This is an issue on multidimensional levels, from the material to the spiritual. All is interconnected. Something that wants to be hidden is put in plain view. It's right in your face if you know where to look. To understand the control system is to understand the Luciferian connection. To defeat this control system the occult needs to be recognised by everybody. And so like a horse with blinkers, if you can’t understand what is in front of you then you are not going to understand what is happening to you. We cannot ignore the Occult because we think it negative. It is not. It is information about how the universe, the human psyche, and natural law work. The word Occult simply means hidden from sight, something obscured. But when people hear this word negative connotations and misconceptions come with it. Occult is derived from the Latin noun oculus which means eye, and from the Latin verb ocultare which means hidden from sight. This knowledge of ourselves and how we function has been taken out of the general circulation of humanity and has been reserved for the elect few who have guarded it for selfish usage. This has created a power differential in society. How we use that knowledge makes it either good or bad. The usages can be for order and goodness, love and freedom, or for the wielding of power to gain differential advantage to create chaos and evil. The latter has been used. We need to look at the negative to understand the strategies that have been used, to understand what’s happening to us so we can be in a position to do something about it. The manipulators, who understand the positive aspects of this knowledge, wilfully choose to use it as a weapon against those not in the know, by continuing to occult it. When the manipulation tactics are known, it becomes common sense knowledge and only then will humanity ever be free. When we de-occult this knowledge, the occult is no longer the occult. It is brought out into the light of day.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Revoking Soul Contracts

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Removing false ideas about spiritual authority and energetic hygiene would benefit your life.  There are deliberate processes for clearing energies within yourself at  You can send other people’s energies back to their higher self and take back any projections you may have given off.   You are removing the programming. Removing false ideas about spiritual authority. Peeling away the dross so that you can truly know yourself, which is the inner self.  To know it and be integrated with it is living within The Law, the only Law, The Law: do anything you want if it does not harm others.  Do the things that you would like to do so long as you are not hurting others.  Simply live in a way that is right for you that does not take away from anyone else, the very simple basic universal Law not a false spiritual authority.  It comes with another law from which many people who’ve had false spiritual teachings depart: self-defence. You can and have the right to defend your sovereign boundaries, from those in the 3D realm and from parasites beyond, if they are seeking to hurt, enslave you or block your awareness, and refuse to be fooled.  Soul contracts, for example.  People may have been fooled into taking on overly adverse reincarnations, convinced that they are destined to suffer, and agree to a birth into a life of acute adversity because they were deceived.  Those karmic contracts can actually be discharged because they were entered into through deception and made under duress.  A little adversity makes you grow, but when your life is one string of exaggerated adversities after another, that becomes a prison for the soul and a source of stagnation, because the person begins to believe that there is no hope for them.  It breeds apathy all around, the belief that nothing can break the walls of the prison. Multi-layered levels of agreement were superimposed upon them that drained their energy and life-force, then they die in a compliant state and recycle in these multiple reincarnations of sub-existing.  If these pre-birth agreements are entered into under false pretences then they are not legally bound and can be removed.  There is an article called “Why I am no longer a light-worker - Part 2” saying “Tell the Lords of Karma that you’re Sovereign” and was written by Cameron Day.  He details a process that you can use to render bogus agreements null and void, remove imprinting and implants, and in place fill that in with the light and the truth of your source higher power and take back your power.  You become more sovereign.  This should help in the 3D realm also (as above so below).  Because you’re the one who agreed, you’re the one who can revoke. You call up all facets of all agreements in an incremental process that you keep working through. “I call up any and all agreements to…” (Insert the issues you are having in your life). ”From the authority of my sovereign being I declare all of those agreements null and void”.  Serve them notice that they are forbidden from ever accessing your energy again, and fill in the hollow with the truth of yourself.  Your subconscious mind is a goldmine. A negative one can never give you a positive life. You can do subconscious mining and dig out stored trauma. Look for any unhealed wounding in your subconscious, emotional hooks in your past from any event and you can rip (R.I.P.) it out until it becomes a story you read in a book that doesn’t hurt you anymore. Further reading explaining how to do it at

