This is an issue on multidimensional levels, from the material to the spiritual. All is interconnected. Something that wants to be hidden is put in plain view. It's right in your face if you know where to look. To understand the control system is to understand the Luciferian connection. To defeat this control system the occult needs to be recognised by everybody. And so like a horse with blinkers, if you can’t understand what is in front of you then you are not going to understand what is happening to you. We cannot ignore the Occult because we think it negative. It is not. It is information about how the universe, the human psyche, and natural law work. The word Occult simply means hidden from sight, something obscured. But when people hear this word negative connotations and misconceptions come with it. Occult is derived from the Latin noun oculus which means eye, and from the Latin verb ocultare which means hidden from sight. This knowledge of ourselves and how we function has been taken out of the general circulation of humanity and has been reserved for the elect few who have guarded it for selfish usage. This has created a power differential in society. How we use that knowledge makes it either good or bad. The usages can be for order and goodness, love and freedom, or for the wielding of power to gain differential advantage to create chaos and evil. The latter has been used. We need to look at the negative to understand the strategies that have been used, to understand what’s happening to us so we can be in a position to do something about it. The manipulators, who understand the positive aspects of this knowledge, wilfully choose to use it as a weapon against those not in the know, by continuing to occult it. When the manipulation tactics are known, it becomes common sense knowledge and only then will humanity ever be free. When we de-occult this knowledge, the occult is no longer the occult. It is brought out into the light of day.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could

Mainstream modern cosmology has turned out to be science fiction distorting our whole vision of the universe, conjuring up a sense of lonely bodies in a void of isolated galaxies where light takes a long time to travel between lone self-fusing stars, their planets in clockwork solitude. It’s like we are isolated and disconnected in a universe that came out of singularity from a beginning when there was nothing – which exploded! These are thought experiments. Science without experiment is imaginary conjecture amounting to a belief, a thought explosion. And gravity was the focus of this in 20th Century astronomy. In the face of rapid discoveries about the sun and its plasma environment and interstellar ether, electromagnetism and plasmas ought to come into focus, but cosmologists always denied electricity having any relevance in space. They say it doesn’t do anything. It DOES. Newton’s theory describes gravity’s effect but doesn’t explain it. He wrote that he framed no hypotheses. Newton's law of gravity does not involve time whereas Einstein’s does. Einstein’s unreal geometry doesn’t explain gravity either. People had trouble working out what Einstein had to say because it didn’t make sense. Only because other people believe in it people decided ‘oh well it must be right’. Matter has no effect on empty space. The demonstration using heavy steel balls on a rubber sheet to represent ‘gravity wells’ warping space-time relies on gravity as its own explanation. Einstein removed the possibility of finding a link between electromagnetism and gravity. They had this rule that nothing goes faster than the speed of light. The speed of light is not the fastest speed in the universe. Yet in the atom, the electron is much smaller than the proton and the neutron. Subatomic particles orbiting within, by simple calculation, turn out to be travelling much faster than the speed of light. If you could release those particles to move in a straight line they would travel from here to the far side of Andromeda in a second! This means that the electric force itself operates throughout the universe at near infinite speed. It means that everything is connected and there is an inter-connectedness of all things as One. Electric signalling operates instantaneously. Imposing a speed limit no faster than light and requiring force to be transmitted by particles makes the universe incoherent. If an electron has smaller subunits of charge that operate within the radius of an electron, the electric force must operate at a speed way in excess of the speed of light in order for the electron to remain a coherent object, otherwise a signal would detune according to the Doppler effect – the speed of light is the snail’s pace in the universe. The earth knows where the sun is right now, not where it was 8.3 minutes ago. Gravity must act instantly for the planets to orbit the Sun in a stable fashion. If the Earth were attracted to where the Sun appears in the sky, it would be orbiting a largely empty space because the Sun moves on in the 8.3 minutes it takes for sunlight to reach the Earth. Gravity itself operates at near infinite speed, far quicker than the speed of light. If gravity only operated at the speed of light grand spiral galaxies would not be grand spirals, and all planets would experience a torque and be slung them out of the solar system in a few thousand years. You would have no solar system. That doesn't happen, does it? The force of electricity operates at a near infinite speed on our cosmic scale, inside the electron. Electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light because it is a transverse disturbance travelling through a medium (like waves of a stone dropped into a pond). Electromagnetic waves must have a medium and can’t travel through nothing. A thing can’t be conjured up from nothing. Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism requires the ether. There can be no vacuum, energy needs ether. Sir Oliver Lodge saw the ether as crucial to our understanding. Einstein in his special theory of relativity postulated there was no medium, no ‘ether.’ His special theory was disconfirmed by the Michelson-Morley experiment which was backed up by the more rigorous repeats of the test by Dayton Miller. There is an ether; a wave cannot exist in nothing. We do not properly understand gravity; what is it? Gravity is due to radial oriented electrostatic dipoles inside the Earth’s protons, neutrons and electrons. The dipole-dipole force becomes the inverse square force of gravity for extended bodies. The gravitational and inertial response of matter has an identical cause. The electrostatic force is one thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion times stronger than that of gravity. Gravity is so much weaker because it is a measure of the minute distortion of subatomic particles in a gravitational field. Celestial bodies are born electrically polarized from a plasma z-pinch (by core expulsion from a larger body). The 2,000-fold difference in mass of the proton and neutron in the nucleus versus the electron means that gravity will maintain charge polarization by offsetting the nucleus within each atom. The mass of a body is an electrical variable. Therefore the so-called gravitational constant of ‘G’ is a variable! That is why ‘G’ is so difficult to pin down. If gravity is an electric dipole force between subatomic particles, the force daisy chains through matter regardless of whether or not that matter is conductive. A clue to the reported ‘gravity shielding’ effects of a spinning, superconducting disk is that electrons in a superconductor exhibit a connectedness. This means that that their inertia is increased. Anything that interferes with the ability of subatomic particles within the spinning disk to align their dipoles with those of the earth will exhibit antigravity effects. A number of experiments demonstrating antigravity effects have been done, and no one was able to convince scientists attached to general relativity that they have been able to influence gravity. They turned a blind eye to unwelcome evidence. Believing in antigravity undermines Einstein’s theory. What is magnetism? Ampere's law for the magnetic force between two current carrying wires is found to be equivalent to the transverse electric force caused by the distortion of electrons in an electric field. This distortion causes them to form tiny collinear electric dipoles. The magnetic force is simply another manifestation of the electric force. That is the true nature of our misunderstood sun? We don’t understand them. What is the nature of light? Light is a transverse electromagnetic wave moving through a medium – the ether. Einstein’s equation doesn’t help us understand the cosmology that deals with these forces. Earth’s science isn’t capable of explaining them, and scientific reports are pure science fiction. Wallace Thornhill delivered this speech all about the electric universe, and he has done some truly fantastic work – - and he has to say, 99.999% of all the observable matter in the universe exists as this ubiquitous plasma that most people are ignorant of. What is it? It’s neither a solid nor a liquid, nor gas; it’s more like ionized gas, composed of electrically charged particles at high energy which build matter. Electrical currents generate magnetic fields; so therefore electromagnetic forces have more influence on plasma than do gravitational forces. In space plasma is so energetic and hot it remains electrically charged, and there it consists solely of free-moving ions and electrons. Ions are atoms that have lost their electrons. To strip electrons of their atoms and make plasma, energy is needed. This has to be in the form of heat, electricity or light (intense laser or UV). With not enough energy to sustain it the atoms collapse again and recombine plasma back into gas. So outside Earth’s atmosphere, the dominant form of matter is plasma. This means that ‘empty’ space isn’t. It has been found to be teaming with life as they say – the constant flow of plasma, of charged particles. The universe is connected and coherent. And when that plasma cools and becomes denser, the atoms or molecules in it that predominate in forming the three different states of matter we are used to on Earth – gas, liquids and solids - are possible. The fourth state of matter was identified in 1879 by an English physicist, Sir William Crookes. In 1929, Nobel Laureate Irving Langmuir gave it a name, plasma. He borrowed the term from medical science. The name was fitting because the matter he worked with resembled life itself - blood. This state of matter behaves in a life-like way not seen in other states of matter. Solids: condensed matter/Compact (nuclear); liquids and gases: fluid (Navier-Stokes equations); plasma: electromagnetic (Maxwell-Boltzmann equations). Solid: H2O is Ice at a cold temperature of T<0 degrees C; liquid: H2O is Water at a warm temperature of 0100 degrees C; plasma: H2O, now H+ add H+ add 2e, is ionized gas at a hotter temperature T>180,000 degrees C, 1>10 electron volts. A solid: molecules are fixed in a lattice. A liquid: molecules are free to move. A gas: molecules are even freer to move with lots of space between them. A plasma: now the ions and electrons break free and move independently, with lots of space between them. Wallace Thornhill has a degree at Melbourne University majorly in physics and electronics, and began postgraduate studies with Prof. Victor Hopper’s upper atmosphere research group. Wallace worked for 11 years with IBM Australia and then in the IBM Systems Development Institute in Canberra and worked on the first computer graphics system in Australia. He was the technical support for the computing facilities in the Research Schools at the Australian National University. This gave him excellent access to the libraries and scientists there. He joined the Department of Foreign Affairs. Wallace devotes spare time to the continuing study of astronomy and physics and goes to seminars at the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, and also the Research School of Earth Sciences. Wallace is an advocate of the theories of Velikovsky. In 1974, he was invited to attend an international symposium in Hamilton, Ontario, that dealt with Velikovsky’s works. It was there that he first met Velikovsky, and David Talbott, organizer of the conference, who also inspired him. The celestial dramas Talbott had proposed were plasma discharge phenomena. The two met again in 1994 and 1996 at international conferences in Portland, Oregon, and this began a partnership devoted to a new vision of the universe and planetary history. They co-wrote ‘The Electric Universe’ and ‘Thunderbolts of the Gods’.Wallace has for many years been an active member of the UK Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, and served on the society's committee. He has lectured in the USA and Europe on the electrical nature of the cosmos. Wallace can speak of first-hand experience he has had with the indifference and even hostility toward anyone radical enough to challenge mainstream science. He said he decided academia held no place for him; it wouldn’t give him the answers he was seeking. He pursues his life-long passion independently which is to identify the role of electricity in space. The universe is electrical and simple, much simpler than what you are being taught now. It is best understood through the well-tested behaviour of electricity. That is the one force astronomers seem to know almost nothing about, yet it is a force that is 1036 or more times as strong as gravity, yet cosmologists insist that the weakest force known to science —gravity — controls the universe. Astrophysicists do not study experimental plasma research in graduate school. They rarely take any courses that discuss James Clerke Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic field theory or theory about the ether. At this presentation at the Weird Conference in Warminster in August 2010, Wallace examined Newton, Eddington, Maxwell and Einstein, and others, and concluded that our consciousness is in the horse and buggy era of cosmology. Modern science is a mess. We haven’t progressed that much despite the fanciful and the sensational. Quantum theory and relativity don’t get on with each other. Quantum theory is spooky where a wave can be a particle and be in two places and E=mc square is plain misunderstood and gives rise to mistakes. We do want to explore bridges between physics and metaphysics but Wallace talked about the slackness of cosmologists in their use of language like when they use the terms ‘mass’ and ‘matter’ interchangeably, and he thinks it gives us a false impression of substance. The ‘m’ in the equation that refers to mass isn’t matter, it is a property of matter. Textbooks cite the equation as the ‘first cause’ of the Big Bang, with energy birthing itself into matter. Astrophysicists will assume that 1kg of matter on earth will exhibit the same mass, or effect of gravity, anywhere in the universe, implied by the ‘G’ constant that came from Newton. The mass of subatomic particles changes in response to electromagnetic forces. There is much use imagination and logic-breaking constructs and meaningless confused language, such as the ‘fabric of space-time’. ‘Dimension’ is the latest ill-used word. New concepts are needed. You can’t devise a real concept from just sets of mathematical principles and they have nothing to do with physics. Mathematics isn’t physics and you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to be a scientist. The big bang doesn’t say anything sensible about the universe. There can be no creation from nothing. There is no logic in that. The finite cannot become infinite. Anti-matter is a misnomer. You cannot annihilate matter; you can only rearrange it, because after other forms of the matter and radiation cease to exist, it reverts back into the plasma state. Plasma is composed of electrons and ions and they are the longest lived particles known. Their lifetimes far exceed that of any other known particle. Birkeland did an experiment, his Terrella experiment, showing plasma discharge phenomena about a magnetized metal sphere. He was in the early 1900s performing his electrical ‘little Earth,’ or Terrella, experiments in Norway, and Gauss and Weber were discovering the electrical interactions of matter. But physicists are left with misconceptions about the nature of matter and space; the relationship between matter, mass and gravity; the electrical nature of stars and galaxies and the size, history and age of the universe. So they turn to particle physicists to solve their problems. The astronomer Dr Halton Arp is a leading authority on peculiar galaxies and is a modern Galileo, and he has been warning cosmologists that their assumptions cannot be correct. The universe is actually NOT expanding. Objects of a widening varying Doppler redshift are physically connected to each other, even quasars which astronomers place at the outermost reaches of the galaxy (which they base on the redshift). He revealed the impossible ‘bridges’ and statistics that there is a clustering near active galaxies and his papers were rejected. His telescope time was deprived of him and he was forced to leave the US, carrying on his research in Germany. Arp was the subject of an attempt to black ground breaking research. The scientific media adopted the hot Big Bang because the COBE satellite measure cosmic microwave background radiation at 2.7 Kelvin. But other theorists made predictions by collecting observations to calculate the temperature of space that were not based on the Big Bang, and they came much closer. One was Andrew McKeller, who in 1941 announced a temperature of 2.3K by the excitement of certain molecules. His paper was ignored whilst everyone’s attention was occupied with the war. Finlay Freundlich came along in 1954 and predicted 1.9K to 6K; Tigran Shmaonov estimated 3K in 1955. The worst predictions were made by Big Bangers, with a reading of 20K in 1946 by Robert Dicke and 50K in 1961 by George Gamow. Space temperature is estimated by the square root of a square root of energy density and the estimate of 50K was 12,000 times too high. As technology moved on and more précised measurements were taken, Big Bang proponents changed their theory to make it fit the discoveries. It didn’t confirm the Big Bang. The cosmic microwave background radiation is locally generated microwave radiation, a fog, the hum of the galactic power lines near our solar system, and does not have much to do with the origin of the universe. Fluctuations in cosmic background radiation are not random, and have a strong preferred orientation in the sky. The quadrupole and octopole power is concentrated on a ring around the sky and are zero along a preferred axis. The direction of this axis is identical with the direction toward the Virgo cluster, and lies exactly along the axis of the Local Supercluster filament, which our Milky Way is part of. This observation completely contradicts the Big Bang assumption that CBR originated far away, far from the local Supercluster, and it is without a preferred direction in space. Big Bangers have labelled this preferred CBR direction and the direction to Virgo to be mere accident or coincidence. The Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope image showed red filaments – cosmic power transmission lines – that reveal they are part an electrical circuitry that is feeding the plasmoid at core of the Milky Way. No gravitational theorist has ever suggested this structure. Evidence contradicts the Big Bang theory with several observations. High powered telescopes reveal dynamic exchanges between galaxies and clumpy matter when the universe is supposed to be expanding. A survey of clusters of galaxies was made in 2003 using data acquired by the ROSAT X-ray Xatellite. It showed what appeared to be a huge