of one of the NASA buildings.  After looking at it for a while he realised that this entity that was staring directly at him was real, it was alive.  The creature flapped its wings and started to fly towards him. Frank was scared out of his mind, ran to his car, and drove away.  His wife and daughter cautioned him not to tell anyone about this, especially at work, as they'd think him crazy and he could end up losing his job. He needed answers though, and ended up telling a supervisor at NASA...who told him that he was not the only one, other employees had also seen this creature! There was a secret file about these sightings. A week after Frank came forward with his story, he was confronted by the "Men in Black" who told Frank and his family to keep quiet.  People throughout the world have seen these entities.  Now, they see Denver International Airport making fun of this, laughing at it. "See, there's nothing to this Illuminati and NWO shit, these people are nutters, this is just a joke".  This is the desired effect.  This is what the Disclosure is.   This is such blatant Satanism it's unreal...when it IS real.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Revoking Soul Contracts

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Removing false ideas about spiritual authority and energetic hygiene would benefit your life.  There are deliberate processes for clearing energies within yourself at  You can send other people’s energies back to their higher self and take back any projections you may have given off.   You are removing the programming. Removing false ideas about spiritual authority. Peeling away the dross so that you can truly know yourself, which is the inner self.  To know it and be integrated with it is living within The Law, the only Law, The Law: do anything you want if it does not harm others.  Do the things that you would like to do so long as you are not hurting others.  Simply live in a way that is right for you that does not take away from anyone else, the very simple basic universal Law not a false spiritual authority.  It comes with another law from which many people who’ve had false spiritual teachings depart: self-defence. You can and have the right to defend your sovereign boundaries, from those in the 3D realm and from parasites beyond, if they are seeking to hurt, enslave you or block your awareness, and refuse to be fooled.  Soul contracts, for example.  People may have been fooled into taking on overly adverse reincarnations, convinced that they are destined to suffer, and agree to a birth into a life of acute adversity because they were deceived.  Those karmic contracts can actually be discharged because they were entered into through deception and made under duress.  A little adversity makes you grow, but when your life is one string of exaggerated adversities after another, that becomes a prison for the soul and a source of stagnation, because the person begins to believe that there is no hope for them.  It breeds apathy all around, the belief that nothing can break the walls of the prison. Multi-layered levels of agreement were superimposed upon them that drained their energy and life-force, then they die in a compliant state and recycle in these multiple reincarnations of sub-existing.  If these pre-birth agreements are entered into under false pretences then they are not legally bound and can be removed.  There is an article called “Why I am no longer a light-worker - Part 2” saying “Tell the Lords of Karma that you’re Sovereign” and was written by Cameron Day.  He details a process that you can use to render bogus agreements null and void, remove imprinting and implants, and in place fill that in with the light and the truth of your source higher power and take back your power.  You become more sovereign.  This should help in the 3D realm also (as above so below).  Because you’re the one who agreed, you’re the one who can revoke. You call up all facets of all agreements in an incremental process that you keep working through. “I call up any and all agreements to…” (Insert the issues you are having in your life). ”From the authority of my sovereign being I declare all of those agreements null and void”.  Serve them notice that they are forbidden from ever accessing your energy again, and fill in the hollow with the truth of yourself.  Your subconscious mind is a goldmine. A negative one can never give you a positive life. You can do subconscious mining and dig out stored trauma. Look for any unhealed wounding in your subconscious, emotional hooks in your past from any event and you can rip (R.I.P.) it out until it becomes a story you read in a book that doesn’t hurt you anymore. Further reading explaining how to do it at

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Your Suit of Armour

For those of us who aren’t in a war-torn country and think we need body guards, think again.  A body guard is a physical expression of a mental state.  That is a mental vibratory state that finds its match in the world of the manifest. That mental state signals the message that you accept that something could happen to you.  That you could be killed, or that this or that could happen to you and you therefore need protecting from The Men in Black.  Once you accept into your sense of reality that these things could befall you they have far more likelihood of doing so, because you are creating the energetic portal through which they manifest.  You are an eternal spirit having a human experience in a body that isn’t really you, in a frequency range called a reality.  One day when you leave that vehicle you will be even more aware because that’s your natural state.  But right now, the more fear you are in, the slower your energy vibrates, it becomes heavier.  The whole governmental control will always try to pull humanity into fear, worry, stress and depression because it's system is of a low slow vibration.  Rather than do what seems right in the moment to avoid unpleasant comebacks, keep your heart open and continue to do what you know to be right for all time.  This leads to a faster and higher vibrational state.  This state of being the control system cannot energetically, vibrationally, latch on to.  If it cannot connect to those vibrations in the information field, it cannot connect physically.  They can’t lock into you physically if they can’t lock into you vibrationally.  Though they’d see you, you wouldn’t be vibrationally visible. The physical is an expression of the information.  It isn’t necessary to perform meditations of putting up protection in the aura although that’s okay, it’s just that if you become obsessed with protection, it is saying “I accept something could happen to me”.  That creates an energetic environment that invites the thing to happen to you.  Instead, say “I don’t need to protect myself, because I don’t need protecting” and mean it and care not about it.  Secure people do not want power over others. The foundation of the dark occultists to enslave humanity rests on their persuading us that we are powerless.  People say “What can I do?”  We have far more power than we ever imagined.  People who are not programmed by them the way they want them to be are dangers to the system.  Be not afraid.   Be passionate and determined.  There is a true life example of this.  An old shaman, as knowledgeable as a walking library, lived long enough to be the guardian of local esoteric history.  In accordance with his tradition he did a divination method for his friend which is similar to Rune stones.  And there he came upon an interesting disclosure.  He revealed to his friend that his friend had had many attempts made on his life… "There is a contract on your life", he said.  But that they could not kill him.  They just couldn’t.  The man did what he knew to be right and didn’t give a damn about dying.  He is still standing and there is no death anyway.  He knew he wouldn’t leave this reality until he had done what he had come here to do