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Your Suit of Armour

For those of us who aren’t in a war-torn country and think we need body guards, think again.  A body guard is a physical expression of a mental state.  That is a mental vibratory state that finds its match in the world of the manifest. That mental state signals the message that you accept that something could happen to you.  That you could be killed, or that this or that could happen to you and you therefore need protecting from The Men in Black.  Once you accept into your sense of reality that these things could befall you they have far more likelihood of doing so, because you are creating the energetic portal through which they manifest.  You are an eternal spirit having a human experience in a body that isn’t really you, in a frequency range called a reality.  One day when you leave that vehicle you will be even more aware because that’s your natural state.  But right now, the more fear you are in, the slower your energy vibrates, it becomes heavier.  The whole governmental control will always try to pull humanity into fear, worry, stress and depression because it's system is of a low slow vibration.  Rather than do what seems right in the moment to avoid unpleasant comebacks, keep your heart open and continue to do what you know to be right for all time.  This leads to a faster and higher vibrational state.  This state of being the control system cannot energetically, vibrationally, latch on to.  If it cannot connect to those vibrations in the information field, it cannot connect physically.  They can’t lock into you physically if they can’t lock into you vibrationally.  Though they’d see you, you wouldn’t be vibrationally visible. The physical is an expression of the information.  It isn’t necessary to perform meditations of putting up protection in the aura although that’s okay, it’s just that if you become obsessed with protection, it is saying “I accept something could happen to me”.  That creates an energetic environment that invites the thing to happen to you.  Instead, say “I don’t need to protect myself, because I don’t need protecting” and mean it and care not about it.  Secure people do not want power over others. The foundation of the dark occultists to enslave humanity rests on their persuading us that we are powerless.  People say “What can I do?”  We have far more power than we ever imagined.  People who are not programmed by them the way they want them to be are dangers to the system.  Be not afraid.   Be passionate and determined.  There is a true life example of this.  An old shaman, as knowledgeable as a walking library, lived long enough to be the guardian of local esoteric history.  In accordance with his tradition he did a divination method for his friend which is similar to Rune stones.  And there he came upon an interesting disclosure.  He revealed to his friend that his friend had had many attempts made on his life… "There is a contract on your life", he said.  But that they could not kill him.  They just couldn’t.  The man did what he knew to be right and didn’t give a damn about dying.  He is still standing and there is no death anyway.  He knew he wouldn’t leave this reality until he had done what he had come here to do

Saturday, November 26, 2011


We devolve and evolve. Researcher Michael Cremo talks about devolution.  Our consciousness goes up and down like day and night as we go through ages that are contrasted by the elements of gold, silver, bronze and iron. When in the daylight of the Golden Age we can see everything. We are fully awake and powerful divine beings with all of our 360 senses activated and all of our psychic powers. Our activity is conscious and external. We have been in this state before and this is evidenced by monuments left to us by our ancestors, our higher selves on this earth thousands of years ago like the Great Pyramid the likes of which we could never reproduce even with all of today’s technology. When the night comes we go to sleep and lose consciousness – we go subconscious. All this happens in a 24 thousand year cycle called precession. The three cycles are the precession golden ages of light and dark ages, the 24 hour diurnal and nocturnal cycles and the 12 months of summer and winter. Looking up in the sky the first thirty degrees above the horizon belongs to Aries. The next thirty degrees portion of the sky belongs to Taurus, the next to Gemini. This 90 degree portion in the horizon of the sunset to directly above your head midday, is the first quadrant, and this slice of the pie is ruled by the spring months of March, April and May/Aries Taurus and Gemini. Then Cancer, Leo and Virgo begin and take you to the sunset. These are the 6 signs of light. They sit above the horizon and correspond to the day portion. The signs below the horizon are Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius; Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Hermetic teaching says as above so below, the ancients knew that we have the same format down here in the human body. The spring part of our bodies parallels the first quadrant. Aries (fire) rules the brain at the top of the head beginning at 21st March the equinox. The brain is electric. Taurus (earth) rules the mouth and neck at the bottom of the head where you eat food (solidity, molecules). Gemini (air) is the Twins that rules the pair of arms, and lungs where you breathe oxygen. The summer part of our bodies parallels the second quadrant: Cancer (water) rules the chest and breast, the milk of the mother. Leo (fire) rules the heart. Virgo (earth) rules the belly that digests food (solid molecules). This is all our upper body that corresponds to the signs above the horizon. Below the horizon the signs are Libra (air) that rules the kidneys, which are the two scales; then Scorpio (water) that rules the generative organs (seminal fluid, amniotic fluid); Sagittarius (fire) rules the thighs, Capricorn (earth) rules the knees and the skeletal part of the body (the mountain goat, the climber, solid); Aquarius (air) rules the shins and blood circulation, and Pisces (water) the two fish rules the two feet. This corresponds with the day and the year. Where the sun rises at 6am Aries the sign of the Lamb corresponds to 21st March. Spring-Summer begins at 21st March. These times rejuvenate the earth with life vitality and abundance. The sun goes up to the Tropic of Cancer on the Summer Solstice the longest day of the year, 21st June. When the sun turns an electric light on, the earth awakens and yields flowers and food flowers to sustain living creatures. When the electric sun seems to abandon us to the cold merciless winter months it looks like death has come upon the land. With no food stored in the larder you could potentially perish. Elderly and sick people die. Snow has killed many. The night is the same; the ancients feared the night because that’s when most tragedy befell humans. Dangerous animals would come out of the forest and prey on helpless victims and burglaries happen at night. The ancients knew this precession age of unconsciousness we find ourselves in would come again, and that’s why they left hieroglyphs and messages for us on their monuments in Egypt. They are about holy science, not theism of an interventional God. That’s Judeo-Christian fiction the elites give to what they consider the ignoramus proletarian masses to enslave them. The mystical way is the way of freedom. “Hieroglyph” means holy writing. They are the food in the larder to survive the ravages of hard times, so that one day returning conscious mankind would come back to their senses and receive the lost consciousness from deciphering the ancient theology. Living in harmony with divine laws, not commandments, is all we need. We did not evolve from here. Our origins are from the divine Cause itself and it is our destiny to return there. Plato said that we were experiencing the amnesias. We do know everything. It is just that we are remembering it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Low vibrational consciousness – avoid!