concentration of matter of about 12 billion light years across. Such an enormous concentration of matter would take at least several hundred billion years to form, thirty times longer than the time since the supposed Big Bang. The results also show that the abundance of clusters of galaxies falls off suddenly by about a factor of ten – on a redshift of 0.59. The researchers who first did the survey tried to explain this sudden fall as evolution, that there were suddenly ten times as many clusters, since closer distances translate to more recent times. If that was the case the evolution would have taken about 180 million years. That’s not enough time for huge clusters of galaxies to form. Also the redshift readings are not consistent. If it was due to evolution, the abundance of cluster drop-offs would appear at the same redshift in all directions and they don’t. A second group of discoveries was announced at an American Astronomical Society meeting in January 2004 and showed that the universe looks very similar at high redshifts - and therefore billions of years ago - as it does today. The Big Bang idea postulates that a younger universe will look far different. The large scale structures that exist today existed at redshifts corresponding to three billion years after the hypothetical date of the Big Bang. Such structures had only one quarter as much time to grow. And galaxies from that 10-billion-years-ago epoch appear to have a similar distribution of stellar ages, and a similar amount of chemical elements produced by stars, as our present-day galaxy. If the Big Bang really happened, galaxies should appear much younger, with mostly young stars and few heavy metals. Instead they look much the same as today. The Big Bang theory predicts that no object in the universe can be older than the Big Bang. Yet large-scale voids observed in the distortion of galaxies are too old, they cannot have been formed in the time since the Big Bang, without resulting in present day galaxies going at speeds far in excess of those observed. Observing these velocities tells us that these voids must have taken at least 70 billion years to form, five times as long as the theorized time since the Big Bang. The Big bang theory predicts the density of ordinary matter in the universe from the abundance of a few light elements. Yet the density predictions made on the basis of the abundance of deuterium, lithium-7 and helium-4 contradict each other, and the predictions have grown worse with each new observation. The chance that the theory is right is now less than one in one hundred trillion. Another prediction of the Big Bang theory is that ordinary geometry does not work at great distances. In the space around us, on earth, in the solar system and the galaxy, as objects get farther away, they get smaller. Since distance correlates with redshift, the product of angular size and red shift, qz, is constant. Similarly the surface brightness of objects, brightness per unit area on the sky, measured as photons per second, is constant with increasing distance for similar objects. In contrast, the Big Bang expanding universe predicts that surface brightness, defined as above, should decrease. But observations show that in fact the surface brightness of galaxies up to a redshift of 6 are exactly constant, as predicted by a non-expanding universe, and in sharp contradiction to the Big Bang. There is not enough mass in our galaxy to account for its tendency not to disintegrate, hence the invention of hypotheticals like dark matter. Big Bang cosmology required copious amounts of reasoning to keep explaining the galactic concentrations of matter in a universe that was supposed to inflate at a speed that doesn’t add up, and astro-physicists came up with too many hypothetical entities like cold dark non-baryonic matter and dark energy field, and the inflation field, which are different from any matter observed on Earth, to overcome anomalies in theory and observation. No evidence has ever confirmed the existence of any of these three things. There have been many lab experiments over the past 23 years that have looked for non-baryonic matter, all with negative results. Without that hypothetical inflation field, the Big Bang does not predict a smooth cosmic background radiation. Without non-baryonic matter, the predictions of the theory for the density of matter are in self-contradiction, inflation predicting a density 20 times larger than any predicted by light element abundances (which are in contradiction with each other). Without dark energy, the theory predicts an age of the universe younger than that of many stars in our galaxy. Dark energy is akin to ‘gravity that repels’, and the theory is always changing. While the Big bang theory requires that there is far more dark matter than ordinary matter, discoveries of white dwarfs (dead stars) in the halo of our galaxy, and warm plasma clouds in the local group of galaxies, show that there is enough ordinary matter to account for the gravitational effects observed, leaving no room for extra dark matter. The hypothetical dark energy field produces energy at a titanic rate out of nothingness. That violates the laws of the conservation of energy and matter. If you trashed this basic conservation law in any other field of physics it wouldn’t be accepted yet it is done to keep alive the Big Bang theory. Fred Hoyle, one of the most controversial astronomers of the century, said the Big Bang refers to an epoch that couldn’t be reached by any form of astronomy, he wrote in 1994. Astrophysicists found that galactic cores exhibit highly concentrated energies that normal objects operating gravitationally could not, an infinite concentration of mass called a ‘black hole’. It led to even more contradictions. New telescopes revealed material erupting in explosions from galactic cores. That contradicts the assertion that ‘nothing, not even light, can escape black holes’. So they came up with the accretion disk - and a magnetic field, which is true but they did not give its cause as being electric currents. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was the originator of the black hole but he could not swallow the rest of the physics that were beyond being testable hypotheses. Alfvén instead proposed in 1937 that our galaxy contains a large scale magnetic field of charged particles moving in spiral orbits. What is the nature of our misunderstood sun? To most people it is a self-consuming nuclear furnace that will fizzle out one day when there is no more hydrogen left to sustain future reactions. It implies, again, disconnection - that the sun is an isolated nuclear bomb consuming itself over its lifetime to provide us with heat and light. But what if this model is wrong? The whole premise is falsely rooted in gravity, again, thought as the master drawing force behind the universe. We’ve seen the sun’s corona in an eclipse - it’s a region of plasma that extends more than a million kilometres from the sun’s surface where the temperature rises beyond two million degrees. But the surface itself reaches only five or six thousand degrees. How can heat from the inner core hot up the atmosphere to millions of degrees while the surface remains at thousands of degrees? But if the sun is CONNECTED to the galaxy in an electrical circuit it does not need to burn itself from the inside-out at all, and the energy we receive is actually the energy from the galaxy, with the sun acting as a focus for that energy. It has a corona because it is an electrical phenomenon. The sun has complex magnetic fields, and only electricity can produce magnetic fields. Sunspots are things that also behave in the opposite manner to what you’d expect of an entitiy burning from a hotter core radiating energy into space. The 11-year cycle mystery and granulated appearance of the sun’s photosphere is not explained by the thermonuclear model, according to which, sunspots have no business being there. (Ronald Giovanelli wrote in Secrets of the Sun: “They should be heated quickly from the sides and disappear. They should never have formed — but they do form. Their behavior is so strange that there is still argument between scientists as to why they are there at all.”) Sunspots are clearings in the tufts where the dark discharge from an equatorial plasma toroid encircling the Sun punches through them and the cycles are caused by varying current input to the sun. Sunspots also are colder than the surrounding regions and that’s why they are dark. To explain this blatant anomaly astrophysicists have a warped explanation about twisted magnetic fields and the ‘solar dynamo’. These haven’t been observed or proven. And it is not expected at all if the Sun is trying to rid itself of heat but IS expected if the sun is electrical in nature. The umbra of a sunspot is the place where we can see down deepest into the sun. It SHOWS the cooler temperature is beneath the bright plasma. If the sun is trying to radiate energy away from its core into space as a nuclear reactor or furnace, we should expect that part of it at and near the surface to be the hottest and to be bright, but the sun is much, much cooler down there at 6,000K. At the corona high above it reaches 2,000 million Kelvin. So the sun has no nuclear engine at the centre. The incorrect assumption of what goes on inside the Sun gives rise to poor understanding of sunspots. How does the energy from the centre of the sun get past the surface to heat the upper atmosphere so? In the electric model if the energy is arriving from outside the sun, the atmosphere above the sun is the first place where you’d expect to see that energy expressed. That is where particle acceleration occurs. The fact that electrically charged particles in the solar wind accelerate and increase their velocity with increasing distance away from the sun – getting faster the further they go – means it is an electrical process. The sun is a positive anode of very high voltage emanating an electric field. If you put a charged particle in an electric field it will accelerate. Stars don’t burn themselves out. So there’s no direct evidence for the thermonuclear powered model of the Sun, and strong evidence against it. Astrophysicists claim that the solar fusion model of the working of the sun has been tested in a laboratory but nothing could be less true. The steps involved in fusing hydrogen to helium have been verified experimentally, indeed, but the overall reaction of continuous fusion hasn’t ever been produced in a lab. The strength of the electric cosmology is that all of the mechanisms that the electrical workings, plasma, you name it, have been verified in a lab. Electric cosmology explains all of these: heavy elements, solar spectrum, neutrino deficiency, neutrino variability, solar atmosphere, different rotation by latitude and depth, equatorial plasma torus, and sunspots, sunspot migration, penumbra, the sunspot cycle, the magnetic field, helioseismology, solar density, and the changing size – all kiabosh the solar fusion model and are all natural expected consequences looked at through the electrical sun model. But standard astronomy dismisses them as inconsequential difficulties that will someday be solved. This quote came from Ralph E Juergens in 1980: The modern astrophysical concept that ascribes the sun’s energy to thermonuclear reactions deep in the solar interior is contradicted by nearly every observable aspect of the sun.” History has shown outsiders prove the biggest breakthroughs. Kristian Birkeland (1867-1917), the Norwegian scientist and Nobel Prize nominee, set up observatories in the Arctic Circle to study the Aurora Borealis. He theorized that the aurora is created by charged particle beams from the Sun. This has only recently been confirmed. Birkeland reproduced sunspot behavior in his famous Terrella experiments where he applied external electrical power to a magnetized globe suspended in a near vacuum. From the proof of his Terrella experiments they named the electric currents that flow through space after him – the ‘Birkeland currents’. They are twisting positive and negative energy flows but conventional astronomy twisted the name to ‘magnetic ropes’. Our sun like all stars is a variable star. It’s dependant upon its environment. It does not have an internal engine and the energy comes from the galaxy to provide a steady power supply for the sun. The sun plays its part – it has a mechanism in the photosphere. It is a transistor. The earth participates in that circuit. When the power in the sun changes above the photosphere where all the action takes place you get X-rays and UV light. In X-rays the sun goes dark – part of the solar cycle. The electrical supply to the sun is the major input to the earth and its weather and climate. What we do on earth isn’t responsible for climate change. If we don’t understand our sun, then we don’t understand ANY star. If you can’t observe what’s inside a star, how do you account for red giants and white dwarfs? Again, the conclusion about those bodies is reached from the theory that all stars use thermonuclear processes to produce light. Astronomers view them in terms of evolutionary sequences and say that a star in the ‘red giant stage’ of its existence runs out of non-renewable fuel as it nears the end point of its life and expands. Detailed observations of the behaviour of plasma discharge shows how red giants swell from much smaller stars. Glowing regions in a discharge tube will expand or contract when a voltage applied to it is varied. The star is in a phase of profound electron deficiency. It collects more electrons than the plasma can deliver to its surface continually. To maintain its current the anode expands its influence and forms a negative sheath which grows to a sufficient size to intercept random drifting electrons. The expanding sheath increases the size of the anode and the sheath’s electrical field grows stronger the bigger it expands. Electrons caught in the field become ever more energetic until they excite any neutral particles they happen to collide with. The electric field driving this process is why the sheath takes on the all-over red anode glow. It becomes a red giant star. The ‘stellar wind’ that occurs is a massive flow of positive ions away from the star The thermonuclear model can’t explain the loss of mass in red giants because if the star is cooling down it should be too ‘cold’ to boil off a stellar wind. Looked at in electric terms, the star isn’t old, but more like in a state of rebirth, a youngster shedding excess mass to begin its next stage of existence …on the main sequence. If the red giant shrinks, it’s because it’s reached a point where the neutral matter is ionized. Particles are not excited anymore by electrons bumped up to higher orbits. The collisions start to strip them of their electrons. The sheath glows faintly over the anode surface before breaking down, and suddenly the mode of the anode discharge changes. Small tufts of secondary plasma spring into being at points of intensified activity. The dull sheath produces bright anode plasma tufts of positive ions and free electrons that were not there before. (The red giant Betelgeuse is showing signs of this - it has been found to have a bright ‘hot spot’, which may be the beginnings of a main sequence star being born beneath the red anode glow.) Going to the other extreme the red giant then passes into the final ‘white dwarf’ stage where it collapses from being the size of a sun to smaller than Earth. The events required to make this happen in the star’s interior are unverifiable, because they are not seen. And the sequence has never been observed, they are just supposed; there is no experimental back-up. The concepts violate the basic rules of physics. When we observe matter being compressed by gravity we see it become a liquid or a solid. In the absence of an experiment a model is used by astrophysicists of a white dwarf ASSUMING the star’s matter to be electrically neutral. In an electric stellar model, its core is not phenomenally hot inside, so ionization is slight throughout the star. The nuclei in atoms are many thousands of times heavier than their electrons that orbit them. The nuclei are offset by gravity away from the centre of each atom towards the centre of the star giving each atom a tiny electric dipole. The dipoles line up. In doing so, they produce a radial electric field inside the star. That will cause any free electrons to drift to the star’s surface long before pressure can build up in the star and create density. Therefore gravitational compression will be opposed by the vastly stronger electric force generated by positive ions repelling negative ions within the star. The idea that faint white stars are collapsed ‘dwarfs’ comes from abstract reasoning and not from observation. Mass is not a measure of matter in a celestial body. Arriving at a figure for composition, density or internal structure through calculations from observing the gravitational effects in a star is unreliable. If you reject the idea that mass and matter are interchangeable, you are aware that matter won’t cause gravitational perturbation. The mass can change, without any change in how much matter there is, when electrical conditions change. Gravity is an induced SUBATOMIC dipolar electrical force. The terms ‘giant’ and ‘dwarf’ applied to stars mislead. Stars are mislabelled. Also the notion of a star’s age based on its appearance is not valid. It’s the nuclear model that puts a theoretical life-span on the star. In the electrical model the star’s brightness, colour and mass are not linear occurrences. They depend on the star’s electrical stage, on its plasma discharge at the anode exhibiting sharp discontinuities - not its age. Astronomers assume dull stars to be dwarfs by applying luminosity to mass. The electric model sees a white dwarf in relation to a multiple star system and expects periodic catastrophic releases of stored electrical energy. It would show up as a sudden discharge as wide as the star. A star is in direct contact with plasma from space approaching electrons that reach the star’s anode and satisfies the star’s discharge current. Experiments have shown that sheaths of plasma exist around space plasma and the star. In white dwarfs there is no intensely bright tufting in the plasma sheath, being in an environmental of lower than usual levels of electrical stress. In that environment of low energy discharge, the ambient plasma coming into direct contact with the star’s atmosphere leads to discharge without anode tufting which makes white dwarfs subject to flickering. Tufting at the anode gives luminosity to main sequence stars. The white colour and very high temperatures of white dwarfs is now understood. A thin plasma sheath is formed between the stellar and space plasmas. The electrical field running across the plasma sheaths can accelerate electrons. This generates X-rays when they hit atoms in the atmosphere. This raises the temperature. White dwarfs show broadening of spectral lines that you’d expect in the presence of an electrical field. A bigger star can cope with more electrical stress than a smaller one. White dwarfs may even be among the largest stars. Because the appearance of a star has nothing to do with its age that explains how white dwarfs appear in multiple star systems and how there are often two stars of the same age yet so very different, which baffles astronomers. An example is Sirius. The Chandra X-ray telescope revealed that Sirius B, the white ‘dwarf’, was the greater - the opposite of what human eyes can see. Stars are products of their electrical environment which makes the story of their birth, life and death wrong. Stars may change places overnight on the conventional charts of their evolution. In January 2002, an Australian amaeteur astronomer Nicholas Brown noticed a star in the constellation of V838 Monoceros that wasn’t there two weeks earlier.