Saturday, November 26, 2011


We devolve and evolve. Researcher Michael Cremo talks about devolution.  Our consciousness goes up and down like day and night as we go through ages that are contrasted by the elements of gold, silver, bronze and iron. When in the daylight of the Golden Age we can see everything. We are fully awake and powerful divine beings with all of our 360 senses activated and all of our psychic powers. Our activity is conscious and external. We have been in this state before and this is evidenced by monuments left to us by our ancestors, our higher selves on this earth thousands of years ago like the Great Pyramid the likes of which we could never reproduce even with all of today’s technology. When the night comes we go to sleep and lose consciousness – we go subconscious. All this happens in a 24 thousand year cycle called precession. The three cycles are the precession golden ages of light and dark ages, the 24 hour diurnal and nocturnal cycles and the 12 months of summer and winter. Looking up in the sky the first thirty degrees above the horizon belongs to Aries. The next thirty degrees portion of the sky belongs to Taurus, the next to Gemini. This 90 degree portion in the horizon of the sunset to directly above your head midday, is the first quadrant, and this slice of the pie is ruled by the spring months of March, April and May/Aries Taurus and Gemini. Then Cancer, Leo and Virgo begin and take you to the sunset. These are the 6 signs of light. They sit above the horizon and correspond to the day portion. The signs below the horizon are Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius; Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Hermetic teaching says as above so below, the ancients knew that we have the same format down here in the human body. The spring part of our bodies parallels the first quadrant. Aries (fire) rules the brain at the top of the head beginning at 21st March the equinox. The brain is electric. Taurus (earth) rules the mouth and neck at the bottom of the head where you eat food (solidity, molecules). Gemini (air) is the Twins that rules the pair of arms, and lungs where you breathe oxygen. The summer part of our bodies parallels the second quadrant: Cancer (water) rules the chest and breast, the milk of the mother. Leo (fire) rules the heart. Virgo (earth) rules the belly that digests food (solid molecules). This is all our upper body that corresponds to the signs above the horizon. Below the horizon the signs are Libra (air) that rules the kidneys, which are the two scales; then Scorpio (water) that rules the generative organs (seminal fluid, amniotic fluid); Sagittarius (fire) rules the thighs, Capricorn (earth) rules the knees and the skeletal part of the body (the mountain goat, the climber, solid); Aquarius (air) rules the shins and blood circulation, and Pisces (water) the two fish rules the two feet. This corresponds with the day and the year. Where the sun rises at 6am Aries the sign of the Lamb corresponds to 21st March. Spring-Summer begins at 21st March. These times rejuvenate the earth with life vitality and abundance. The sun goes up to the Tropic of Cancer on the Summer Solstice the longest day of the year, 21st June. When the sun turns an electric light on, the earth awakens and yields flowers and food flowers to sustain living creatures. When the electric sun seems to abandon us to the cold merciless winter months it looks like death has come upon the land. With no food stored in the larder you could potentially perish. Elderly and sick people die. Snow has killed many. The night is the same; the ancients feared the night because that’s when most tragedy befell humans. Dangerous animals would come out of the forest and prey on helpless victims and burglaries happen at night. The ancients knew this precession age of unconsciousness we find ourselves in would come again, and that’s why they left hieroglyphs and messages for us on their monuments in Egypt. They are about holy science, not theism of an interventional God. That’s Judeo-Christian fiction the elites give to what they consider the ignoramus proletarian masses to enslave them. The mystical way is the way of freedom. “Hieroglyph” means holy writing. They are the food in the larder to survive the ravages of hard times, so that one day returning conscious mankind would come back to their senses and receive the lost consciousness from deciphering the ancient theology. Living in harmony with divine laws, not commandments, is all we need. We did not evolve from here. Our origins are from the divine Cause itself and it is our destiny to return there. Plato said that we were experiencing the amnesias. We do know everything. It is just that we are remembering it.