Reptilian demons are lower level energy beings. They are only attracted to lower level humans, people with a lower, dark, negative vibration. The only way they can exist in this plane is to attach to humans like parasites. They feed off of our lower emotions like pain, grief, anger, rage, lust, jealousy. Someone’s vibration is based on his/her energy-soul power and consciousness. Being religious or doing yoga etc may make a person think he is on a higher vibration; in reality it is much deeper than that. Most people are on a lower vibration. If someone like Jesus were real, and lived today, he would be that such someone who is on such a higher energetic vibration that those demons and all lower level forces would not be able to touch him; he would be a repellent. Only negativity and fear feed those beings. In the absence of those vibrational states when you vibrate love, harmony and peace...they cannot stand those vibrations and they retreat. That's why they don't want a balanced vibration of peace, joy and happiness on a constant basis and seek to create disharmony, and that’s why we have the phrase like attracts like. It’s a vibrational match. They only go where they are allowed to go. All those Law of Attraction books about self-help and improving your life affirm that your vibrational frequency will attract emotions and physical manifestations of things that vibrate at the same frequency.


Human Brain - 72 -90mhz
Human Body (day) - 62-68mhz
Cold Symptoms - 58mhz
Flu Symptoms - 57 mhz
Candida - 55mhz
Cancer - 42mhz
Death Begins - 25mhz

So we are vibrational beings and everything has a frequency. You are a magnet... If your vibration is low, you attract low vibrational things, people, events, etc. If your vibration is high, you attract high vibrational things, people, events, health, etc. Negative thoughts lower your vibrational frequency by 12mhz. Positive thoughts raise your vibrational frequency by 10mhz.  Prayer and Meditation raises your vibrational frequency by 15mhz. When a person lives a life unaware of their true spiritual nature, their consciousness is stuck in low vibrational frequencies. The elite running this world understand this, and choose to shutter the souls of humankind to not just manage them more easily but to gain a food source. They have lost contact with higher levels of awareness. They’re so locked into their reality that’s deep in their own body consciousness that they are like soulless beings, heartless beings operating purely through the intellect. Observing them, they are highly clever, with an intelligence quota sky high and a wisdom quota that’s zero. That lethal ratio is the most destructive force on earth. Coming from brain power, which is purely from the level of body consciousness, they have the ability to work things out, calculate, but do not have that higher knowing. They are without empathy. The failsafe mechanism of empathy maintains balance and they have none, because they can do anything to people without having emotional consequence, anything goes. Could we with empathy do what they do, coldly bomb thousands of citizens in desert countries or knowingly let people get sick from cancer to profit off it? We have a built-in emotional guidance in the form of a feeling. We probably wouldn’t believe that they could, or understand how. It’s no good judging them by yourself, on the basis of what you would do, they’re not the same. In their stupid sick rituals they are interacting with entities that are not visible to you, that exist just outside of the perceivable light spectrum. We live in a multiverse like a radio station of different frequencies that interpenetrate. They are vibrating at different speeds but share the same space, they are not on top of one another like a chest of drawers. If two stations are close enough together you perceive interference. They therefore are interacting with one another. The entities are going that, they are interacting within a range just outside of human sight, and they feed of human energy – fear, stress and all the lower vibrational energy. The age-old practice of sacrificing young virgins to the gods is symbolic of pre-pubescent children being put through horrific rituals and built up to a state of sheer terror before the entities present at the ritual. Adrenaline is released into the bloodstream of the sacrificed victim and the people at the ritual drink the blood, as the extremely low vibrational energy it produces is food to them, and the entities who they are doing the ritual for absorb the energy. There is a mass creation of this same energy in wars. Credit crunches and banking collapses and anxieties about money are other versions of the harvesting of this energy. The people release terror fear stress and worry in the face of these things. It elicits a low vibrational energy from people that pollutes everything with the gloom and doom. It is a psychic war. And to do something because you feel obligated or pressured, or that you ‘should’, is a heavy vibration on a low frequency too. Guilt and/or obligation are not good reasons for doing things. When you make decisions to do what you genuinely want to do you radiate high frequency light and energy. Peace, calmness, love and harmony are light vibrations with a high frequency.  In contrast fear is a heavy vibration of a low frequency. Animals respond to frequencies of which we as humans are not aware. A dog growls if you are frightened of it, and a horse will immediately know if you are scared and will respond accordingly. If you are feeling strong, confident and loving, all creatures (humans, animals and plants) will respond positively to the high frequency you emit. The elite are massively locked into low vibrational consciousness, there is next to no light in them at all. Other entities like angelic beings have a very high frequency vibration.  Christians talk about demons, Muslims talk about the jinn, ancient accounts talk about the ‘soulless ones’, mediums talk about ‘dark entities’; psychologists talk about psychopaths – different names for the same thing. Sociopaths, serial killers... top psychologists who study these describe them as if they’re ‘dead’. They have no emotion, nothing of life but a burning light that comes on when they’re torturing a child. They have to be doing something particularly horrible to feel alive. They become total slaves to it. They are slaves to these entities. It makes sense of why the elite families are obsessive inbreeds and don’t breed outside of themselves. The Egyptians said they were gods and had to keep their bloodline in the family. When a baby is conceived, he or she downloads two sets of DNA that fuse onto his one. This is the child’s body consciousness. The bloodlines carry it. DNA is information like software is on a computer, carried on a genetic line, and carries a frequency. The elite bloodlines in physical form within this reality vibrate to a particular frequency which resonates with the demons-jinn- entities just outside of the visible light spectrum. There has to be a certain compatible vibration to hold them in connection so that demonic entities can possess the bodies of these bloodlines. The web of secret societies in the 3-D physicality guards the secrecy around their networks and ensures that it is the demons-jinn-non-human entities that are actually placed in the positions of power that control our physical world. We look at the elite families with our five sense sight and just see a human level. If you fine-tuned your visual acuity you may see a wider range of frequencies as some clairvoyants do, who see these beings attached to people's chakras and see the entity overshadowing a person.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Subversion of symbols