AV838 Monoceros

Astronomers watched this seemingly new star over the next month as it became brighter than any other star in our galaxy and then faded away again. Then a few weeks later it was surrounded by an expanding glowing cloud. By March 2002 it had grown bigger than the sun by 800 times, and cooled down to 4,000 Kelvin, the coolest super giant ever seen. Seven months later, it was little more than 1,000K. Astronomers thought it to be a nova, and then realised it may be a newcomer. This erupting star’s transformation from a small dull star a bit hotter than the sun, to a really cool glowing super giant in the throes of complex rapid changes in luminosity, was witnessed in months. It may be that in our distant ancient past we had two suns. Binary star systems are allegedly more common out there mono ones. Aboriginal legends from Australia talk about two suns, a large sun and a lesser sun, and the lesser sun ‘hid in a hollow log’. The stories match what was pieced together by David Talbott and others when Wallace became fascinated with the writings from the 1970s of Velikovsky on Saturn, which he called the ‘Sun of Night’, that hints at the earth having two suns shining in the sky at one point. They pieced together the activities within and without the solar system at the time when the disturbances took place. Were the planets set in a different order in the ancient world? Something happened with Saturn. The Saturn you see today is a dim remnant of its former glory - ‘proto-Saturn’. Proto-Saturn was a brown dwarf star satellited by Titan, Mars, Venus and… Earth! We were not born here. All stars are enclosed in an electrical environment like an eggshell or cell, the plasma sheath containing the star’s electrical field. Beyond that sheath is the electrical field of the galaxy. When two stars come close together the first things to touch are the two sheaths, and when that happens for the first time, the two stars know of each other’s presence electrically. They would have known long before gravitationally, because gravity penetrates plasma sheaths and goes through these eggshells as if it’s not there. When Proto-Saturn met the sun’s electrical environment, they saw each other electrically. The voltage of the brown dwarf was much lower than that of the sun, and the sun took away its power. It was no longer a brown dwarf and became a giant stellar sized comet. Earth and Venus were enveloped in the plasma sheath of the comet tail of ex-proto Saturn. The Earth tailed along in this comet tail - and the lesser sun look as though it had been swallowed at the top of a hollow log! The most hospitable place for the nurturing of life is within the plasma sheaths of brown dwarf stars or dim stars, because when the power is turned down on a star the photosphere winks out – there is no longer that bright display and instead you get a neon glow. This is very extensive and goes out some distance from the central object. Satellites lucky enough to orbit in this red glow of that brown dwarf can do so comfortably. This is apparently the orbit the earth was in before the encounter with the sun. Inside that cocoon of dim red radiation there are no seasons. Everything and everybody everywhere, be they on the pole or on the equator, inside that cocoon receives the same amount of radiation, regardless of the axial tilt. The evidence that the earth was in this environment is the coal beds in the Antarctica. The growth of vegetation was once very lush globally. We had tropical forests in Antarctica. Megafauna, and megaflora, could grow. Conditions were ideal, and that was the kind of environment where you would find life. It would be abundant. We had red light in abundance, which is essential for photosynthesis. You would have been orbiting inside a glowing plasma sheath that radio waves can’t penetrate, so you wouldn’t see the stars, you’d just have this purplish glow because you’d UV light at the same time. The consequence is the legendary ‘purple dawn of creation’. That was the kind of light the earth existed in. And in that electrical environment, the earth’s gravity was much less, by about one third! Huge animals like dinosaurs could flourish. In today’s gravity, because of its weight, a dinosaur wouldn’t be able to lift itself onto its feet without breaking every bone in its body. It wouldn’t survive. Pterodactyls wouldn’t be able to rise off the ground and fly. So conditions were different then, to now, and this ties in with the extinction of the dinosaurs when we became part of this solar system with a G class star. Life wouldn’t have arisen in this precarious and rare existence that we have now. Brown dwarfs are the most plentiful stars. When astronomers began looking for exo-planets, they were amazed to find so many huge gas giant planets orbiting very close to their parent star. This is at odds with how our solar system formed, because a gas giant is not suppoed to have been accreted with heavier material from the inner solar system because they consist of light elements like hydrogen and helium which could only accumulate in the outer regions of the solar system - yet had nearby gas giants orbiting their parent star, in a matter of days in some cases. That’s another bummer for the standard theory. Another ad-hoc idea out of the millions tossed into the pot when the basic model is incorrect: the gas giants must somehow have ‘orbited in close to the star’, having been formed way out in the distance and migrated inwards. Why hasn’t Earth migrated in then in that case? It’s not gravitational accretion that creates stars it’s the kind of thing you see in lightning where there’s a powerful lightning strike compressing the surrounding atmosphere. Most of the sun’s planets were not born with the sun they’ve been captured since. Venus is a new planet, that’s why it’s so hot and why it’s atmosphere so so dense. It was born from Saturn in its process of achieving electrical stability by discharging part of its charged core when it entered the sun’s environment. Electrical bodies expel material in an attempt to achieve stability, creating all manner of debris like rings, moons, comets etc, creating a subsidiary object in space, and Venus is such an object. Saturn’s rings are such objects – they are water ice expulsion rings that cannot have been there all that long. That’s where earth got all its water, from its parent Saturn. The weird hexagonal shape on Saturn’s pole is a remant of the time when Saturn was a minor sun. Mars and the Earth are family members that were partnered with Saturn because each spinning planet acts like a giant gyroscope, meaning that the axist points to the same place in inertial space. The axial tilts of Saturn, Mars and Earth are within a degree of or so of each other. But the moon and Mercury have the same parent. The moon was captured by the earth electrically. Exchange of charge varies the gravitational mass of an object and captures the orbit quite quickly. That is the missing mechanism that stops astronomers from postulating capture as a very likely mechanism as well as not discarding Einstein’s idea of gravity. In the electric model it is THE mechanism for capturing bodies. The electrical nature of mass is embodied in the structure of protons, electrons and neutrons and in a large massive body they form tiny electric dipoles. Gravity is always an attractive. Why? Because they are rotating electric dipoles like magnets lining up in the same direction, and all subatomic - and the distortion of an electron or a proton or a neutron is so minute that the dipole force is reduced to 40 orders of magnitude over the naked electric force. It shows Newton’s law of gravity is correct, BUT, the so-called gravitation constant, G, is not constant at all, it is an electrical variable. Transferring charge from one body to another causes the gravity between them to change. The bodies will tend to move apart and move in a way that will prevent collision. An asteroid would be destroyed by a cosmic thunderbolt before it could hit earth. Tommy Gold, another maverick scientist, pointed out that one of the problems on the moon with the cratering was that they tend to occur in pairs or groups. It doesn’t match simple impacts but it does match lightning impacts – one bolt carves a crater and subsidiary bolts carve smaller ones, that’s why large craters with a lot of small craters dotted along the rim are seen, with the smaller ones cutting through the larger ones, not the other way round. This diagnoses an electrical discharge impact, not impact with a comet or asteroid or anything else. Cometary collisions with the Earth are a fantasy! The dumb doomsday is fanciful. Shoemaker Levy did not impact Jupiter. In the discharges from Jupiter’s ionosphere and the upper atmosphere below the ionosphere, the object is destroyed by the bolt from the planet that shoots a jet of material into the stratosphere and it comes down electrically in a ring. So lightning bolts from Jupiter destroyed the incoming objects and created the characteristic plasma gun discharge scars – the circular rings. They are NOT fall-out from an explosion. That’s why they didn’t see all the water they expected from the comet. The pictures you see in magazines of a comet smashing into the Earth are science fiction because there’s not a thunderbolt in sight. Beware of mythology - descriptions of ‘water above and beneath the earth’ were plasma phenomena in space mistaken for shimmering water by their appearance. Myths and legends are misinterpreted. You won’t find any reference to electric discharge in cosmology anywhere. The subject is not taught in astrophysics. Their training does not give astrophysicists authority to judge an electric discharge theory of stars. Research into plasma discharge phenomena is the domain of the the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The reason we see magnetic fields in space everywhere is because electric currents produce them. And ONLY electric currents produce them. Because astronomers ignore these they did not expect the magnetic fields that keep on pervading in deep space. These create filaments which intertwine together and this is how they carry electricity through vast distances in space. Plasma experiments in a laboratory show the particles following patterns that look like a spiral galaxy and had exactly the same rotational properties as real galaxies. The comet tops the evidence quota for an electrical universe. When Comet Holmes exploded it brightened by one million times in forty two hours and was visible to the naked eye. It was only three and a half kilometres in diameter and expanded into a fantastic coma of fine dust the diameter of the sun! But it barely even made headlines. The explanation? Exploding gas from within the comet. Yet Holmes is moving AWAY from the sun, a lame argument. Where the energy becomes more concentrated we see sparks in a discharge of electricity (e.g. comet Hale Bopp). The standard theory of comets is that the solar system was formed by a rotating cloud of gas and dust, the planets formed mostly from gas and dust and the left-overs were confined to the outside the solar system in a hypothetical Oort Cloud, as it is called. Wallace says there isn’t even any observational evidence of there being such a cloud. The electric model of cosmology and comets is that they are parts of planetary bodies that have in the past suffered electrical plasma discharge machining where some of the surface material has wafted into space, hence it is rocky. Because comets have elongated orbits, its voltage changes in trajectory. As the comet spends most of its time in the outer solar system the voltage it has reflects the voltage there. When it approaches the sun, the voltage changes rapidly and causes the comet to discharge. That’s how we see the coma and tails – they look like shooting stars. When Halley was observed close up by several spacecraft, astronomers were surprised to see material coming off it in jets and circular areas; but the standard model came up with the explanation that it was coated with a black tarry stuff or something preventing the material from evaporating. However, later images were observed as spacecraft passed other comets. Comets Borrelly, Temple One and Wild 2 showed it wasn’t like a melted ice cream but pieces of solid cratered rock. This makes sense with the electric model of an electrical discharge of such a body, in order words there’s very little distinction between an asteroid and a comet other than its orbit. In July 2005 NASA crashed its proble called Deep Impact into Comet Temple One. If the comet was a charged body, as a metal such as copper approached it, the comet should spark an electric discharge to that copper projectile. There would be a flash before the impact. The astronomers thought the impact would produce no more than a small puff of dust. But no. The immense flash of light was so bright it overwhelmed the sensors recording the event. NASA didn’t bank on this hapapening, but a team of plasma cosmologists at predicted it spot on. In 2000 Comet Linear became more than twice as bright in less than four hours and threw off colossal amounts of dust and started to emit X-rays - a tell-tale sign of intense electrical activity. So-called experts never cease to be dumbfounded by ‘mysterious’ occurrences with comets. So, electrical explanation: the comet is an electrical body beginning to discharge as it enters the inner solar system – very successful in predicting comets before. The standard explanation: ‘dirty snowballls’: dust and ice left over from the formation of the solar system – well and truly dead. If you go by the standard model, you are asking ices to evaporate, it won’t create fine dust. Immanuel Velikovsky challenged that the solar system had electromagnetic forces to take into account. Ralph Juergens was an early pioneer in addressing the electrical phenomena of comets. It was he who posed the electrical model of the sun. In the electrical model of the solar system, anyone moving towards or away from the sun at any great speed like a comet will experience electrical effects which create a comet-like appearance. The hairy and feathery electric attributes of the spark in the laboratory also explain these attributes. The same characteristics are seen in enhanced images of the comet and in comet-like discharges from distant nebulae. Gases in a vacuum don’t behave this way, but electrified plasma does. The recent discoveries about the comet have astonished astronomers. Extreme UV light, X-rays, supersonic jets, cometary nuclei fragmenting explosively. Such high energy events were not envisaged. The electric model proposes that the comet is a charged object moving through an electric field. It changes everything. What creates this electric field? We’re talking electric sun, electric stars…electric cosmology. Earthquakes are likened to underground thunder and rattle like the sound of thunder. Both thunder and earthquakes are due to electrical discharge. The electric model of gravity suggests that every moon, comet, planet is built like an electret with a sustained electric charge on it, the electric field is internal to the object, every planet acts like an electret. There is electrical stress inside the body. If when it is discharging it into space in the form of storms and auroral storms there is a sufficient transfer of electrical charge from the surface of the earth, the electric stress within the earth is increased. It will break down at some point. There is actually a lightning bolt underground. The Chilean earthquake was something like ten thousand Hiroshimas. This phenomenon has always been put down to ‘pent up stress within rocks’. But the scientist Freundlich (he had trouble getting his work published) pointed out that if you stress a rock, it acts like a semi-conductor and can transfer charge from one place to the other end of the rock metres away. Underground that can go vast distances. You will get the strange phenomena associated with earthquakes before during and after, one of thich is build-up of charge in the ionosphere – lights. We’re talking electrical earth. Same with a volcano. Another example of where the gravitational cosmological model has falsified itself is the stellar object known as a pulsar. Standard theory says these are neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves and rotation of the pulsar combined with the beam creates that pulsing effect. There is a problem with this model. Some pulsars have a pulse rate so high that they should fly apart if they are not to contravene known conventional laws of nuclear chemistry that prevent packing neutrons so tightly together as the hypothesis goes. The myth of the ‘neutron star’ was invented to plug this hole which can’t explain the observed evidence without resorting to abstract physics to bamboozle us away from the truth. We are part of the sun’s environment which is part of the galaxy’s environment and so on. We are connected. This approach of plasma cosmology suggests a universe with no beginning or ending, and far better explains what we know of the cosmos. So. Today’s gravity-centric astronomers in the mainstream have an astronomical problem. They thought space was a vacuum but it has been found alive and kicking with plasma and electromagnetism. Billions of dollars have been invested in obfuscation. Hands-on experiments have been replaced with maths and sophisticated theories; less exotic plasma doesn’t appreciate the elegant mathematical laws, and scientists stick their noses up wandering off through equation after equation, as Nikola Tesla said. Hannes Alfvén said the same thing. He said the peer review system is satisfactory when the establishment wants to preserve the status quo in a discipline like science but not during any revolution in science. They laughed at Faraday (1791-1867) when he created an electric current by moving a magnet inside a coil of wire. They called him a fraud and a charlatan. They laughed at Kristian Birkeland for suggesting the auroras were powered electrically even though his Terrella experiments proved it. They sidelined Hannes Alfvén (1908-1995), he could only get his work published in Russian or in obscure journals. He said gravitational systems are the ashes of prior electrical systems. The cosmological implications of his work are overlooked. In the movie ‘The Hunt for Red October’ there is a Russian submarine powered by a Magnetohydrodynamic drive. Magnetohydrodynamics was pioneered by Alfvén. EM is 10^39 more powerful than gravity. EM forces are longer ranged. Gravity is described as a property of mass, yet there isn’t enough mass in most galaxies to account for why they don’t disintegrate. Neat models based simply on gravity don’t accommodate EM’s complexity. Mysterious undetected dark stuff and kludge factors in vogue of late was invented to balance out the equations and given a high ranking of 90% existence in the universe…which makes observations irrelevant. It makes the dominant forces in nature hypothetical. Magnetic fields and electric currents can’t be divorced from each other. So many phenomena in space scream electricity, while the mainstream word quibbles to make electrodynamic phenomena fit fluid dynamics, using terminology like ‘ion storms’ and ‘electron rains’. Cosmic tornadoes puzzle astronomers because their heads are stuck inside gravitational and fluid dynamics. The classic signatures of plasma/EM behaviour – spiralling, beading, kinking, sawtooth patterns - are expected in an electrodynamic universe. One of the most popular fallacies is black holes. No-one has ever actually observed a black hole, only the energetic effect surrounding the hypothetical object. There are numerous logical problems with this hypothesis, evidencing that black holes were conjured up out of nothing to explain compact energetic activity coming from the centres of galaxies. They used gravity as the tool of choice because they claimed this to be the dominant force of the universe. When observed data conflicted astrophycisists tweaked the model using abstract gravitational mathematics. The black hole was based on theoretical assumptions resulting from a mathematical error of dividing any number by zero to get infinity. A school boy would be told off for making this error. But professional mathematicians got away with waiving a notion of a point of zero volume with infinite mass – it’s a trick that’s been pulled off to balance equations and make up the weak force in Gravity and shortfall of mass in most galaxies. A point is mathematical object, not a physical one. No one has ever observed a point. The mathematician Stephen J Crothers said: “Nature does not make points.” The hub of compact phenomenal energy at the centre of most galaxies is a plasma focus of huge electromagnetic forces. The plasma focus device has been tested in a lab. It can be scaled up by 14 orders of magnitude, like EM can. More than enough energy of for super-massive black hole. Alfvén said electrodynamic processes can explain the effects that are coming from what are alleged to be black holes, like radio noises and rapid flickering. Plasmas are the end product. Seems that does away with black holes. Einstein himself, the father of general relativity, didn’t believe in them. (Quote from the man himself: “Since the mathematicians have invaded the theory of relativity, I do not understand it anymore.”) If a black hole could have infinite gravity, in order that it doesn’t gobble us all up and that would be the end of everything, the alleged infinite forces needed to have a finite limit – this is an assumed, hypothetical Event Horizon. What is an event horizon? A point of no return, a zone where gravity forever holds all matter and energy prisoner. No one has ever seen an actual event horizon. Astronomers saw immense jets of matter (charged particles) not being pulled in but being spat out from regions where the black hole was supposed to be – something was wrong. A black hole is supposed to suck matter in, and instead of questioning the theory, they made adjustments and made another invention ad hoc, an ‘accretion disk’. Now you have the ‘accretion disk’ to accelerate away all the matter away the black hole. This sleight of hand deals with the problem of the jets, and the young hot stars found there which should be sucked into oblivion. A simple, logical contradiction has resulted in yet another hypothetical object being invented. It violated the gravitational dogma they were desperate to cling on to - the original theory is that a black hole is not supposed to even let light escape; the accretion disk is prescribed as ‘there, your evidence for the hidden black hole’. An untested, unobserved abstract piece of physics conjured out of thin air out of desperation. Also that theory was convenient because if the light’s gone a black hole can’t be observed, and one hasn’t been. Alfvén proposed instead that our galaxy contained at the centre a large-scale electromagnetic field, exerting forces that cause charged particles to orbit in it in a spiral. It is immense plasma focuses at the centre of galaxies that throws out matter perpendicular to the plane the galaxy. You have to have the understanding that plasma carries electrical currents and THEY create the magnetic field, as Alfvén did. A spiral pattern is the tell-tale mark of an EM field. Gravity does not explain spiral patterns being found everywhere in nature, on Earth as well as in the cosmos. Galaxies are not oriented randomly in space, and billions have been spent on CERN to find the God particle that this gravitational model rests on. Theory of gravitation is simply INCOMPLETE. Then there’s the redshift controversy. It destroys the expanding universe theory and the big bang theory. Redshift is supposed to determine the distance of objects from earth. Redshift is not a measure of velocity of recession and is more related to age than to distance. The universe is much smaller than we think. Dr Halton Arp the expert astronomer did a good catalogue of extragalactic objects and found galaxies with different redshifts that were connected to each other. That falsifies the redshift=distance hypothesis. The Seyfert Galaxy NGC7603 is an example. The main galaxy is connected to a smaller formation through an arm of plasma called a filament. The smaller formation has a much higher redshift value than the bigger formation – the main active galaxy. Rather than acknowledge this the experts have put this down to chance locations in the same section of the sky. Our sun is powered electrically - where does it get its power from? The galaxy has electric currents flowing in it – where do they flow and how are they generated? We are connected! Radio astronomers mapped the current flows by the radio signals they give off and found that galaxies are strung like Catherine wheels in huge intergalactic filaments. It seems electric power from the galaxy actually forms galaxies and stars themselves. Tapping into the zero point field for free energy is indeed possible. It’s a longitudinal signal, not shielded by plasma sheaths in space, the kind of thing that Tesla was playing with, and the only way to communicate beyond the earth. Electrical signalling is way too slow and that’s why we wouldn’t hear from ET via the SETI project is because it is using the wrong signalling technique. Most of the ‘discoveries’ now are merely computer generated virtual reality. Esoteric mathematics and being told you have to be a mathematical genius makes it hard for anyone to get the big picture because it’s boring. The jargon has become so obscure and obtuse you have to work hard to understand what’s being said. We have to get back to common language and common sense. Our ignorance is so profound since we’ve got so much wrong, we have to start over again and show some humility this time – but the electric universe does not require any patching. Let’s go where no man has gone before.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Glastonbury Symposium

The Glastonbury Symposium is a great week-end conference like the Alternative View conference that discusses mysteries, truth and new frontiers which investigates the signs of our times. It meets annually in the Town Hall of Glastonbury. The July 2010 symposium discussed crop circles, the environment, liberty issues, 2012, earth mysteries, new science, metaphysics,consciousness studies, UFOs and alternative health. This year 2010 is the Symposium’s twentieth year! Here are just some of the speeches that took place this week-end.
More of us are being called
Jackie Queally was the external guide for the Rosslyn Chapel. She talked about the higher purpose of earth grids and crop circles in the south west of England. For her whole life she has studied how landscape features reflect higher geometries that can be observed and worked with to aid the current evolution of our planet. In 2004 Jackie visited Colorado. She has toured sacred sites forming part of the Metatronic and written books about them. The Metatronic are earth grids that resonate with the Reshel, a little-known metascience and knowledge system, an ever-evolving " consciousness grid system that covers the Earth. The grids overlay the whole of the British Isles including Ireland. They are sacred isles. The "Reshel" is a sacred metaphysical science, part of esoteric mystery teachings known and practiced by the highest initiates, of the Templars and other mystery schools throughout millennia dealing in all realms of creational energies and working with specific geometries that facilitated the Inner Plane’s masters who guide our planetary evolution. Highly complex work. The word ‘Reshel’ comes from two Hebrew words, ‘Resh’ and ‘El’ meaning ‘chief headstone of God’. As a series of metaphysical systems the Reshel is complex coming from a high archangelic state of being known as the Metatron. The knowledge is about how to co-create and anchor the highest states of consciousness and is gained and applied within meditation formats, that although based on creational codes in ancient scripts, they are not a religion, and participating in them is not a religion; they are a metascience. The information, hidden, has been kept alive through the millennia so it can be used right now in this time of quickening. Knowledge of the Reshel Sciences is encoded in to the stories, language, symbols and metaphors of the Jewish and Christian scriptures,and Eastern teachings The relevant words are found in person's and place names and also in the numbers (which are words). They affect the evolution of our consciousness. Jackie visited Avebury in 2008 and found that the alignments of the crop circles were formed patterns which augmented what was already known about the area. The sitings of the formationa mattered, if they were placed on certain nodes using this Reshel system they could be interpreted as to why they there and what they were doing. The Reshel is a void, the silence from which comes all. The Reshel is an "As Above So Below" cosmic bookmark to ensure our quickening. The Reshel uses the Merkaba" field (a Metatronic state of being using various energy systems appropriate to the process). A female template for the new race and using light codes, this technique is a form of synergism. Because it works in non-linear time it explains why crop circles are created so fast. New light codes are calibrated through us and into our planet via the Planes Masters co-creating the new earth star and the new human race Avebury is the cornerstone of this system of the Reshel earth grids in the UK. . Visiting key areas in Britain creates a link between your higher self and the universal divine "light" codes within and beyond the earth. More people are being called now at a soul level to serve as light workers.~

And the sea shall turn black
This was a presentation given by Ian R Crane about the BP oil spill and population reduction. Lecturer and writer Ian previously worked for 25 years as an executive in the oil business. Many people in this industry know that cheaper, cleaner, more efficient and viable sources of energy have been developed since the days of Tesla. Alas major oil-industry stakeholders own the patents for these alternatives. In April 2010 Mr Crane was stranded in Lisbon on the way back from Mozambique visiting his daughter, when people were said to be stuck in the ash. On 19th April the Icelandic volcano ‘went off’. On that same date we had the fire at Waco and the Oklahoma bombing: same dates. The 19th April 2005 is the date the Pope was elected Pope. The 19th April is the first day of Beltane: sacrifice by fire. If methane gas rises as a cloud it forms a fire storm. Methane is toxic! On 20th April 2010 the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, releasing massive quantities of methane leaking with the oil, along with hydrogen sulphide, benzene and methylene chloride all coming up from the Gulf of Mexico. These are deadly gases. None of this is being discussed in the media. But neither is the recent week-end gathering of the Bilderberger fraternity in Sitges, Spain, reportedly to discuss the perceived threat to the globalist agenda from those with even a modicum of financial independence. The magnitude of what is happening in the Mexican Gulf is being kept from us. Recent reports have claimed to quote the opinions of scientists too scared to be publicly named because of the consequences for their lives and careers. They estimate the release of oil from under the ocean floor at between 80,000 and 100,000 barrels a day. That’s 4.2 million gallons a day potentially pouring into the Gulf. A leaked internal BP document says that in a 'worst-case scenario' up to 100,000 barrels a day could be released into the ocean. Look at a map of the Gulf region to see the effect on enormous numbers of people in Mexico, the Caribbean, Houston, New Orleans - the southern states of America – with so many living on or near the coastline. Many have left Florida. As this isn’t reported in the media many people in ignorance, especially families – millions - are going on vacation to Florida right now, having broken up from school, to holiday by the most toxic ocean in the world where they will be breathing in methane. Children running along the beach have instantaneously come out in boils on the feet. In Louisiana 70 people have been admitted to hospital with symptoms of toxin poisoning. Many beaches have been closed because of toxins in the air and water and people are reporting breathing problems, skin rashes and lesions, and bleeding from the bum. Barack Obama’s wife encourages all to take a vacation in Florida to ‘help Florida’s economy’, while she takes hers in Maine. Crops as far north as North Carolina have been damaged by toxic rain. Scientists are writing off land up to 200 miles from the shore as becoming too toxic to support life. So much oil in the Gulf of Mexico could heat up the sea and cause more hurricanes and super-storms, making the process of rain production from seawater evaporation less efficient, so affecting rainfall. The target is America and its economy in a bid to destroy her militarily and financially in order to absorb her into the World Government. For evacuating that many people who live on or around the Gulf coast would be just the scale of disaster and compulsion to use as an excuse for FEMA to impose its long-planned martial law, and would economically affect the world. The whole creepy scenario is that the State of Florida is one of 15 states all in which a law has been passed (and being proposed in 8 other states) that creates a Death Wish-style justice system convenient for the trigger-happy gun owner allowing use of deadly force when a person chooses not to back away from a confrontation. It creates a menacing shoot first then ask, kill-or-be-killed atmosphere. And records of military and FEMA preparation exercises for a planned chaos situation involving oil pollution were expunged from FEMA-related websites weeks before the Deepwater Horizon explosion. A enormous cash flow goes into the Company NALCO’s corporate accounts. What’s really been happening? British Petroleum is one of the biggest Illuminati companies on the planet. Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, receives a $4 million salary. He has sold $1.4 million worth of BP stock before the blow-out. He has sold his soul. Lloyd Blankfein is the CEO of Goldman Sachs (Rothschild-controlled) and prime mover of the global economic meltdown – he, along with Blair and Bush, claimed to be ‘doing God’s work’. He nets in $67.9 million in earnings in 2007, and in 2009, $64 million. Goldman Sachs sold 44% of BP stock in March 2010. Before the Gulf blow-out, Haliburton (Rothschild owned and controlled) announced that it had agreed to buy Boots & Coots (the world's largest oil-spill clean-up company which also deals with oil and gas well fires and blowouts) for $240.4 million. The Haliburton Cement Crew did an oil field exploration rig 15,000 feet below the sea bed. When told that the rig was unsafe and had to be closed BP refused, ignoring the advice. The rig exploded. It was not an accident or ‘incompetence’. Drilling where BP did with the known pressures from within the earth is asking for trouble. The BP Company Man has the lives of eleven oilfield hands on his head. The slick could bring shipping to a standstill. The hurricane seasons begins 1st June. Hurricanes and tropical storms making their way through the Gulf over the next four months will suck up enormous quantities of sea water polluted by oil and BP toxins taking them to the beaches of Florida and the coastline side of Mississippi. Toxic rainfall will deposit on south-eastern US causing potential devastation in the upcoming months. It will enter the topsoil and go into the water table rendering the whole area a potential wasteland. The major toxin is a dispersant, COREXIT 9500 and COREXIT 9527A, manufactured by... NALCO, once part of ExxonMobil. These are so toxic they’ve been banned in Europe. There are other less toxic and more effective dispersants approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Environmental engineer Joe Taylor has publicly warned BP to stop using Corexit immediately or everything in the sea is going to die. If Taylor knew about the effect of Corexit then BP surely did. Scientists say the oil has now reached the Gulf Stream. When the prevailing winds head west it’s not impossible there could be toxicity in European rainfall over winter either. That’s the idea. Why BP is doing everything it can to cause maximum destruction is the first objective listed on the Georgia Guide Stones being initiated - control of the population. It’s written in stone! By those who think they are the rightful rulers of a planetary fiefdom. We are looking at an environmental 9/11. Many prophecies in different cultures include a theme of the sea turning to blood which is what the polluted sea of Gulf now looks like. The Hopi in Arizona speak of the sea turning black as a sign of an old age ending and new one about to begin or about the earth having to be purged. The old system with all its control has to break down so it can’t suffocate change and the new coming in. So it has to go. It is doing so. We are witnessing something of enormous significance. Dutch crop circle researcher Marc Smulders found that a crop circle that appeared on 12th June 2010 at Walbury Hill, near Combe, Berkshire, points to the Mexican Gulf oil spill. The 12th June is the date they started drilling the relief wells and the date of the oil spill and is more than 7 weeks after the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon. On June 23 another formation appeared - according to the inside information of the US-government as well as BP - GPS-measurements show the emergence of a huge gas bubble of something like 15 to 20 miles across and tens of feet high under the ocean floor around the well head. On 19th July 2007 at Martinsell Hill, near Oare, Wiltshire, a formation appeared resembling the logo of BP. The logo has 72 standing segments and 72 flattened segments = total: 144 segments. From the date of 19th July 2007 to 20th April 2010 there are 144 weeks. An accident and explosion took place on the Deepwater Horizon on 20th April 2010. Some mitigated experiment has been done beneath the sea and ships had been vacated out of the area. As for the economy, right now gold is almost impossible to get hold of as those who have it are reluctant to give it up. Don’t borrow any more money. If you owe a large amount of money right now, declare yourself bankrupt, it will scare the banking Fraternity. The money doesn’t exist in the first place, even without interest. If solar storms come in 2012 as Ian pointed out, it means you can’t get money out the machines – it’s redundant. And if storms trigger the awakening of dormant junk DNA and turn on the DMT, we DO have the chance to return to our full potential. If you have nothing right now - you are the best off. We have the chance to return to our full potential, but we should take the initiative rather than sit and wait around. The NWO agenda is driven by fear so what we must do is stop feeding the monster and not play their game – there is another way. Ian says that rather than be a corporate slave and receive your Corporate Cheque in bondage, or your Benefit Cheque, as more are now doing, rely on neither that nor the state to support you, and learn to live off the land - TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH. We can also we can dream the world that we want to see into being. It is a great time to be alive.~

How boring IS Monument 6?