The cult agenda is buried in symbolism everywhere, and slips us by because it goes straight to our subconscious.  We should all become symbol literate. It is important. NBC broadcast an investigation in 1996.  Reporters with hidden cameras revealed how frilly dresses were being made by children for children in America to dress America's favourite dolls, and how they were locked inside sweatshop factories sewing Disney clothes at 13.5 cents an hour, and made to work overtime,  and this was the slave labour of children working in China and Indonesia. Disney CEO Michael Eisener earns $9,873 an hour! The brands were GAP, Polo, Tommy Hill Figure, Ralph Lauren.  They need to work from 19 years to earn what Nike spends on advertising in one year. It is horrible and it is taking place. And children, the planet and us are enslaved under this spell, under this hidden persuasion of oligarchical control. Data is recorded as pictograms, composite images. The creative force and universal intelligence speaks to us daily in symbols not words, and they have subverted it. Subverted that which can help us evolve, to help us devolve. They are taking the very motifs that we associate spiritually within our higher self encoded in thousands of years of race memory, to use for selling bars of soap and perfume and so on.  Instead of taking the soul up, they are taking it down. So we wouldn't see this we were veered away from this long lost ability that's to do with the brain, and away from art and imagination, with this: 'Thou shalt not make for yourself a graven image'. That commandment was more important to them than not killing. That was the intention. Mudras, mystical  and uplifting symbols of spiritualisation, have been deliberately denigrated by the great corporate giants and used for an opposite, very set, agenda to drag us down. In group-think and subservience, left brained in the modern world replete with these pervasive images, we have become deadened to them. Sold with and told to be faster, quicker, smarter, ahead, better - the side effects are depressive, suicidal, addictive, sociopathic, jaded, delinquent, walking over people.  To see and notice the  subversive use of symbols, you have to look with the eyes of children once again, with the right brain.  I give the description of the following symbols and what they mean.  UPDATE: Sorry the pictures are not provided, I had posted pictures but they disappeared off the blog. Apologies for this nuisance.

The Metal of Money
The dollar sign, the symbol for money, is an age old symbol that goes back into Egypt. The serpentine S with two rods inside it is a sigil of ISIS concertinaed together. Isis is the goddess of the moon. Coins are silver, gold and bronze, representing the moon, the sun and the earth. The exact same three colours are used for medals at the Olympic Games.

The Floor of the House
The black and white square checkerboard floor.  It is a seminal motif of freemasonry, corporations use the checkerboard of black and white squares on their pictures and logos, like the Chevrolet car.. In any freemasonic lodge you will see the floor patterned in a checkerboard.  They are like chess masters playing a game with us.  That's also why you see the checkerboard on the hats of the police. They are part of the brotherhood, the fraternity. The police are officiators for the system.

The Blues

The police are known as ‘boys in blue’; they have a blue flashing light on their car, with blue in the checkerboard on the sides. There is a fixation with the ascetics of the colour blue turning up a lot and blue is found heavily in the corporate world. Blue represents the Blue Degrees of freemasonry. The first opening degrees of freemasonry are the blue and red degrees. We have ‘red light districts’ and ‘blue movies’. Vibrationally, colours are important impacts on the spirit.  Blue is on the background of many corporate logos.

Don’t double cross me
The double cross is used on the Exxon symbol; it is the Cross of Lorraine, also called the Knights of Malta cross, and is from the Provence of France; the Exxon symbol also shows the checkerboard. Many other corporations use the double cross. Martin Luther King, who was shot in Memphis, was killed in the Lorraine Motel. (They leave tracks for those in the know.) The Knights of Columbia is an ancient symbol going back to Sumeria. The Cross of Malta is used on a Celtic symbol from the Picts of Scotland, and on the flag of the Nazis along with the Swastika. It is on the Crown of the Queen of England, further proof of connection between the British Royal Family and the Nazi Party. The Red Cross is found on lots of areas. The white and red cross is a symbol of the Templars and a red cross with a serpent eating a man is found on the Alpha Romeo car motif. The cross is used on the Xilinx Corporation. Another symbol for the Knights of Malta Cross is the Black Sun – this turns up on the Arco logo. The name does not stand for Atlantic Richfield Company. It is Latin and comes from the word Arcon which means ‘fallen angel’.