This talk was presented by Geoff Stray, who lives here in Glastonbury and has been studying the meaning of the year 2012 for over 25 years. In 2000 he summarized all his findings on his website which has the log-in name of Diagnosis 2012 but when you’re logged on to it it’s really headed 2012: Dire Gnosis. There is an image of a man with a bolt of electricity going into his head. I think this must depict Dannion Brinkley’s near death experience vision. Brinkley was hit by a bolt of lightning in 1975 His heart stopped for 28 minutes. He shot out of his body and went down a tunnel into a bright light and had a life recall. He was taken into scenes from the future and by around 2012 there would be an arrival of energy to this part of the galaxy that had not existed for a long time that would cause an evolutionary opportunity for mankind – similar to the Dmitriev scientific explanation of what’s going on. The website is the largest data-base on 2012. Geoff wrote Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy. The book is an overview of visions, calendars, prophecies and theories about 2012, and has been called "The Encyclopedia of 2012". He is also the author of The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars, (2007) and 2012 In Your Pocket (2009). Geoff has written articles for various magazines including HERA, the Salvia Divinorum magazine; Caduceus, and New Dawn. He has contributed an essay to the best-selling book, The Mystery of 2012. Geoff has given talks in the UK, Europe, North and South America and Scandinavia and has appeared in documentaries such as 2012: The Odyssey; Timewave 2013; 2012 An Awakening; 2012-Mayan Prophesy and The Shift of the Ages. He has spoken at the Alternative View conference, and here in Glastonbury he began this time by saying that he had found new information. Geoff is a follower of Robert Anton Wilson’s philosophy and likes to keep an open mind on everything, always keen to ditch something if new information comes to light. This day he had some new information to add about Monument 6 at Tortuguero. To reveal some facts on the matter Geoff began by addressing the great deal of misinformation and counterattacks that have been generated in academia, and put forward his feeling that scholars don’t necessarily have the answers. David Stuart, Anthony Aveni, and Ed Krupp were mentioned as not providing accurate assessments or critiques and frequently promulgating misconceptions and factually untrue assumptions. Chiming in on 2012 discussions it appeared he’d had some trouble with academics labelling him and Jenkins as charlatans. Of these were mentioned epigrapher Mark van Stone; John Hoopes (Geoff says he’s being funded); archaeo-astronomer Dr John B Carlson; Anthony Aveni; Ed Krupp and David Stuart. Dr David Freidal in an exchange with John Major Jenkins on said to John: “I identify you as a charlatan profiting through the royalties of your books and other means by the heartfelt yearnings of gullible people for a better world through outside means...” John replied: “The majority of the slides in your presentation convey wildly incorrect information about my connections with doomsday theories...” John Mayjor Jenkins has said that David Stuart attributes the origin of the 2012-apocalypse meme to ‘New Age hacks’ when, in actual fact it was Maya scholar Michael Coe who first enunciated that specious association. Jenkins points out that on page 149 in Coe’s 1966 book The Maya, that a 13-baktun cycle-ending in the Maya Long Count calendar was approaching, and he interpreted it through the apocalypse lens of Christian imagery! THAT is where the doomsday-2012 meme began. Waters's 1975 book, as the subtitle suggests, is oriented to adressing the possibility of the emergence of a new consciousness, not a final doomsday. Likewise, Arguelles's ideation around 2012 involves a mystical shift of consciousness to a new kind of time perception, not doomsday. So, Stuart asserts many things here, none of which is factually correct. Bottom line: the specious doomsday-2012 fantasy originated from within the hallowed Halls of Academe. To the assertion that the Maya calendar doesn’t even end in 2012 John Major Jenkins replied: ‘Yes, it's true that the Maya calendar doesn't end in 2012. This is obvious to anyone who has done a little research into Maya traditions. I've been saying this in print for twenty years’ said John. In discussions regarding what the Maya themselves actually said about 2012, to that scholars will claim the Maya actually said very little, if anything. That only one ancient inscription refers to the upcoming date in 2012, from a now destroyed site named Tortuguero. (So much went on the bonfire at the Conquest.) Scholars say that the question they have struggled with is whether the final few hieroglyphs of that text describe anything about what will happen. Jenkins replied: ‘The Tortuguero text actually provides Distance Number (tied to a building dedication in the 7th century) connections between 2012 and other dedications and events described elsewhere on the monument. This tells us a lot about how 2012 was being conceived”. Scholars say they have only been able to put forward a very tentative and incomplete reading of these damaged glyphs, including a possible use of a verb meaning “descend” and a name of a god, Bolon Yokte’. And that much of it was iffy and remains so and that the ancient Maya left no clear record about 2012 and its significance. Modern scientific astronomers reject the notion pretty much out of hand. They say no ancient Maya text or artwork makes reference to anything of the kind and they see evidence that it wasn’t even the mother of all Period Endings that 2012ers would have you believe. Because one thing that’s been picked up on is that the Tortuguero Monument 6 records that the day 4 Ahau 3 Kankin is the ending of 13 baktuns and that it doesn’t say the end of 1 pictun, which one would expect if the Maya actually counted 13 baktuns as forming 1 pictun - and so, for the end of 1 pictun, we’d have to wait another 2700 years. If 2012 wasn’t that important, why did the scribes of Tortuguero even mention it on their monument carved back in the 7th century? As part of a dismissal of the increasing discussion about 2012, prior to 2006 many anthropologists, archaeologists and other Maya scholars stated that there was nothing in the Maya inscriptions about the end of the current 5,125-year era of the Long Count calendar. According to most archeologists and anthropologists there is nothing in the inscriptions. Geoff says there was something but hardly anybody knew about it. This all came out in April 2006 when one of these anthropologists, Robert Sitler, was writing an article for a University website that stirred up much debate in which he said ‘and anyway there’s nothing in the inscriptions that show the ancient Maya were at all interested in 2012’. Geoff took Robert to task on that. Geoff had been looking into the Chilan Balam prophecies (which mean the Jaguar Priests’ prophecies) which were written down aster the Spanish invaded. When De Landa came to invade he burned all the codices he could find leaving only four. The king of Spain ordered him to go back and find what was written on some of these codices. They encouraged the Maya priests to write down their knowledge – in the Yucatec Maya language. The Dresden one is in the best condition. The prophecies in them seem like something that’s all over and done with five centuries ago because they’re mainly Katun prophecies. They’d lost all knowledge of the long count calendar – the 13 baktun cycle, the one that ends in 2012 - by the time the Spanish arrived. The Maya abandoned their cities and moved into the low-lands. They started using the short-count calendar, using 13 katuns, not 13 baktun cycles (around 156 years). The short cycle made it seem like all the prophecies were about things over and done with because it’s such a short cycle BUT according to one of these books the Chilan Bilan translated by Morden McKenson she’d found solid linguistic evidence that some of those prophecies had originally applied to the end of the long-count calendar. They had retained the prophecies, junked the long calendar and re-applied the prophecies to the short-count katun-cycle calendar. That implies the prophecies were originally about 2012. Geoff told Robert Sitler about this and he asked questions on a discussion group of Mayanists, the Az Clan Discussion Group. It got passed to another discussion group, University of Texas MesoAmerica Discussion Group, a group of epigraphers talking about ancient Mayan inscriptions. One of these is David Stuart. He is one of the world’s top epigraphers. Sitler asked him a direct question: ‘Is there any inscription of the Maya from the classic period mentioning the end of the 13-baktun cycle, 2012?’ David Stuart said there is one. It’s the one on Monument 6 at Tortuguero, in the Tabasco region of Mexico not far from Pelenque. Many maps don't even show the site, or vary in their positioning of it. Originally a huge T-shaped monument, with the left-hand wing now missing, much of it cracked up and in various different people’s hands some of it in the local museum. Two parts of it are in the hands of a collector and they’ve lost track of who that is. One bit is in the American museum. On the right-hand wing what it said was: ‘At the end of the period of the 13th baktun 4-ahau 3 kankin (three calendars cross-referencing one date which is 21.12.2012), then it will happen. There will be darkness, and the Bolon Yokte-Ku (the nine support gods, basically seen as one god collectively) will descend to the...” and then the sentence isn’t finished because there’s damage to the glyph. But the things like they’ll be darkness, a chalice of fire seen over the sea, and the god will come to visit his little ones and after death may be the subject of his discourse. The Tortuguero Monument prophecy is very similar to the Chilan Bilan prophecy. The ‘return of nine gods’ are what Geoff found in the Chilan Bilan that he told Sitler about. There’s also the very obscure Popul Vu myth. Geoff said there is a conspiracy to make this Monument 6 sound really boring and attempts to render the entire 2012 discussion meaningless. New information has come to light on the translations of this Monument that are far less boring than what they were made out to be. Tortuguero was discovered in 1915, but in 1978 and 1980, Prof. Dr Berthold Riese published studies on the inscriptions found there. The papers are in German. Since then, very little emerged until Sven Gronemeyer's master thesis of 2004 - also in German. An updated version was published in English in 2006. A cement factory was built on top of the site in 1981, but a few ruins remain. The monument was set up in 669 AD to commemorate a building known as a pibnaah that was built around 160 years earlier in 510 AD. A pibnaah is often translated as a steam bath or sweathouse and this is how Gronemeyer has translated it. The construction of the pibnaah is directly forward-referenced to the end of the 13-baktun era in 2012 with its predicted event - darkness accompanied by the descent of the god Bolon-Yokte. But you can’t tell exactly what the prophecy is due to damage to the glyphs. The first question you’d ask is "Who is Bolon-Yokte?" Bolon Yokte is the God of Nine Strides, (or the God of Numerous Strides - since Bolon means "nine" but is often used as "many"). Sometimes referred to as B'olon Yookte' K'u, or B'olon Okte' K'uh, where K'uh means deity, he has also been called Ah Bolon Yocte of Nine Paths in the post-conquest books of Chilam Balam. Other translations of the name are God of Nine Steps; the Nine-Footed God; and Jaguar-Foot-Tree, because the word bolon or balan (nine) was used by the Maya as a pun for balam (jaguar). The god was seen alternatively as nine individuals or as a collective god. The god was often associated with fire or the underworld. Well there are at least 2 examples of a steamhouse-pibnaah at Chichen Itza. Steamhouses are still used by the Maya today and are called "tuj", or sometimes "chitin", or "kun" (oven). The Aztecs also used a steambath called a temazcal - in Mexican package holidays, a spell in a temazcal is often included. They were used for ritual purification ceremonies, healing, revitalization, cleansing, and general meetings. It is known today that they are very beneficial to the health. They flush toxic metals from the system a hundred times faster than the kidneys; they open clogged pores, removing excess salts; they eliminate uric and lactic acid; they increase blood flow, unclog the respiratory tract, and increase negative ions. Although today's temazcals are above ground, they, and the pibnaahs at Chichen Itza were usually dug five feet into the ground and used a direct fire rather than hot rocks, similar to the method used by Native Americans in California. Native American sweat lodges, as well as kivas are seen as symbolic wombs of the Earth Mother, and not only do the Hopi conduct Creation myth re-enactment ceremonies in kivas, but some tribes design sweat lodges to reflect Creation myths. Not only are Temazcals used for pregnancy and birth, but those who have used them ritually, describe feeling their spirit bodies, acknowledging the four elements, and experiencing the "rebirth and death of parts of the ego that no longer serve growth." There is an association between kivas and the number nine - perhaps a remnant of the Bolon Yokte connection, upon which we are seeking to throw light. Every year there are nine major ceremonies traditionally performed in the kiva. They correspond to the nine universes of the Hopi Creation myth. There is one universe for the Creator, Taiowa, one for his nephew, Sótuknang, and seven for created life. The Hopi say there are a total of seven Worlds, or eras, and that each one is governed by a psychic centre - the same as the top five chakras of the Hindu system. We are in the Fourth World, known as "World Complete". Our consciousness descended from the crown chakra in the first era down as far as the solar plexus in the current era - each era becoming more materialistic than the last - but at the next World era transition, it will start to reverse direction. Each transition is called an Emergence, and symbolised by a labyrinth symbol - identical the Cretan labyrinth symbol. It is also known as the Mother Earth symbol, or Mother and Child, and the process is seen as a kind of birth process. There are also said to be nine prophecies that will be fulfilled before the Day of Purification that precedes the Emergence. These are the coming of the white man; covered wagons; longhorn cattle; railroad tracks; power lines & telephone lines; concrete roads; oil spills; the coming of the hippies; the Blue Star kachina. Only the last of these nine remains to be fulfilled. When a blue star is seen in the sky, and the Blue Star kachina dancer removes his mask in the plaza, then the Hopi ceremonies will cease. Then there’s the nine germination rites. The first of the nine ceremonies is called Wúwuchim, which represents birth. This ceremony is a re-enactment of the Hopi Emergence - their ascent from the third world, represented by the inside of the kiva, to the current Fourth World, into which they emerge at the height of the ceremony, naked and wet like newborns coming out of the womb. They then have their hair washed in nine bowls of yucca suds. This ceremony reaches its height when the Pleiades are overhead at midnight, when the newborns get the signal to "emerge." From John Major Jenkins' discoveries, we know that the Toltec method of tracking precession also involved watching for the Pleiades overhead at midnight. In this way, they could calculate how close they would be to the zenith sun exactly six months later. According to Jenkins, this was encoded into the pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza, which encodes this 360-year-long Sun-Pleiades conjunction, that starts with a solar eclipse conjunct the Pleiades in the zenith on May 20, 2012. The second of the nine ceremonies is called Soyál and concerns seed germination. The seeds of their sacred crop, corn (maize), plus other crops such as beans and squash are taken into the kiva and germinated, with the help of the kachinas or nature spirits, who are manifested in the form of dancers. This is followed by Powamu, which is a ceremony based around planting and sprouting. The first of the next group of three ceremonies is Niman Kachina, which concerns growth and maturing. Then comes the Flute Ceremony, about irrigation and more planting, followed by the Snake-Antelope Ceremony that governs fruition. The last three are Lakón, about fertility and planting and harvesting, then Márawu, which concerns flirtation and food gifts, and finally, Owaqlt, which governs conception and gifts. In each group, there is one ceremony that includes an Emergence ceremony. The ceremonies actually work on three levels. - plant, human and species. They not only help seed germination via crop fertility rituals, they also affect human fertility and involve birth rituals, but on a species level, via the Emergence rituals, they perform a re-run and purification - a preparation for the Emergence or birth into the next World - the Fifth. Other written inscriptions are the very obscure Popul Vu going way back to the beginning of Maya civilisation, records of which we only have written down in post-conquest times. This describes various past eras which people don’t agree on. That’s the trouble with this whole field. It is hard to make any definitive statements about anything. The media getting hold of this and the big Hollywood film 2012 everyone started to get on the gravy train and the media are only interested in one headline and that is: ‘The world’s going to end in 2012’. And whatever you say that’s what they twist it into. The archaeologists do not want to be involved in that and so when keep being asked, they’ve only got one choice and that’s to rubbish the whole subject! So some of the things they bring up in order to diss this subject are interesting points. One of them is that the centre of the galaxy is not eclipsed by the sun in 2012, because the sun will be closer to that in a few hundred years time. It is just off that ecliptic of the crossing of the galactic equator. Astronomical galactic centre alignment is only visible with a radio telescope. It started in 1998, goes on to 2016 – yes, the centre point was 1998. Next question is why the Maya didn’t target 1998 as the date instead of 2012. The Mayanists say it’s irrelevant because there’s a fourteen year error, everybody’s got it wrong and the Maya weren’t targeting that; because it was visual astronomy and they may have made a miscalculation by fourteen years – Geoff doesn’t go with either these explanations because a lot of people have spoken to him personally who have been coming back from altered states of consciousness, near-death experiences, sacred plant trips, remote viewers, OBEs, lucid dreamers, deep meditation - all talking about 2012 when they knew nothing about it beforehand. Geoff has taken a look at all those theories of nuts-and-bolts cataclysm that people have come up with. In the Maori myth they say that at the dawn of creation the earth and the sky embraced and they had three children gods that pushed the parents apart making the sky up there and the earth down here. The myth says when mankind is no longer taking any notice of the old myths anymore – like now when no one trusts the government - is when the parents will come crashing back in a process called Kahinga Ka Tiari = translated: The curtain will fall. Sounds like bad news on surface level, like the end of the play and it’s all over. But when a younger asked a Maori elder, it turned out that the phrase had mutated over the years. The word ‘curtain’ originally meant ‘veil’; the word ‘fall’ was originally ‘dissolve’. The veil will dissolve! They have said this is happening in 2012. The word ‘veil’ is the word they use for the veil between life and death. What we’ve got is a dissolving of boundaries and an opening up to a new dimension. ~

Whoever sets himself up as judge in the field of truth and knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods, Albert Einstein said. This is so true because Mary Rodwell talks about one of the most amazing enigmas that are occurring. Mary Rodwell is internationally recognised as one of the leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomena. She began a support group for abductees and is a counsellor and hypno-therapist, world-wide speaker, and writer and author of the book Awakening. She founded ACERN, the Australian Close Encounter Research Network, of which she is Director. It is the first and only professional organisation that looks at this in Australia and offers counselling and support with professional referrals – doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists. Because what people were experiencing was outside of our belief system, because it was on a multidimensional level and we’re still struggling with that, Mary couldn’t go into normal psychology and normal psychiatry and work this out from that parameter. They would not be open to it. So one of the things she needed to do was simply observe, collect raw data, and drop and put aside all pre-conceived ideas. Mary was formerly a midwife, nurse, and relationship counsellor. She was a normal everyday person who believed all this was just science fiction. Had you told her that she would be doing this thirty years ago she would probably have referred you to the nearest psychiatrist. A high percentage of contactees do not actually believe in aliens, Mary says...UNTIL they see them! And then it’s: “Well, I must be nuts”. Mary has been contacted by many who have thought that about themselves and she has had to ask them why they think they are nuts. They need confirmation that they are not crazy and to know how to put it into their belief system, because it’s like ‘Aliens don’t exist, do they? - there’s nothing in history, there’s nothing in our education that tells us they exist. Where can I go with this?’ (Of course not.) It challenges every part of the belief system we’ve been fed. History. Anthropology. Archaelogy. Astronomy. Everything. .Being visited by aliens crushes every single one. Except mythology. It is the western mind that struggles with it the most. If you can’t see/touch/taste/feel/smell it it aint real. And the biggest theme of all is ‘Why me?’ And what is it all about? When the contacted people start to pour out their experiences to her they don’t know what she knows, that millions of people across the world are having the same experiences. It’s global. And it is a misconception that they are Star Trek fanatics. And they are NOT crazy. How does she know they are not? When she was first contacted herself, she discovered this person was very sane and articulate, and his partner and children were having frightening experiences too. They awoke in the small hours with nose bleeds and marks on the body. The guy had a shaved area on one of his legs. It isn’t fun and affects other members of the family. There was an eighteen month old little girl who went to her mother’s book case and took out the one book with an alien face on it and said to her mother: “This is the man who comes and gets me, Clowny”. We’re talking all ages, all walks of life. It leaves real physical marks on the body. It leaves them with changes: clairvaudience/ healing/telepathic abilities; precognition; remote viewing; spiritual awareness; changes in lifestyle to simple and holistic; vegetarianism; a growing awareness of environmental concerns; multidimensional awareness. In a survey in Australia one in five said they had seen a UFO. Many believe they had an interaction with them. Mary’s clients have drawn pictures of what they have seen. Very commonly seen is the classic grey, about a metre tall, and child-like in all respects. Reptilian beings are very common and seen all over the world. These have a bad press and most people are frightened of them yet some people when they have met this being have felt a great deal of love. An owl look alike has been seen that when it turned its face had a chin and resembled a grey Zetan. Many people have seen the Mantis being, which is anything from eight to eighty foot tall, seen as being very ancient and wise. Two or three different kinds of being have been seen together on spacecraft as if they are capable of working together as a co-operative, unlike us. The lion being is very commonly seen all over the world and seems to bring a loving and golden feeling. The one that presented himself as a clown later revealed himself as something one lady called the ‘gentle giant’. The Nordics are very humanoid. The lady with the pixie-like face is seen all over the world – red hair and deep green eyes with no pupils. There’s the Wangina, the Aboriginal sky being that came and taught them ‘laws’ as they say. There’s so much about our history anthropology and archaeology and where we came from and who we are that we don’t know about and are not educated about. We can learn tons more from indigenous peoples. The Dogon tribe in West Africa can tell us of visitations in ancient times of amphibious star visitors from Sirius, called the Nommo. The Nommo taught them that Sirius is a triple star system. This is a fact that was verified by telescopes only a few years ago. The Nommo told them about their human biological engineering origin. Dogon religious history clearly states genetic engineering of humans with alien species who came from the Sirius star system of snake, lizard and fish-like beings. This Dogon tribe had no computers. They had astronomical knowledge of Jupiter’s moons and of Saturn’s rings which were not known to us before the invention of the telescope. Around the star Sirius with its pair of invisible companions, the one that scientists call Sirius B circles only every fifty years – but only sensitive instruments can detect it. They knew about it. How? They say it is because they were told. We have these anomalies right across the world. There are petroglyphs on a cave created by ancient Indians in the American south-west, and according to folklore two objects collided in the sky, one crash-landed in Death Valley. There are cave paintings in Tanzania estimated to be from 29,000 years ago, which would indicate primitive people drew what they saw. In Australia in the north-west some script was found similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs which begs the question what is it doing there? We’ve had records of the Nephilim coming to earth thousands of years ago and the Neanderthal race and the missing link from Neanderthal man to Homo Sapien Sapien and nobody can explain it. Mary’s contactees were giving her information about our history that were things we have never been taught. Many of the contactees with this information were very young. One, Tracy Taylor, said that the human race had been created by extra terrestrials, genetic manipulation, the use of human and extra-terrestrial DNA to create another species and this information was contrary to everything she had been taught, so it was not something she particularly wanted to take on board. Mary’s medical nurse-science background wanted the evidence of this. It was discovered last year that 223 genes do not have the required predecessors on our genomic evolutionary tree...where did modern man get such enigmatic genes from? The genes are completely missing in our evolution. Missing from gradual evolution, missing from vertical evolution on the Tree of Life but the idea of horizontal evolution, a sideways insertion of genetic material, is the only possibility. The difference between us and the chimpanzee is 223 genes plus the psychological and psychiatric functions. Francis Crick is the well-renowned scientist, the cofounder of the shape of the DNA molecule and he claimed that an advanced civilisation transported the seeds of life in a space-craft. Dr Roger Lier wrote a book The Aliens and the Scalpel. He noticed that children appeared very different today to what they did thirty or forty years ago. To test a theory he got the data the statistics examining the developmental changes in children and he found that in forty or fifty years some of the higher psychological functions had accelerated – what’s going on? He came to the conclusion there are star children among us and that the human race is even being advanced forward at a rate unlikely to be due to slow evolutionary forces, but more likely due to alien intervention in our bodies and minds. Many, many scientists are saying the same thing. Dr Atwater survived three near death experiences. Beyond The Light is one of the books she has written. One of the things she says about the children she calls The Children of the New Millennium is she believes something very unusual is happening, an extreme jump in intelligence that is ability to know and intuit information. Mankind’s quantum leap in evolution is happening right now with kids being born different or even changed, because of a powerful life event or some encounter with a power punch such as an other-worldly experience. Today’s children are either being born that way or becoming that way. Edgar Cayce talked about the Fifth Root Race which covered the years 1998 to 2010. He said it was an overall leap in our refinement as a species. Mary received this letter from someone: “I’m in my forties. I started walking when I was eight months old, talking in sentences when I was ten months old. I had a read at two years old, nobody taught me. I attended school at night. I had friends who walked through walls, became invisible and we spoke telepathically, and I desperately wanted to go home.” James Basil is a gentleman in his late twenties now in England who believes he is a star kid and told Mary this in a letter: “Yes I’ve always believed I was from elsewhere and like I said used to speak or write in a strange language in private. Sometimes even in front of my mum I used to cry because I felt so different. I would tell her not to touch me, as it was dangerous and I am not yours. I am one of them...and when the greys used to leave, I would get upset and believe they had left me behind. I have memories of being on a planet with golden buildings.” Dr Richard Boylan is a psychologist, researcher, anthropologist and behavioural scientist and has studied these children. He says a star child may be defined as both of human and extra-terrestrial origin. The ET contribution to the child’s make-up may come from genetic engineering, from bio-medical technology, and from telepathic consciousness linking. (One eight year old referred to this as ‘knowledge bombs’ – it was the only way she could explain it.) Boylan said: “Star kids are psychically and metaphysically changed as a result of their own contact with the visitors or as the visitors modifying their own parents’ reproductive material.” More and more people are saying the same thing. The same patterns keep coming up. The kids seem to have this telepathic downloading. They have high intelligence with healing abilities and understanding of energy. The primitiveness of Earth and their dense physical bodies confuse them. They remember past lives. Mike Oram was only five when his mother tried to tell him about how the pyramids were made. She was talking about hundreds of slaves dragging huge stones weighing many tons and placing them on top of the other. The little boy became extremely upset and agitated and said it wasn’t true. He went on to explain that the pyramids were built by changing the density of the objects, and then these stones were moved into position by levitation. He continued to say that once the pyramids were finished, a giant crystal was placed on the top which was used to conduct energy and transmit signals from other worlds! He also said one day people will learn of this and a chamber and unknown seal will be found in Egypt to prove he was right. He was five years old. Mike Oram is now in his fifties. He has written to Mary telling her that at four years old he told his mother: “There is no such thing as death; the universe goes on for eternity. And it’s not true we no longer play a part in the universe, we come back!” He was too young to know the word ‘reincarnation’, he said, and he shocked her by saying, “You are not my real parents, my parents are in space. And something of incredible importance will happen on this planet, and it will affect all levels of consciousness. It will not happen in your lifetime, but it will in mine”. He said his poor mother never forgot that conversation. In September 2004, a Russian newspaper said a seven year old Russian boy, Boriska, spoke about his life on Mars, its inhabitants, megalithic cities, Martian civilisation, spaceships and flights to a planet called Earth, and the wonderful country called Lemuria of which he knew in detail. The boy possessed exceptionally profound knowledge and could narrate the entire history of Lemuria and the Lemurians which he said ceased to exist eight hundred thousand years ago and they were nine metres tall. He said that people found knowledge under the pyramids – not the pyramid of Cheops, it hasn’t been discovered yet. Life will change once the Sphinx is opened and the opening mechanism is behind the ear. He spoke about the ‘gifted’ kids – they were called the ‘indigo’ kids. He knew of them and said something was going to happen on Earth and they are of great importance. They will be able to help people, he said. The same theme runs through all these cases: he could hold up his head in fifteen days; utter the first word at only four