The Cross and the Crown is Crown and Gown
The all-time pervasive symbol, and the modus operandi of how they gained their power – the two vessels of slavery: the forces of religion and monarchy.

Private language of The Craft
Or the Masonic handshake. Passwords, handshakes... Masons refer to their teachings as ‘The Craft’. You see the handshake in corporate logos constantly. Incidentally I have noticed the word ‘Magic’, conventionally spelled as such, i.e. ‘magic’ with a C, becoming ‘Magick’ with a K, and ‘Witchcraft’ becoming spelled with a K: ‘Witchkraft’, when alluding to the subversive side of magic, and wondered why. You have seen ‘Kraft foods’, the maker of cheese triangles made by the firm ‘Kraft’. It has been put before you that big businesses, big franchises, the corporations, are rags-to-riches resulting from the individual aspiring success on the white market, but they are not; that route accounts for a very small amount of money that’s in the world. The road they came down is of occult origins, the main trading and dealing of the world being done inside the black market, the occult underworld (not gangs of urban drug dealers).

A play on words
‘Pepsi’ has no meaning at all in English, but means ‘Satan’ in very old Egyptian culture going back 25,000 years You have other derivatives of the word, such as Dr Pepper.  'Coke' is an old Egyptian word relating to the male genitalia, and today the slang word 'cock' derives from it. An advert for Coke shows a woman holding the drink over her groin, the idea being to phallisise things for women and to feminise things for men. A jingle for Coca-Cola in the Seventies was 'the real thing'.  They use a lot of words written backwards. 'Fila' means nothing in English, and means nothing written backwards, but the right way round it is Alif  which is Hebrew.  That means 'life', actually the first breath of life, to be alive.  Hebrew is a semitic language related to Arabic.  Like Arabic, Alif is the first letter  What would this mean to turn this word backwards?  Death.  Teenagers wear Fila T-shirts.  The mineral water 'Evian' is the word 'naive' backgrounds, to associate water with purity and innocence.  Words are not only reversed but also shrunk down three times to a few syllables and these endless phonemes are put on cars and different kinds of products.  XS is excess; XI is 'she' in Greek and means woman; EL is the ancient name for God.  The word 'city' comes from 'Cteis' which means female opening or ovum.  The city represents the female is which we all live and they have built monuments and obelisks inside, phallic shaped structures that represent the male.  Also, the word 'salem' backwards is 'males'.  EMTV, for example, if you say this phoneme very quickly... E M T V... M T V... MTV...EMT..... EMTEEVEE... empty.  The 'Media' comes from the word 'Medes' and a place in the Middle East called Media, where a group of sorcerors and astrologers who specialised in the use of talismans and mantras, knew that if Babble didn't work, or legal proceedings, you called the Medes who knew how to cast a hex on the enemy.  The words Mediterranean, mediation, meditation, and medics, come from there.  The word 'consumption' means to pillage, to desacrate.

The number 3
Three is a very important number to look out for; it is incorporated into freemasonry and religious and secular life. We have the Trinity. There are the terms First, Second, and Third World in the economic world. We have three main political parties and Upper, Middle and Lower social classes. In sports we have three levels of matriculation; we have three branches of government, armed forces, and three divisions in courts, and the Senate is three tiers high. The ‘threshold’ means ‘thrice hold’ and is what the masons mean referring to the entrance into temples and churches. The ‘thrice great’ Hermes is a god going back to ancient civilisations. The Druids divided their priests into three classes: Ovates, Bards and Druids. The tripartite colour is found on so many flags of the world. Modern symbols use the double triangle, as in the symbol ABC Towers; they use 33 and the symbol of the serpent. The pyramid is three sided. We have the three degrees, the ‘third degree’.  In the Channel adverts, the two C's represent 33, and notice the womb shape in the centre; and in another logo of Chanel for Men cologne, the female opening in the middle has the letters AN from the word Chanel positioned there.  AN is an ancient word for the heavens.

The Letter E
Something in a corporate logo often tweaks and stylises the E, the fifth letter of the alphabet that represents the fifth essence in ancient occultism. Epsilon in Greek, it represents the spiritual power of transcendence.
The Eagle
Called Aquila; turns up on lots of corporate logos, was used by the Romans, and is the old symbol for Scorpio. It’s in the large constellation in the sign of Scorpio that rules power and money. Used by the Vatican and the Nazis, the same gang who run the show.