months old; construct his first sentence at seven months; had exceptional memory; talked of not only Mars but planetary systems and distant civilisations. Another Russian schoolgirl, Natasha Demkina, aged 17, has been investigated by Japanese scientists. She has the ability to see right through people and diagnose diseases before they manifest the illness. You will know if this is a reality or not when you hear what children say, because children say it how it is, very clearly, even without knowing all the vocabulary. “I don’t mind going through walls, and I learn more on the Ships than I do at school!” came from one five year old. A 2 year old little girl drew a picture of an alien face. Her mum came into the bedroom and saw the drawing “Mummy, I had a visitor in my room last night. A lady came down; she had no hair and no clothes. She took me out of the window and up and up”. The mother asked who had drawn the picture and she said “That’s the lady”. She was not able to draw this picture because she could only scribble. Where did the picture come from? A lady gave Mary a drawing by a four year old child, who she said was her son. He said “This is the man that comes and gets me.” On the drawing the being had no nose, no mouth and no hair. Another drawing by a four year old showed a ship that he said he went on. He had also drawn an energy field around the Ship. What child of four knows about energy fields? He described it this way: “That’s keeps all the people in”. Another little girl, Bianca, who is now about eight, drew a spaceship that she goes on and a being called ‘Clowny’. She said: “Clowny sometimes takes me in his spacecraft; the colours are grey and black. I get there because Clowny flies – not with wings, he floats. Clowny’s energy field is white, yellow, red, pink and blue. He used to scare me, but mum and dad said he’s my friend. I thought Clowny was stealing me, but he was healing me. Clowny said he will protect everyone in my family. Clowny’s like a friend to me, takes me away but not so much anymore, he used to take me away when I was little but I think it’s because I’ve seen everything up there already.” Her brother says he sees angels and Clowny too. It’s no big deal, they both think it’s quite normal. He drew a space craft, and Clowny, and his body with three fingers and fuzzy legs perhaps from floating. Children just draw what they see. This five year old took the book ‘Transformation: the Breakthrough by Whitley Schrieber, to bed with him every night. He used to scan the pages every night with his hand. His mother didn’t understand why – but he was insistent this was the book he took to bed. But he not only insisted on that - he had to make sure that his sister Bianca had to take it to bed every other night. One day both children came down holding the same book, that is, two books, they both each had a book. The mother didn’t know how the other one came to be. Jason, another member of the family, said: “It’s easily explained. The child reading the book was scanning the pages with his palm. The palm of the hand is a strong energy channel known as a mind chakra so by scanning the this way the child is reading the energy signature, not the words, he could pick up the essence of the story with the author’s emotions most of the time and the creating of the words. He could enjoy it to some extent and understand the story this way but through an emotional journey while allowing the words to stimulate the imagination as most mortals do. As for reproducing the same boo, easy. I told you before how he can manipulate time, as time in a living sense just doesn’t exist. It’s a human invention to separate events and to make sure he performed what’s expected in your life. All the child did was go backwards, through time if you like, and bring the same book back to the present with him, so the sister had the same book literally.” Another drawing, drawn by a child of ten, depicted a being with no nose, no mouth and a flat head. A thirteen year old girl drew one with flat heads and oval heads. These are patterns where children are seeing similar images. Images drawn by a family in Canada were sent to Mary from an eleven year old and thirteen year old pair of brothers who both shared the same dream. Again, entities with no ears, no eyebrows, no fingernails, a nose that‘s just slits, and a face with no expression. He talked about the Craft that landed above the house. The elder brother drew a being that he described as being like scientists who were curious about us and holding a thing that put you to sleep, not to kill anyone; and said he was told it was something to do with genetics. Genetics – again. The older brother felt uncomfortable about remembering the details but remembers leaving at the same time as his brother. His younger brother was crying. If he had to go on the spaceship, he said, he was bringing his teddy. And his older brother was helping him find it because he knew they didn’t have much time. Going back to the star children, David could: take out hard-boiling eggs from boiling water with his bare hands; turn out street lights; have telepathic conversations with his sister until she told him to stop being lazy and start talking; could open flower buds with his mind. There are a group of children in China called China Super Psychics and it’s written about by a guy called Dong, they’ve been investigated by Beijing University. They call them ‘children with exceptional human functioning’ and are finding that they can open flower buds with their mind as well as move things from one place to another, and can even affect DNA in a Petri-dish – with their mind. Some of them can see things with other parts of their body other than their eyes; this is also known to happen in Mexico where a thousand children can see with their hands and other parts of their body not using their eyes. It’s a multi-dimensional way of sensing. Tracy Taylor is Australian and presented herself to Mary about seven or eight years ago. She said the reason for this is the DNA of the star kid has 10-fold the amount of information than normal humans. She said there is a race of beings upon the planet increasing in number - although visually and physically indistinguishable to most humans – they’re the bringers of the new, the bringers of the light, they are here to guide the awakening of terrestrial consciousness. Human beings are here to remember themselves with conscious awareness and complete understanding of their innate connection to the universe. This is the primary role of all these new children coming to planet Earth with the full awareness that they are born into terrestrial consciousness. And every year from now on, that conscious awareness of these new babies is ever increasing to override the dominant conditioning and programming which occurs from birth on this planet. She said star kids are able to by-pass the inferior clutter of the mind to link directly to the sub-conscious, known as the higher self or super conscious, with clarity and awareness. They have direct connection to it, which is represented by enhanced DNA structured bodily workings and functions and many other things she talks about. So these kids are being born all over the world and recognised by all sorts of names – indigos, crystals, star children. There’s the same programme of manipulation going on, with those having ET contact, changing them on all these different levels, and there are children with awareness and knowledge that’s not been consciously taught to them as referred to by the eight year old as ‘knowledge bombs’ in her head. We have star children downloading information through scripts and languages in the most complex designs of sacred geometry. A passage in John 1:14 in the Bible says ‘the word became flesh’. Recent Russian studies suggest that our DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies without replacing single genes. DNA serves as data storage like holographic computers, transmitting by vibration and frequency, and follows the same rules as language. It just requires the right frequencies. It explains how hypnosis can work. The children say they are here to help us, and they come out with songs and languages they never learned and write strange scripts, and start to draw strange geometric symbols. Mary believes this whole phenomenon is not being acknowledged or appreciated. Star kids have been misunderstood and wrongly labelled as having ADHD ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’. They may feel really good when they manifest them without understanding why they do this. One experience, Marie, said: “It should be borne in mind that in the majority of instances Star visitors communicate with humans by telepathic transfer of mental images and concepts, rather than by words and speech.” SETI and their radio telescopes are a real big joke; it’s far more complex than that. These beings that may be our ancestors are communicating with us in another way. A gentleman woke up with an imprint of an extra-terrestrial face resembling a lion being on his body, that three or four hundred years ago we would have called a ‘demon’. People see this lion being all over the world. Another gentleman, a professional artist in England, started drawing ETs and said when he was drawing he said he felt a huge responsibility and presence coming through him to make him get the imagery right, that felt like it was saying ‘make sure you get this right’ – it was so draining. It’s like getting the information out there became part of his work. He had been waking up with funny tastes in his mouth, like salty lemonade. The activity started to get physical back in the UK with marks. He woke up with blood in his mouth and realised that his tongue had been operated on. A piece of his tongue had been scraped clean. He had it on video tape – there was a big scoop mark but no pain. The side of the tongue had geometric marks but no pattern as if it had clamped like fish hooks to keep it in place. That day he was in such a daze and was getting funny looks from people. After that he woke up with tattoo marks on his fingertips on the hand that does the drawing, which lasted a day. He now starts to get codes and symbols. A man who was a star kid was jolted rigid when he recognised them and said ‘I’ve seen that’. He did automatic drawing for this star kid and said he could draw proficiently what he experienced; it came through so easily like he had drawn them from life. He felt since childhood like he did not belong here. He finds the goings-on with the human species bizarre and primitive and always wanted to be somewhere else, was from somewhere else. The beings he drew he felt like they were old friends and missed them. Many people who have their experiences draw or paint them. A lady in America has paintings she calls ‘subconscious recollections’ and said they were done after a UFO abduction in Phoenix, Arizona. One is an underwater city in Atlantis; the other is a UFO going under water. When other experiencers see these pictures they recognise them, or in other words, these images have been seen by other experiencers. It shocks them rigid. Mary played a tape recording of several alien languages and presented a slide of alien scripts. People from all over the world have been writing to her who had heard the languages and burst into tears when they hear it. They say they recognise some of those languages and it touches them. Drawings touch people who have had experiences. Mary gets sent strange complex images and strange drawings from all over the world. One lady, Dana Redfield, an author of five books (two about her experiences, Summoned and ET-Human Link: We Are The Message) says she was writing codes and frequencies in complex drawings she believes were gateways or portals. Though not entranced there was no input from her conscious mind. She said she understood it at the time but could not retain conscious understanding. She said the geometrics were concepts too large to be comprehended by the uninitiated brain mind. She recognised certain aspects similar to the Kabbalah, relationship of the human body to the Cosmos. She said she felt like she was seeing a very big picture, a design behind our lives and all created things and felt elated and empowered when she drew them. It changes people. We are probed to remember our origins. Everything is made of the same matter resonating at different harmonics. ETs can communicate with us directing thought on sub-atomic levels via the use of symbology. The frequencies of our time are changing us on all levels. She drew a picture showing our connections to the lion beings and the Sirius system, the lion people came from there, the Sphinx are a reminder akin to unlocking the secrets of ascension. The lion comes in a lot here. Another pattern is the eagle symbol. She drew one of the lotus blossoms connecting us to our Higher Self. Another complicated picture of what’s hidden beneath the Pyramid which she said is being reactivated to assist us in transition. She said it pulsated as she was given it. She wants to put a lot of her drawings on computer so that we can see them. Crop circles contain these complex symbols also that are helping to awaken us to a greater reality. Freddy Silva wrote Secrets of the Fields suggested they could be a universal language. There is water beneath these ancient sites and the message is taken into the memory of water in the planet. A light five metres tall appeared in Queensland north of Brisbane where Mary, who was giving a presentation for Nexus, could vouch that it was near a sacred site where they used to do marriage ceremonies. An Aboriginal elder two days before had said something very strange was going to happen, which was when this light appeared. There was a fire that went around in swirls and when the fire was over, an image was left. The lady who took the photo of this light said there was no obvious light source. The next night a picture was taken of the night sky. It appeared to be a clear sky until the photograph was downloaded when lights were seen in the sky. Several people there have seen these lights or UFOs. A day later a Channel 7 helicopter landed exactly at the side of the image. The person in the helicopter had NOT seen the fire circle. But all his equipment had gone funny. The metres read they were out of fuel. He didn’t have a clue about the fire circle. The energy in crop circles has a strange energy that can affect electrical equipment. In England the BBC crew once had a fifty thousand pound camera that got completely ruined by trying to take photographs inside a crop circle. It is rather odd that a helicopter should land just by the image. In England near Oxford, Ellis Taylor, an experiencer and dear friend of Mary’s who lived in Australia, took a picture of a crop circle. He could see nothing in the sky at all at the time he took the picture. But when he printed it out he noticed something the camera picked out that passes unseen by the naked eye because it is on a multi-dimensional level. This has happened to many other people which Mary has documented where the camera has caught something on film that isn’t seen physically. When this happened to an American lady, the next day she didn’t feel very well, and went to the doctor. When waiting to see the doctor she found she could see through the wall. It didn’t last very long. In northern Queensland near Cairns, an orb was seen by a gentleman who was driving home; he saw a bright orange light in a cane crop but he thought they were doing a burn-off. But then he saw more than one and they started moving around. He said it often happens when he’s feeling sad and also sees a 12 metre blue frequency like a door which is like a vortex which would always keep a distance away from him of about thirty metres if it didn’t want him to get too close to it. If he moved closer it would move back. There was a gentleman living in a beautiful green valley with a couple of friends and their main sole reason for being friends is these experiences. One morning, living in different parts of the valley, they all said ‘I think something happened last night’. Each one had a strange symbol in his head and feeling pretty freaked out they all drew the identical symbol. Telepathic communication, downloading of information, artwork, symbols, scripts and language, are all part of an amazing jig-saw of contact experiences. The contactees often say these languages feel more comfortable to speak than their own native tongue. You get a builder with only the basic of education suddenly understanding complicated equations or a gardener becoming expert at quantum physics. Researchers focus on the fear of contact. Mary says that for many of her contacts this is not the case. For many it’s been a very spiritual experience acting as a trigger to higher awareness that enriches lives.~

What on earth...???