Abounds on corporate logos and connects to the occult. The shape of the Pentagon was partially designed by John Whiteside Parsons. He was a friend of L. Ron Hubbard and an advisor to the military and high priest in the Ordo Templar Orientis, O.T.O, which was a high level secret society from Germany. A book called The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital gives evidence of the design of cities including Washington DC. There are 22 zodiacs put into the architecture of Washington, and 4 in London. It’s all based on geometry and symbolism. The laying of Whitehouse capstone and whole design is based on the Compass and the Rule symbol of freemasonry which also turns up in corporate logos, like on the car company Acura, and on the Mallet, the Masonic hammer. Observe around you in Safeway - over 70% of the products that you buy have meaningless names; they don’t mean anything in English, unbeknown to the merchandisers who have no involvement in the symbolism’s origin. The symbol of the Key crops up too and it relates to Vatican intelligence and secret societies coming out of Italy. In Seattle there is the Key Bank. We have the terms that such a thing is ‘key’, or ‘key’ such and such. Cigarette packets are designed in the shape of the golden rectangle, including the ratio of the lid to the rest of the packet and how it is opened.

The obelisk, star and oval is how the name ‘Sirius’ was drawn in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In Washington DC in stone monuments are the Oval Office, the Pentagon and the Obelisk.

There are stars on flags everywhere. On the California Republic flag is a red star above a bear, which is Ursa Major that goes around the pole star.

Astrological Symbols
Media giants and advertising people use and research the zodiac, and the realm of talismans and magic, to alchemy and all that’s esoteric, to stay in business. You only know 12 signs of the zodiac yet there are 88 constellations around the ecliptic. Paris has a design of 12 divisions that converge into a central arch with a Phallus in the middle. The symbol on Columbia Pictures of a sun behind a virgin, with the twelve stars in her hair (the zodiac), is of the sun moving into the constellation of Virgo. The white horse or unicorn is a symbol older than the crab for Cancer, and is seen on royal heraldry. The sun being shown behind it represents astrological movement – the sun is moving into that sign. In the corporate world business people commonly use the fire and earth signs of astrology. Fire has to do with libido, energy, power and the will; earth is finances, materialism, ownership and assets. A corporation will use the sign of the Bull (Taurus) for earth. On an ad for whisky is a Remy Martin bottle with a solar symbol on it and a lady holding a bow – Sagittarius, a fire sign. They are not using the normal kind of astrology but different kinds of associations. The Yin-Yang logo of Safeway relates to the sign of Cancer: safety, security, nurturing, the home, and property and physical assets; it associates with such a term as safe way. That’s why the Cancerian symbol is used by estate agents. It is used by Symantec. A lot of corporations use the motif of a four pointed star which is the four cardinal points of the sky – the equinoxes and the solstices. These are Sheraton Hotel, Forester, Globe Trotter, Four Star, and Four Points. The symbol of Mars is found on Volvo. The word ‘Volvo’ is Scandinavian for vulva, and the word is imposed over the phallic symbol of Mars. The company name Arista relates to Virgo. On the McDonalds logo the blazing yellow M on a red background is the horns of the Aries the Ram, symbolising the rising sun at the vernal equinox. Aries symbolises power, libido, energy, aggression and dominance; Arian symbols in corporate logos are very powerful. The anagram of ‘rams’ is Mars, for ‘Aries’; the word ‘arise’ is another anagram for Aries and the sun is rising. We get the term ‘rise and shine’. Mazda, another logo with horns, and a train coming out of a red sun, is Persian for the fourth month of the year, and Nissan is Hebrew for ‘April’. If you see a logo with the sun rising on the horizon and a picture of lovers, that symbolises Gemini the Twins and is a kind of imagery that’s all over the place. Once in a while an air sign is used, using the wavy lines of Aquarius, the ruler of which is Uranus. It represents freedom, liberty, and youth. That’s why the symbol is used on the Voltzwagen motif. The logo of Viacom has a lightning flash.

Saturnine symbols appear on logos such as Nike, Nortel Networks, EarthLink, AAA, SATURN, NISSAN, because it is an ancient cult. Nike uses the concept of black.

The Sun
The most pervasive symbol seen all over the place, the rising sun especially is seen all over corporate logos. Sun window motifs are used a lot on sitcoms and talk shows and represent the sun cult.

The very word ‘ON’ means light and so many logos use the word ON highlighted or defined in some way. The word ‘light’ is important subliminally. On a logo for a drink, on the glass it reads ‘Amster light’ to sublimate that you are drinking light. The spiritual uplift would make you want to drink more of it. Images of light and halos around the models in the ads that are drinking it are used to spiritualise the drink with its poisons that are being put into it. Another drink is ‘Coors Light’, ‘Corona Light’ (light and sun). Light and mountains are connected with spiritual ascent.
‘Seven-Up’, the name of a drink, represents the seven lights in the sky, and also the chakras.

The Sky
The sky is used a lot in corporate logos and adverts

The Red Square
Why do we say we get caught up in ‘red tape’? Or roll out the ‘red carpet’? Many flags and corporate logos use the red square. Reagan and Gorbachev walked out to Red Square in Moscow and shook hands in the centre of it, and the cameras had to wait until then to start rolling. The Queen of England’s coronation was on the centre of a red carpet. The chair of St Peter, at the Vatican, sits on a red carpet.

The Double Cube

One of the most powerful symbols of freemasonry and sacred to them. Chevron is one cube sitting on another, blue and red.
The military and private corporal sergeants use them. They are on police logos. They are high degree freemasonic symbols. Dell uses a double cube on its side on the world. Yvves Saint Laurent uses the double cube, and ¡ also.

The Pyramid

A very pervasive symbol: CreAtive; Rowil Intl. Cigarette Traders; Fidelity Investments; Conseco; Citgo; Delta; Microsoft... it is on business awards, many times with an ascent of seven steps to the sun and a sky in the background. Used for American beer, Bass Ale, Pyramid Sun Fest, America Online. The tax exempt Knights of Malta and Knights Templars opened the inns and the taverns and the bars. Note there is an Inns of Court and a barrister has to be ‘called to the bar’ in the legal profession at Temple Bar in the City of London. Pubs in Britain are given strange names, like The Green Dragon, or The Black Lion, The Rose and Crown, The White Horse - and have dragon-like reptilian imagery like the dragons at the entrance to Temple Bar, with their names. Many of their names end in ‘Arms’. A military order opened them. Pyramids appear on Camel, Courtney Pine and KinderCare. Madonna had the Illuminati pyramid on her back.

Rock Groups
Strange imagery appears on photographs of rock bands. ‘The game is Broomsticks’ appears on a chequer board. The Beatles Precession photograph is the precession to a funeral. John Lennon, leading, is God and he is dressed in white; Ringo Starr is the presiding priest wearing a black cassock; Paul McCartney is the corpse, walking barefoot dressed in grey (grey is a dead colour and you’re normally buried in bare feet); and George Harrison is the gravedigger dressed in jeans and jacket. They are walking on Abbey Road on a black and white checkerboard.

The Snake
The serpent is an old symbol and what is old turns up in the new and tells our society what was going on in history many thousands of years ago. The drinks company, SOBE, uses a play on words, words to do with a crocodile-headed god of the underworld called SOBEC. In English, the word is meaningless, but means the lower appetites.

The Letters S and X
The most subliminal of the letters. Advertisers are aware of the letter S having an association with sex and success, and the hypnotic sound.  It draws attention to a product and the wavy serpentine.shape is made use of in a motif.  It is the serpent force. The Sun used to be written SUZ and we have the name ISUZU.  Letter X is of great power denoting the chromonsome X and Y.  They feminise what they want to sell to a male, and masculinise what they wish to sell to a woman. They will put a phallic shaped item like a bottle imposed over the letter X the chromosome of the female.

The Lion
The symbol for Leo is the Lion.

The Dove
It isn’t Christian, it symbolises secret societies. In French and Italian, dove is ‘colomb’ and ‘colombo’, and the Knights of Columbia use the dove as their symbol. All the drugs come from Columbia because the Knights of Columbia purvey them from there. In ‘For Your Eyes Only’, a James Bond movie, one of the terrorists is called The Dove and wears this symbol. It is found on the Queen of England’s regalia and you’ve got British Columbia, Christopher Columbus, Colombia Pictures, the District of Colombia in the US, and Columbine High School - The Place of the Doves. ‘The Columbes’ – The Doves – were sacrificial virginal boys or girls used as oracles and priests in Masonic circles, as part of an Egyptian rite invented by someone called Cagliostro.

The Owl
A symbol of Bohemian society going back to the cult of Minerva involving the goddess Lillith. It is on the dollar bill tucked away in the right corner.

The Tudor Rose
The Rose is the hallmark of secret societies. There is nothing inherently evil about a rose, usually a thing of beauty – like anything, it depends on how it is used. That is why it is found on corporations, such as the cosmetics company Lancôme, an advert selling Viagra, which means ‘river of blood’, referring to libido; and many famous cosmetics companies use a flower.  Lancome does.

Skull and Bones and number 322
Appears under the crossbones of the Skull and Bones symbol of the Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society. It relates to the spring equinox – 21st and 22nd March when the sun rises in the east. The skull relates to pirates who were sent out across the High Seas by the agents of the British Royal Family to colonise countries like America. They annihilated anyone who stood in their way. They have left a stream of dead bodies in their wake from the poison they have been disseminating for generations. They asset stripped Africa and India and all over the globe. These pirate families, the royal-political elite, made their wealth from the purveying of opium and other things and traded in slavery. The Bacardi family descend from them, whose headquarters are in Portugal where there is a logo of a blood-soaked vampire bat in the middle of 10 ft high flames. The Skull & Bones fraternities and symbol of the Pirate originate from the political royal-elite and they call themselves the Men of Fire or Pirates (comes from the word ‘pyre’). In the movie ‘Enemy of the State’ the protagonist looks at his watch and it reads 3.22, it also appears James Bond movies and appears quite a lot. In a Nike logo it appears in the flames. Corporate logos are their way of putting it in your face that they come from the pirates: a woman is modelled in an ad wearing a black hat with the Skull and Bones symbol on it.

Claw marks
Claws of tigers and bears gripping the earth, if you look carefully, can be seen on bank logos and it is the African Order of the Tiger of which Roosevelt was a member.