Several speakers spoke at this event on the subject of crop circles. I first saw Lucy Pringle on a television documentary called ‘The Top 10 Conspiracy Theories’ and the way I remember her is when she was talking about those who dismiss crop circles as being caused by rutting hedge hogs. She was at this symposium and gave a speech and showed her aerial gallery of many very beautiful photographs of crop formations she has taken. Lucy Pringle was a founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and is Chairwoman of the UNEX (Unexplained Phenomena Research Society). She is a widely-known crop circle photographer and an international authority on the subject. She is pioneer is the research of the effects of the electromagnetic fields of crop circles on living systems – physiological and psychological effects of people after visiting or being in the vicinity of crop formations. She has researched animal behaviour, luminosities and mechanical failures. Her research shows measured changes in hormones and brain activity in humans during short exposure to crop formations.  Janet Ossenbaard was booked to speak at this conference but she was unwell could not make it. Somebody else filled in for her but I do not remember his name as part of my notes got lost. However it was about the 2002 Alien Face formation that appeared in the wheat crop located at Crabwood Farm, between Pitt and Sparsholt, in Winchester, Hampshire; and the message that was originally decoded by an anonymous visitor from a language called ASCII that is decoded by computers. In order to represent numbers and letters of the alphabet, computers use a set of 128 characters that comprise the ASCII character set. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and was devised by the ANSI Corporation in the 1960s. Modern computers use an 8 bit character set which can display 255 different characters. From a spiral of binary digits in the crop formation disc, we obtain an initial grouping of 01000010 01100101 01110111 01100001 01110010 and so on, spiralling out from the centre. The binary sequences are translated into their decimal equivalent and then we look them up in the ASCII character set to see what letters they correspond to. The following message was deciphered in the crop circle: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING.” Richard Hall on has some research on crop circles and the workings of the military. It’s hard to know how to interpret the message itself, whether it is some dire warning from extra-terrestrials or made out to be as such by devious hoaxers. The timing coincided with 'malevolent aliens' in the recent "Signs" movie – to some people this seems rather suspicious, especially if we're about to see a media campaign portraying aliens as negative entities, which Steven Greer (of the Disclosure Project) has talked a lot about. The true circle-making force leaves patterns that are touching and beautiful and does not seem to make formations that are so Hollywood or Star Trek-like. The quality of the formation was reported to be not that good on the ground.~

Music and consciousness
John Dalton is a local resident of Glastonbury and a renowned player of the harp and winged instruments. He came on with a big Irish harp and discussed the origins of sound and the purpose of music and how it has evolved with evolving consciousness, and the effects music has on matter. Music is linked to your state of mind and feelings. The ancient sages believed we live in three worlds: body, soul and spirit. Sounds reach us from these three worlds. Sound is an attribute of the physical world. Utterance is the soul expressing itself. But tone is not found in the physical world. Harmony is the foundation of the world in which we live and the head, heart and hands are instruments that are ancillary to that. Music reflects something of the time of the consciousness, for example, the era of Rock and Roll and the Pop music world. The music in that era had little soul and had evolved to the rhythms of the body, when body consciousness was in. Rock and Roll is all about machines, cars, trains and planes. It was materialism. Its effects on the body became more evident. The Blues is a mix of happiness and sadness therefore has ascension and collapsing. The 20th century music reflects the strife of life and the scale goes up and down. This came in the 20th Century when our awareness of problems in our life and ourselves changed. The Blues and Jazz reflects the states of feeling during slavery. Jazz has strong rhythms; people more aware of their bodies dance wildly, cavorting with each other. To break away from the strait jackets of the church this music had to appear, as Gregorians in the monastery sang a verse before singing to ‘pardon the lips which had become earthly’. Rock and Roll uses African rhythms. Music changes society and affects people. The ancient Chinese Empire was based on controlling every aspect of life. So they wanted music to reflect heaven for a stable society. Chinese music was based on a 5-note scale and related to the five elements and five divisions of society – emperor, court, people, natural world and things. Music had to be harmonious to bring them in to a state of harmony and was soft and effeminate. Tone is not simply x amount of vibrations a second - it is something else that comes of them. Instruments relate to the elements. The flutes are wind; drums are earth; the harp is water. All love songs have third cords in them. Religious songs tend to have fourth and fifth cords. Blues songs have major and minor cords put together. Music can heal or harm the body. Music is used by authorities to control us. Since World War Two they have thought how they could use music for torture. In Guantanamo, Iraq and Afghanistan, music can break someone in three days. They use it to interrogate suspected ‘Al-Qaida’. (John Ronson exposed this in his book Crazy Rulers of the World: The Men who stare at Goats.) They beamed music into Manuel Noriega’s compound in Panama and the Waco sanctuary in Texas where the siege took place which ended up in a massacre. There are chat rooms on the Internet on the most effective music for this. A long-range acoustic device of 150 decibels heavy metal will disorientate people. Kids that like the thrashing guitars of heavy metal are often insecure, and the powerful beat giving them a feeling of confidence is akin to military music. If you play Mozart music in an area where these are congregating they will disappear. When we hear basey sounds they affect the lower body. The sound of scraping is felt in the skin – the typical hated sound of a fingernail scraping down a blackboard. Fast music makes the heart beat faster. Fast food restaurants play fast music to get people out faster. People are known to chew quicker. Slow music played in a restaurant will make people linger on and have another coffee. Music for mind control is used to affect the way people shop. Musack, fast-beat music you get in shops that sell cheap clothing, is more sophisticated than you think. Retailers selling expensive dress will play slow and languid music or classical music; browsing customers are more willing to pay a higher price. If they played bubblegum music in there it would make everything seem more expensive! It all goes into your head. Don’t underestimate the power of mind control and the way music is used as a tool. Once you are aware it’s happening to you its effect is mitigated and it doesn’t work.~

Just talking about the sun makes me hot
Patricia Cori, metaphysician, shaman and channel for the Sirians, appeared to be a bubbly, popular and highly-sought speaker as many people turned up to hear her that day. She takes people to mystical sites, to shamans and indigenous peoples that hold the wisdom of these power points, and does DNA activation sessions. Patricia says it was the Julia Set Crop Circle in England that was her calling, which came to her in a dream. She was told it was a lock-in point for extraterrestrial intelligence and to pay attention. When she went to Glastonbury days after having the dream she saw a poster on the wall of the exact image in a bookstore. The shop staff confirmed it to be the Julia Set Crop Circle, the very intricate formation that appeared near Stonehenge. Drawn physically into the formation, she was out for two hours. She recalled spinning and hearing sounds, becoming the sounds and then going out and losing time. This entering an altered state of consciousness was the awakening that she describes as the most powerful initiation of her life. She had never heard of the circles before then. She used to dismiss them as a UFO burning a hole in the grass, but now believes the crop circles are made by some kind of consciousness that’s outside of our understanding and they are places where we have temporary other-worldly connection where the new consciousness is being ushered in. She believes the forces that contacted her in the crop formation were the Sirian High Council, beings in light body (including ascended whales and dolphins, Pleiadians and Arcturians), of sixth dimensional density who assist those who are a step behind in climbing the spiral of life, and whom she has been channelling ever since. Every morning very early, information was downloaded to her to write her books - on conspiracy matter, on who’s ruling the planet, their purposes for taking the planet into a darker vibration and how we can get out of the traps. The message is to get off of your knees to any religion or believe system or authority that would hold you in obedience, and remember who you really are. (That statement is the very same message David Icke is giving us with Human Race Get off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More: stop submitting, stop acquiescing to authority.) Patricia said that she was told that Earth is getting prepared and aligning with our sun’s plans. Our Sun, Ra, is going to move to a higher dimension. Our sun is done with three-dimensionality and is going to journey through her own astral cord (black hole) and ascend, like Sirius did. And earth is going with her – and this is very soon. This is NOT the end of life or Armageddon, because we are going to move through this portal or black hole FASTER than the speed of light, which speed is something we can’t ever conceive of. Can you imagine? How fast is that? Not even an infinitesimal fraction of a fraction of the blink of an eye. So fast that when we’ve gone through, at first we’re not even going to realise it because we will still be creating the illusion of what we are in now in 3-D in that higher space – we’ll shift our consciousness to that point where we simultaneously exist, where we will be much, much more conscious and capable of recognising how we create EVERYTHING, in every moment of our lifetime. On the time-space continuum we pop in and out of these realities all the time. At the moment we’re holding focus in the density of 3-D. You’re focused on an illusion. We are not moving into another place, we are the other place. We are going to shift our awareness in a myriad of other realities where we exist, not move to another locality. She really respects the physicist Dr Michio Kaku who talks about quantum fields and the multiiverse of bubbling universes. Each bubble would be a multiverse containing trillions of universes all existing in all. We exist in all the bubbles. She believes that black holes have been misunderstood by scientists but now science and spirit are merging. People are changing. So much has been bandied about regarding 2012. Patricia’s bottom line was: 2012? We’re already in it! Look at us! Every day brings a feeling that time is morphing. She said that this year, 2010, is more crucial than 2012, and that the 2012 heralds a new reality for humankind and is the acceleration of our spin into this vortex through which we are going to pass from the physical reality or third dimension into the fourth dimension. And we are already in this vortex; the 2012 date is represented as a speeding up of this process. The process of leaving this dimension and going to another one involves the mutating of time because you are going to a place where you no longer have linear time constructs. How you perceive time – which is a 3-D aspect – is starting to change, and it’s happened! Because the Maya calendar ‘runs out’ on 21 December 2012 there is this big debate that the Maya were suggesting that it meant the end of the world. Patricia looks at it from the view that it’s the end of time as you know it – that’s why the calendar runs out. This doesn’t mean it’s the end of existence. Linear thinkers would think it is, not being able to hypothesize what life without linear time would be – which is an illusion anyway. Patricia addressed the ridiculousness and fear mongering of the spate of movies like 2012 and The Knowing - 2012 is a natural paradigm shift where the veil between dimensions will thin, a humungous shift in the perception of our reality. It is a move to the next level not the Armageddon thing many perceive it to be. The Maya said we go into the Fifth Sun, not into disaster. There is a lot of fear being perpetuated. The Sirians say planet Earth was chosen to be the birthplace of a super race of human beings, and Earth has been the perfect arena where the most incredible expressions of darkness and light have played out in the clashing of polar forces that involved races and beings from many worlds and many dimensions. In the context of the Annunaki, she explained the history of the Sirius star system, which is where they came from. Sirius is a three-star system which the Dogon tribe in Mali, Africa, recognised almost a hundred years ago when they were visited by beings from Sirius that came ‘out of the water’ and were called ‘Ngomo’, according to the Dogons. The Dogons claim the Ngomo told them that around their star are another star and another star again (a trinity star system). In 1947 scientists discovered that Sirius, the bright brilliant blue star to the bottom left from the three stars in Orion’s belt, has a dwarf star around it with another star also. The trio system is called Sirius A, B and C. According to the Sirians, Sirius A is the one that is still visible in our sky. Sirius B is the burned-out shell left in orbit after the spirit being of that star ascended into the sixth dimension where the Council sits - what is left is the skeleton which scientists term a ‘Brown Dwarf Star’. Stars, just like us, are conscious beings. So are planets, so are asteroids – so is Earth – all conscious. We can astral project; so can stars, and planets and everything. They leave their body and come back into it and reverse dimensions just like we do. Now the third star, Sirius C, called ‘Anu’, ascended to the fourth dimension BUT when it left its body through the astral tube (which Sirians say is what a black hole is), one of the planets in that star’s family in its solar system didn’t make it, due to having unresolved karma, they say. That planet is the much talked-about Nibiru which the Annunaki are associated with. So the first star, Sirius A, is still in this third dimension; the second, Sirius B, in the sixth dimension; and the third star, Sirius C, or Anu, which was orbited by Nibiru, is in the fourth dimension. Nibiru should have gone up with it but got kicked out in the process of its journey up the astral tube and now ricochets back and forth between the Sirian star system and our star system, because according to them it is captured in an electro-magnetic pull between the two stars. Patricia says that that is what Nibiru is, which has NEVER been explained that way. Author Sitchin often talked about this planet coming into our solar system but never explained WHY, nor where it is coming from or its trajectory. Revolutionary information from the Sirian Council says the warriors of Nibiru are trying to save that planet from extinction as there is still a surviving civilisation of people that have gone underground, yet are dying whilst this planet is going through the dark night of space back and forth through these star systems. What they are trying to do is drag the vibration of Earth down to a frequency that they can grab on to energetically, and ride through our own ascension that’s coming soon.
They are trying to lasso Earth to pull themselves energetically into orbit and drag Nibiru through so that they can drag make it through with us. And this is how the DNA got shut down. Hence they have intervened on the Earth, thrown an electro-magnetic grid around the planet, reduced our pineal gland to the size of a pea and taken us down to two strands of DNA (extreme polarity coded and programmed into us) from being twelve strands. And that’s the reason we’re stuck with these Annunaki dudes. And that’s why we’ve had in the nature of our DNA this opposition all the time. Many people are talking about Nibiru and connecting it to 2012. Patricia says Nibiru is midway through – it’s not going to make it! It’s not coming anywhere near our solar system at this time. She invites people to read her books, particularly ‘Atlantis Rising: The Struggle of Darkness and Light’ which more clearly articulates the cyclical timing and events that occur when Nibiru is in and out in more detail. It’s pretty complicated. She states that 2012 has nothing to do with Nibiru. Patricia mentioned the dolphins and whales and how they exist on many layers of consciousness and on planets in many systems. The great whales and the dolphins of the Earth are being targeted in such a diabolical way - to silence the sounds and reduce the frequencies of this planet. They are being slaughtered everywhere. The Japanese are putting them into lunch meat for dogs. The immense toxicity of the oceans, and the sonar testing from the Navy that is blasting every ocean on this planet with unbearable frequencies, is making these creatures leap out of the water to get away from it. It has got to stop. It is making them choose death, a greater joy than having to bear this pain. It is so sad. Some of them are going ahead to assist in this transition, but some need to be here. They weave together the sound of the sea; the sound of the planet; the sound of the galaxy. They weave the sound of the cosmos with their song. Without their music the planet can’t survive. We can’t lose them. Humanity must understand, love and protect these beings. We’ve got to raise human consciousness to the point where we save them, and in doing that we’re saving ourselves. ‘Before We Leave You: Messages from the Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings’ is her new book. (Sounds so sad doesn’t it.) The creatures are a committee of beings that are on the Sirian High Council talking about getting ready to leave the planet Earth because of their abuse here. Patricia said that the Illuminati, the reptilians, will not get their way, it is the curtains for them – and that includes the Vatican and those paedophiles, she said with relief. What about the Norwegian spiral? Patricia mentioned an author talking of a Haarp station being near where the Nobel prizes were given and this beam was to create an illusion of an extra-terrestrial presence glowing an aura around President Obama (she jocularly referred to him as ‘Obama-banana’!) receiving the peace award. It seemed to her like that’s pushing it just a little bit and thought that this could very well be the beginning of the veil coming down. She spoke about this picture that was featured on a magazine of a model, an anorexic excuse for a human being, posing with a grey ET caricature. A lot of the things that are happening are waking people up. To even consider such phenomena is a wake-up, people lifting their heads from the streets and the shopping malls and going ‘What is this in the sky?’ Patricia believes the large amount of crop circles and formations in sand in Iraq and all over the show on a large scale which are geometrically perfect are a precursor to lights and circles in the sky. The alien announcement will not be military squadrons playing a trumpet but rather dancing formations of spirals, geometry, cosmometry – a universal language, a common denominator. Number, ratio, vibration, and patterns, is the way of communication and she believes that we shall soon be seeing these. She believes the formation we saw in Norway to be the logarithmic spiral. There are so many extra-terrestrial beings here now on this planet disguised in human form. Patricia described an experience where she went crop circling and a couple followed her and kept on catching up from way behind when it was impossible that they could have travelled so quickly. The couple looked archetypal Nordic, behaved very fake, she named them ‘Ken and Barbie’. We know there are those from other star systems whose obsession with Earth for their own agendas of power and survival have accentuated the chains of limitation that we know in this realm. Their intervention has driven the enslavement of the human race – but we are now ready to free ourselves from it. The most important thing for us to do to prepare for ascension at this time is PAY ATTENTION. Never mind “I don’t wanna rock the boat” – look at the truth. Look at the world around and become aware of what’s unfolding. Know that most of what’s given to you by the government and media is illusion. It’s not the real agenda. Let go of the fear and get into your into your heart – there’s no more important place to be than that. Look at rage, and fear and survival and all of these blockages of lower chakra stuff and see they correspond exactly to those places where the government keeps pushing the envelope. Financial systems are breaking down. Mass sexual imprinting for animalistic throw-away sex is happening everywhere. Aimless spending and consumerism everywhere. A fear of not being good enough – where’s this from? Television. Media. People are feeling disempowered against the government, the reptilians, the financial situation, all of it – so look at it and bring all the basal emotions up so you can clear them and let the personal fear go. You have an opportunity, should you lose your job, to say ‘What am I going to do now?’ People say: ‘I always wanted to be a musician but I always had to worry about making a living – I’m going to be a musician’. We are rousing from our sleep and being called to action as the true caretakers of our world. The 95% of ‘junk’ that is our DNA according to the gibberish of medical science that admits it doesn’t know what the pineal gland is, is not junk at all, it is waiting for re-activation. For we are returning to 12-strand DNA. The tremendous forces of darkness that are clutching at humanity and destroying Gaia are going down the toilet. They are not going to win; we are bringing the information of what they are trying to do to this planet to the table. We will be all the greater for having risen above them, so bring it on. We can handle it. Because these outrageous things that are coming down are part of our process to get ready to become galactic citizens, Patricia thinks we should be grateful to the reptilians. And get out of this gloomy fear. I do not intend to suffer one moment. So long.~

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