The three intertwined sixes, which can be hidden in the form of arrows, has been used as a gateway.

Franchises are designed to look like churches. Taco Bell has the turret;

KFC and Pizza Hut have it.  Some are like Shinto temples. Burgers, chips and cokes are being raised to spirituality from being down in the appetite body. Porticos and stained glass windows have appeared on bank franchises.

Balloons with the thread on them relate to the semen, the male seed. A female model (the goddess) in the centre of them relates to the ovum of life.  Your unconscious mind perceives it as a sexual motif. You set off fireworks and balloons at parties, at festivals/birthdays/new year.  The fire of the male enters the dome of the night sky. Another company that uses the ovum is Estee Lauder in the advert 'Futurist'

Excessive eroticisation especially in regard to the female. Some of the poses are erotic but they are also necromantic.

The Emperor

In the Major Arcana, Tarot card No. 4 is The Emperor.  It is a king sitting in a marble throne with a stern countenance. Most statues of presidents are standing, or are a bust.  But in Washington DC the Lincoln Memorial is sitting in a chair showing that same kind of countenance.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What goes on behind Tomb doors

Andrew Mayer, a student at the University of Florida, was roughed up and unlawfully arrested and tasered while in a discussion meeting with the senator John Kerry. As soon as he asked Kerry if he was a member of the Skull and Bones secret society, his microphone was cut off. Police attacked and tasered him and wouldn’t leave him alone when he cried out in trauma, and they arrested him. When George Bush was asked in an interview about his involvement with Skull and Bones and what it means for America, he said it was so secret he couldn’t talk about it. Bush chuckled when his interviewer said that the conspiracy theorists are going to go wild, laughing with satisfaction as he replied ‘I’m sure they are’. Bush was cocky and evasive. John Kerry was Bush’s opponent, they were going head for head for the presidency, and they were both in Skull and Bones. The UK version of the Skull and Bones Society is the Bullingdon Club, of which David Cameron is a member. In an interview with John Kerry, when the interviewer was honourably serious and tried to get an answer from Kerry and asked him about what his membership of the Sukk & Bones secret society of Yale tells us, Kerry smirked: ‘Not much, ‘cos it’s a secret’. Same smugness in finding it all hilarious. What these two had in common was how they both laughed about their grubby little secret and were so full of their own ego, because they knew, and they felt so advantaged; they were the unknowns in the bones. Skull and Bones operates at Yale University, one of the most prestigious universities. Members gather on High Street at The Tomb, a windowless building with padlocked iron doors, in the middle of the campus.
The Elite alumni and gofers in power are members and go under code names. George Bush went under the name of ‘Temporary’.  The Bush family go back in a long line of Skull & Bones members all through their generation. Skull and Bones dates to 1832 in reaction to the masons, the founder being William Huntington Russell. It’s the haunt of the elite and those who would do anything for another bonesman. While presidents are in their university days, each year fifteen undergraduate senior members are tapped for membership. They are initiated in a murky fashion. They are expected to do things like lie in coffins, kiss a skull, wrestle in mud, and confess their sexual histories in front of the group to bond themselves with them. No wonder George sniggered in a public interview. Once you’re in, you’re in. Skull and Bones is for life and you don’t talk about it! Talking about Skull and Bones is for others. There are a lot of bonesmen who did not talk and they were successful. The creator of Time Magazine; Harold Stanley who founded Morgan Stanley, and others; the governor of New York; William Howard Tatt, and his dad Alfonso; George Herbert Walker Bush and his father Prescott, the son George Bush, John Kerry – all successful, all secret society presidents who didn’t talk about it. And there was Robert Kennedy, who did talk about it. He alluded to this covert network when he announced that the very word secrecy was repugnant in a free and open society, and that we are as a people are inherently and historically opposed to secret societies and to secret oaths and secret proceedings. He said that we were being opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion; on subversion instead of elections; on intimidation instead of free choice; on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. He announced that it is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. He announced that its preparations are concealed and not published; he announced that its mistakes are buried and not headlined and its dissenters are silenced… And then he was shot in the head and he was not successful.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Onward Pagan Soldiers

Intriguing details about the beliefs of soldiers, sailors and airmen were obtained from the Ministry of Defence using the Freedom of Information Act.  Around 100 UK service personnel - some taking part in the war on terror - class themselves as pagans, another 30 are witches, according to figures. Paganism finds its roots in the traditional religions of ancient Britai and practitioners of it take part in rituals to celebrate seasonal festivals. A pagan police association was set up to cope with the increasing number of officers declaring themselves followers of the religion. According to the MoD, 30 servicemen and women said they followed wicca, which involves religious witchcraft, or druidism. Both are offshoots of paganism.  There was an article on the BBC News Online about the British Armed Forces officially recognising its first registered Satanist, a newspaper reports. Naval technician Chris Cranmer, 24, has been allowed to register by the captain of HMS Cumberland, based at Devonport Naval Base in Plymouth. The move will mean that he will now be allowed to perform Satanic rituals on board the vessel.  Mr Cranmer realised he was a Satanist nine years ago according the the Sunday Telegraph